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    Default Re: is this discrimination lawful

    I find compo culture at 15 both tragic and implausible

    And as there is still no exact wording from the school, no actual legal opinion can be given. What is expedient, however, is not always the same as what is right, or required.

    I hope she gets useful experience from her placement.

    Never assume anyone on the internet is who they say they are. Only rely on advice from insured professionals you have paid for!

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    Default Re: is this discrimination lawful

    I must correct one word in my last post, it should read INDUCEMENT where I have used settlement. settlement does make it sound as though some acceptance of culpability has been argeed and money handed over where what thy have done is made a proposal for the future that is likely to be beneficial so the matter is settled.

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    Default Re: is this discrimination lawful

    Glad you got an outcome you were happy with without having to go through formal complaints procedures. Just my curiosity, as a school governor, how much is the financial settlement/inducement they gave to your gd? Paid in actual cash or something else?

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    Do you record your calls?
    You'll regret it if you don't.

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    Default Re: is this discrimination lawful

    All is well that ends well

    Having said that, a few notes

    Direct discrimination is when a person is targetted because of a protected characteristic (eg race, sex etc)

    It is illegal

    Indirect discrimination is when there is a PCP that causes a person to suffer because of his/her protected characteristic

    PCP means policy, criterion or procedure

    Indirect discrimination is a blanket action that affects everyone that is of that protected characteristic

    This case would have fallen under indirect rather than direct

    Positive action is a defence for indirect discrimination

    In such a case the burden would have been on the Claimant to show that the Positive Action is based on wrong stats

    I can't comment on the likelihood of success of such action as I'm not a legal adviser

    I would think that it would be a tough task

    Finally, on the comment made to the daughter/parent

    I believe such a comment was made

    I also believe that it was made by a junior staff

    They would claim that the staff lacks training and would offer to provide training to the staff

    My bet, however, is that it would have been denied.

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    Default Re: is this discrimination lawful

    My reason for posting was to ask what sort of action would be appropriate to take if any. this was to help a 15 year old who has been disappointed by an action that was most likely to be illegal and then insulted by an accusation of rascism for questioning that action and furhter insult added by the communication to her mother with this accusation.
    It doenst matter whether I am happy with the outcome or not, she wants to forget about it and get back to her studies. As said an offer of an outcome has been made and I suspect that this will be accepted. It is not some giant cash payout and I wouldnt class it as compensation for the wrong done but the matter is ended.

    Thank you for your input, yes it is difficult to give advice when you are doing chinese whispers as I often tell people over on the parking threads but sometimes more damage can be done by trying to push the person into engaging with others when they dont want to. being called a rascist is a stigma for most young people and hurts more than most other labels or insults as it is a "when did you stop beating your wife" type slippery slope argument that cant be won regardless of what you say.

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