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    Default Re: Had enough, handed in notice.

    Thankyou Emmzzi, I have always stuck up for people being bullied and I also feel ashamed that I havent put in a formal grievance,, I handed my notice in 2 weeks ago and have had no acknowledgemnet at all. I do know that a few other people have left her employment and that she is finding it hard to replace them, so maybe karma is already working x

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    Default Re: Had enough, handed in notice.

    Quote Originally Posted by Swampduck73 View Post
    I honestly dont know how to go about it, I dont have solicitor type money. But will look into it and see if theres a way.
    Do you have house insurance?

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    Default Re: Had enough, handed in notice.

    No I dont, why?

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    Default Re: Had enough, handed in notice.

    Because some policies will have legal expenses insurance which may assist with legal fees should you have been minded to bring a claim.

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    Default Re: Had enough, handed in notice.

    Ahh right,, ok,,thanks for explaining,,I looked at no win no fee places, but it really isnt about the money at all,,Ive also had the brainwave of writing a letter and leaving it on the manager of the surgeries desk, just so she knows how I feel and that she is one of the causes ive left,,might not make her feel any different but atleast she will know im not the only one feeling this way.

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    Default Re: Had enough, handed in notice.

    Right, that means there is somewhere to go with this as the manager is answerable to the partners so you should start throwing stones up that particular tree if she wants to pursue the matter. They may wonder why there is a large turnover of staff and letting them know the circumstances of the sudden departure may make them think about how they go about running their practice. I very much doubt if they would sack the manager but your boss may be told their services are no longer required as they arent an employees, just a contractor so they are owed no real consideration.
    It also menas that direct employemnt wont happen either but the manager will be instructed to find new cleaners and to sort out the current mess.

    Quote Originally Posted by Swampduck73 View Post
    The manager is the manager of the practice,, the boss is my boss, the boss of the cleaning firm, Both have acted disgracefully, I handed in my notice and havent even had an acknowledgement, thats how much she gives a s""t. The reception staff and doctors are all amazing, thats whats sad about it all x

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    Default Re: Had enough, handed in notice.

    Hi, thankyou, I was told by the IT lady there to do that, so have asked some of the reception staff if they would be willing,, (if asked by one of the partners) to tell him what has been going on. As I dont want to write a letter to him if none of them are ready or willing to say whats been happening to them. It might seem like sour grapes otherwise. Havent had any yes's so far though. I cant push them into it, but hope some of them will. As for my boss, ive totally lost it with her, I honestly think she has a few marbles missing. And I cant waste anyore mental energy on trying to get her to understand things. Im out on the 5th of October thank god.

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    Default Re: Had enough, handed in notice.

    The owners of the practice will be some of the senior doctors. Just find out who one of them is and write your letter saying goodbye and why.
    It doesnt matter what others say or dont say, agree with or disagree with, they dont OWN the business and the practice is a stand alone business. If you dont tell them they will never know and things wont change

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    Default Re: Had enough, handed in notice.

    Quote Originally Posted by Emmzzi View Post
    Which seems exactly the best thing for you to have done for your own health. Don’t let anyone try and convince you to fight hopeless battles on behalf of others!

    Yes you sound harsh dondada. It is totally fine for people in vulnerable positions to look after themselves. She’s hardly ceo of sports direct. And piling guilt on stressed and upset people is, I believe, a disgraceful thing to do.

    Put yer spurtle down.

    A lot of people give up without putting a fight
    I see that as okay because I recognise that people are different
    The OP initially decided to run (which is fine) then later changed his/her mind and now wants to fight
    It is the vacillation that I'm against
    Either fight or run!
    I have run away from a lot of battles when the time isn't right and I respect people who do so
    The OP should make his/her mind and stick to it

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