6 months ago I ordered a motability car from Nissan.

I was assured and given guarantees and promises that I would receive the car on the 26th February. The motability guy made error after error and was useless, I have since been told he is no longer with the company funnily enough.

I chased them three days before just to make sure that I would still be getting the car that day, they then said it would be another three to four weeks and they didnít even inform me or communicate this delay to me.

Because of this they offered me a courtesy car with insurance until the car came in, I accepted this instead of cancelling the order.

However, when I went to pick up the courtesy car they stated they couldnít insure me on it as I have been driving for less than a year, this was due to yet another error by them, and them not checking my driving licence details before offering things.

They made me pay for the insurance, however agreed it would be refunded when I returned the courtesy car.

I returned it a few weeks later when I collected my motability car and they refused to refund the insurance for the courtesy car.

I wrote to them several times over a three month period but got no responses.

Their customer service has been shocking and also I feel very poorly treated by them, they have also caused a lot of stress.

Therefore a few weeks ago, I filed a claim in the small claimsicon court, then all of a sudden I heard from them and they said they had tried to contact me several times but couldnít get hold of me.

I filed in court for £185 for the three weeks insurance for the courtesy car plus £35 court fees, plus a little compensation.

They offered me a poultry £38.50 plus a goodwill gestureicon of £75 which I turned down, they arenít accepting any responsibility and I havenít received any apologies.

They have now filed an acknowledgement of service and intend to defend all of the claim.

Questions I have for you all is what do you think about this and do I have a strong case? Also, given that they offered me £113.50, do you think that strengthens my case?

Just want to know if anyone has an idea if my case is strong and whether I have a chance of winning this case?

Thank you.