Marc Gander - The Consumer Survival Handbook

A 220 page introduction to all things consumer related by our own BankFodder.

Includes energy companies, mobile phone providers, retailers, banks, insurance companies,debt collection agencies, reclaim companies, secondhand car sellers, cowboy garages, cowboy builders and all the rest who put their own profits before you.


Patricia Pearl - Small Claims Procedure - A Practical Guide

An excellent guide for the layperson in how to use the County Court - a must if you are intending to start a claim.

£19.99 + £1.50 (P&P)

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    The moorcroft was from hsbc , then to hsbc then back to moorcroft .
    The wescot was from Cabot then transferred back to wescot

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    Default Re: Payplan payment review

    so CCA Requesticon to cabot then too
    what about the others

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    Default Re: Payplan payment review

    Nat west 4000 credit card says wescot credit services as creditor name and further down it says ,under product name , wescot cabot accounts ...

    Nat west 527. Current account . Wescot credit services , further down under product name it says wescot RBSicon retail accounts

    this last one has had several owners ,
    nat west /rbs sept 2008 ,
    Wescot credit services apr 09 ,
    nat west /rbs May 09,
    hoist finance May 2010 ,
    Nat West/rbs Nov 2011,
    wescot credit services Aug 2016,
    Nat west/ rbs July 17,
    wescot credit services July 17 ...

    so this , like all the others has been moved a lot .

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    Default Re: Payplan payment review

    Stop paying the ones you cant cca
    Whomever wants money will write . It cant harm you

    As for the ones you can
    Ie as above cabot natwest CC

    If they dont reply within 12+2 working days stop them too

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    Default Re: Payplan payment review

    Sorry to be a pain ,
    this is all new ro me .

    What is a cca and what happens when I send it to them .

    Should I send it to all of them .

    I keep logging in when I can as I am working , helping my wife , who is in hospital and visiting my mother in a care home .
    So it is all a bit hectic .

    Thank you again for helping me

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    Default Re: Payplan payment review

    click the link in post 22 and read

    follow who to send too in post 20

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    Default Re: Payplan payment review

    What about the moorcroft one , should I send them a cca . Thanks

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    Default Re: Payplan payment review

    who are moorcrofts client?

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    Default Re: Payplan payment review

    I think you may find that ,since Getmeout(GME) has made payments to the assignee, in law the debt is acknowledged.
    Requesting a SARicon or CCA should have been done before a payment was made & well before Payplan became involved, who in law are assisting the debtor( but not necessarily in spirit).

    It is far too late to go down that route now.

    I agree with everything that dx 100 uk says about the selling of debt without documentation but it happens and is immoral but not unlawful.
    So what I am saying is that if GME stops paying Cabot and Link could and knowing them would take him to Court, where a judge will simply ask him '' do you owe the money''
    - SAR's or CCA's that cannot be produced are totally irrelevant
    - the history of the case speaks for itself.

    A summary CCJ against him with costs and compound interest is a certainty.

    For the record Moorcroft are HSBC's inside solicitors( a couple of guys and a filing cabinet)
    & Westcroft are the RBSicon Group which include NatWest.

    Since payments are being made the Bank is happy to keep the debt but stop and they will sell with a clear audit trail of debt and more Court cases.

    My advice to GME is to politely advise Payplan that an IVA is not in your best interest.

    Trust me I know – if it wasn’t for Priority One back in the day I would not be here.


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    Default Re: Payplan payment review

    moorcroft are not anything to do with HSBC...and are certainly NOT solicitors
    and [who is westcrofts??] if you mean wescot..or wetcloths as we like to call them..they are not part of the RBSicon group...

    as for not needing to produce enforceable paperwork the judge will just say well muppet you've been paying it...seems like you've been out the loop for a few years...
    just look at the 1000's of wins in the legal successes forum...

    welcome back to CAGicon but with 8 posts since really must keep up at the back...

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    Default Re: Payplan payment review

    This is why I don't post - sarcastic and insulting replies with a touch of ageism.
    But with 150k of shall we say 'avoidance' by reading the wise words of the sages on here and then reading the relevant legislation, some adapted wording (not templates) I have nothing to prove. In fact I might well be in the play offs for legal successes.

    How many times have you been in Court as a LIP with a watertight case and the judge(clearly wanting his lunch) just asks you the question without reading anything. Then find 10k for an appeal.

    If you pay an instalment you owe acknowledge a debt. Common law.
    Don't pay after one instalment and you start the roulette wheel. Judge lottery.

    Thanks to CAGicon True Call was the best 99 I ever spent - never acknowledge that you owe ought.

    A punter who won but unfortunately can't type quick enough and isn't a techie.
    I agree that makes me a dinosaur but with a far larger brain.

    Lack of posts kept the wolves from the door but what I gleaned on here saved my life literally. Back to La La Land.


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    Default Re: Payplan payment review

    i'm more than a dinosaur than you...

    glad CAGicon helped you.
    that's what we are here for..

    payment might well be acknowledging the debt..thats not in dispute
    but what is the notion one should be blindly paying a DCAicon at the milking parlour without questioning their legal right to the money.
    and yes we all hit judge lottery, but that's rare now.

    I remember priority1 well very well
    but things have moved on and things change....
    esp since the CCA changes
    just don't like to see people suggesting one should keep blindly pay a DCA just because they have for so many years...

    yes have had a truecallicon box from day one too, wonderful box.

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