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    Default Sickness Policy. Is This Allowed?

    Hello all.

    Excuse me if this is a really silly query but I have been chatting to someone at work who told me this might not be allowed so am asking here in case I need to take it further.

    My employer has a sickness policy where sickness is counted in a 12 month rolling period.
    However, is it allowed to count 1 time of sickness twice?

    My employer states 3 absences (or a total fo 60 hours) triggers a "stage".
    This happened to me,
    I was off for 3 different times with sickness,
    the last date being 06/02/2017
    - this triggered a "stage 1".

    Then I was off sick in September and again in December 2017.
    My sickness in December then triggered a "stage 2",
    this is because my sickness in Feb 2017 was being counted against me again.

    Is it allowed that they can count 1 period of sickness against me twice?
    punish me twice?

    know the policy is a 12 month rolling period but I've been told that it doesn't sound right that the 1 period of sickness I had in Feb 2017 has caused a trigger twice.

    Just want to put the feelers out there to see if this policy is fine or if I can take it further at all because the stage 2 I am on has cost me a promotion and an end of year bonus.

    If this is fine I will gladly accept it as it is what it is.

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    Default Re: Sickness Policy. Is This Allowed?

    Yes, that seems right to me. A stage warning doesnít wipe out/ discount the sicknesses included in it; more sickness in the rolling 12 month period would trigger a stage two. Unless you have a really oddly worded absence and attendance policy. Have you checked it?

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    Default Re: Sickness Policy. Is This Allowed?

    Thank you for your reply.

    I have checked it and its very long winded and there is a flow chart which I suppose is easier to work out but this bit I find a bit confusing as this is on the chart to hit a stage 1, so do I presume this applies for a stage 2 also:

    "Trigger point hit:

    • 3 instances in previous 6 months (rolling) or;
    • 60 hours (pro-rata) in previous 12 months (rolling) ".

    The reason this confuses me is because when I got put on a stage 2, I had not had 60 hours pro rata off sick in the previous 12 months (it is in fact 45 hours). I did have over 60 hours off sick in November 2016 due to a death in the family but this was included in my stage 1 and expired by the time I was on a stage 2 :/


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    Default Re: Sickness Policy. Is This Allowed?

    Its the Bradford system.

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    Default Re: Sickness Policy. Is This Allowed?

    What does your stage one say about expected attendance levels?

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    Default Re: Sickness Policy. Is This Allowed?

    By the way - if you were off in December.. itís now 6 months later. If you were planning on raising an appeal or grievance Iíd say you are outside what most people would consider a reasonable time period. Is something else happening now to trigger this enquiry?

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    Default Re: Sickness Policy. Is This Allowed?

    Im just looking into the policy to answer your question about a stage 1 attendance but I can't really find any "expectations" of whats expected.

    I got put on the stage 2 in January when we all returned after Chirstmas. I was told at the end of May/early June I was not getting a bonus for my work because I was on a stage 2 and this subject was recently brought up by a colleague and thats the reason I'm asking the question now but I had no idea there was a time limit on raising an appeal if I needed to.

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    Default Re: Sickness Policy. Is This Allowed?

    Depends on the rules of the appeal and/or grievance process, but if you are unhappy you really need to raise it at the time.

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    Default Re: Sickness Policy. Is This Allowed?

    I see thank you all for your help

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