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    Default Re: Weather-Summer 2018

    I'm trying to keep track of the ladybower water levels

    See if the village reappears I haven't seen it since I was little

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    Default Re: Weather-Summer 2018

    Hi labrat.
    Always interesting when people tell a story on a post.And gives old Tawnyowl a excuse to root around and learn a little.
    I had not heard of ladybower before so took a look around.
    Video and more photos of the lost villages 'drowned' beneath Ladybower Reservoir

    Postcards show lost villages beneath Ladybower Reservoir

    Derwent, Derbyshire,_Derbyshire

    Derbyshire water bosses reveal scale of falling reservoir levels

    Now i went down to the coast last weekend around the South Pier Blackpool and for a second smelt smoke.
    Looked around because the smell of smoke creates a little fear when not expected.Looking through the big one ride at the Pleasure Beach i saw a narrow plume of brownish smoke maybe a mile and a half away in the distance. Did not think much of it really,dismissed the spilt second thought and got on with what i was doing. But a huge bush fire was raging on a nature reserve on the way to St Annes.
    For those that like to check things out a video.

    Now many of us have felt the heat in our back gardens and when out walking in the woods.
    I found myself the other day in a blackened area where a small grass fire had raged maybe 40 meters square the other day and there must be many more that do not make the news.
    This has had a effect on the Old Owl and the other day smelt smoke in the back garden.
    I keep rather a large collection of Driftwood there and my pulse rate shot up.
    And connected hose pipe rather fast and washing up bowl,full of water,ha and went in search of source of smell.
    It was only someone having a barbeque some distance away that is all.
    But this heat has had a strange effect on me,everything is so dry.I bet i am not the only one who is keeping close watch on things near them.
    And when the warm wind is blowing combined with the heat find myself thinking it would not take much to cause a little trouble.

    Better leave those thoughts.
    This may interest you labrat.Related Cleveleys area.I have walked on these historic forests of old out in the sea near Cleveleys.
    From around the Ice Age it is said.
    Petrified Forest on Cleveleys Beach
    And there are villages out there from the past.I sometimes find very old small pieces pottery when Beachcombing and wonder..
    But probably form the 50s or sixties.
    But what happened to cause these villages to dissapear.
    Only a tidal wave way back around 1550,can you believe it.

    Ah i suppose i have gone on enough now,any stories from your areas from modern times to present times let others know.Good to read and learn a little.

    So what is the latest on the weather i wonder.
    Latest Forecast.-Video.
    Very high levels of UV in some parts today,

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    Default Re: Weather-Summer 2018

    Signs At Last Of The Heatwave Coming To An End Next Week?
    Rain for many of us.
    All sorts of happenings combining from a tropical storm off the eastern seaboard of the USA to the jet stream heading south.
    The Atlantic is stirring at last.

    Suits me,no wind,flat seas means i cannot find any Driftwood on the Shoreline.
    Rivers need flushing out,my stocks of certain items are low.
    Which means no stock,no money,the end is nigh
    And farmers and gardeners will be pleased as well.

    Just for a while let the wind and rain begin.
    Then let summer return.

    Detail and video and in depth look at what is happening on the link.

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    Default Re: Weather-Summer 2018

    I wish I could go beach combing on a regular basis

    Unfortunately I live nowhere near the sea now but always remember grandma's collection of driftwood in Cleveleys

    Still have a memory hanging around of her my eldest daughters a zildea named after her

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    Default Re: Weather-Summer 2018

    Nice memories labrat.
    I am lucky to be able to go Beach combing as often as i want.
    At the moment all i am finding is mountains of sea weed but the views and healthiness of walking miles make up for that.And is quite tasty.

    Just been checking on the forecast on Netweather see what lies ahead.
    Another Beach And BBQ Weekend But Change Is Coming

    Michael Fish - Weekly Weather Forecast

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    Default Re: Weather-Summer 2018

    Well rain on the day the solar panels were installed

    Still a bit drier today and so far nearly 20kwh down

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    Default Re: Weather-Summer 2018

    The areas suffering from hosepipe bans now all had low rainfall last autumn, winter and Spring. That's the time when rain actually isn't taken up by plants, and doesn't evaporate rapidly, therefore has time to fill the underground aquifers. In fact summer rain does very little, apart from making the grass green!

    Here in Oxfordshire, we had abundant rain, for the last 9 months, (before this drought started) plus a load of snow melt. This is still percolating through to underground sources. This is why Thames Water are saying there won't be a hosepipe ban this summer.

    However, if the next 9 months are dry then we will have a problem.

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    Default Re: Weather-Summer 2018

    Well it's throwing it down now

    Panels seem to do about 10kwh a day in the rain but after just a week it's hard to judge we seem to have used around half our normal power intake most of that being overnight with the electric car

    Will see how it goes

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    Default Re: Weather-Summer 2018

    Just been on the beach at tywyn and thought of you tawny - massive piece of driftwood

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