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    Default EPC requirements query

    Question on EPC requirements:

    Expiry at end of the year - if want to enter into a tenancy agreement within next few weeks, does Landlord need to re-new the EPC?

    If tenancy is above the max level (>100k) does this mean Landlord does not need to re-new the EPC and does not need to adhere to the minimum energy efficiency requirements?
    Current EPC shows E.

    Thanks for clarity.

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    Default Re: EPC requirements query

    Currently EPC is valid for 10 years and valid EPC must e provided (usually in sale/rental ad).
    I believe an E rating is currently the min permissible.

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    Default Re: EPC requirements query

    Thank you mariner

    Is there an exemption if the annual rental is above 100k ?? I did read somewhere that this was the case??

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    Default Re: EPC requirements query

    Is this a commercial or a residential property please?


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    Default Re: EPC requirements query

    Its a residential property.
    But high rental, so potentially not an AST

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    Default Re: EPC requirements query

    I don't know if people here will know the answer, but with 100k in rent I would have thought you could afford legal advice to get this right.


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    Default Re: EPC requirements query

    There is no rental at the moment. So no surplus funds.

    This is what I copied off a site:
    An assured tenancy is the letting of a dwelling which is occupied as the tenant's only or principal home, or by at least one of them if there are joint tenants. The tenant or tenants must be individuals and they must pay more than 250 per annum or less than 100,000 per annum.

    A dwelling will not be a Domestic PRS property because it is not let on an assured tenancy in specified circumstances. This means therefore that the Regulations prohibiting letting of individual self contained residential properties that do not attain a minimum E rating will not apply (unless it is one of the other tenancy types within the scope of the Regulations) where they are one of the following types of property:
    Higher rents - this applies to tenancies where the rent exceeds 100,000 per annum

    I have read the above - just wanted to be sure...

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