Right, so no authority from Starbucks that overrides the offer of a contract by the parking bandits. No instruction form your company to meet a client at this place

You must respiond with simple truths, if it does get as far as court and you give soem vague and incomplete response all of your other evidence will be deisounted as being unrliable regardless of how good it is.

Now for planning, you phone up the planning dept and ask them if PE have applied for planning permission for their equipment and separate to that ask if theire were conditions placed in the original planning consent for regulation of parking. PE's involvement will be recent compared to the building fo the place.

Dont be fobbed off, junior staff in the office wont know much about the law on signage ect and will say almost anything to get rid of you without bothering their seniors. Be clear as to what you wnat to know and come back here when you have spoken to them so we can rephrase things if necessary. If they cnat find a permission then it doesnt exist and that is good enough.