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    Default DLR inspector took my Oyster Card (adult)

    Three days ago I travelled on DLR and I was stopped by an inspector outside the station, who checked my Oyster card and informed me I didn’t touch in.
    I never touch In or Out because I purchase a weekly travel card.
    I completely forgot to renew my travel card, which expired two days ago.
    I’m aware this is not a valid excuse,
    I should had known better.

    Knowing that I was wrong, I didn’t argue with the inspector, I was ready to pay for my stupidity.
    From the beginning the inspector was extremely arrogant towards me, not even once I spoke to him badly (to be honest I didn’t speak much, I was too ashamed).

    The inspector asked for my ID and passed me a notepad to write down my details, before writing my details I asked ‘what will happen next?’ he replies ‘Just write your details down’. My boyfriend then asks ‘can you just please explain why she needs to write her details down?’ the inspector then pushed him and aggressively said ‘I am talking to her, not to you’.
    We were absolutely shocked by his action, my boyfriend then told him to not touch him.
    The inspector started intimidating my boyfriend by speaking inches from his face.

    Another inspector jumps in and tries to calm the other inspector down.
    This inspector tells us to leave, but before that the first inspector took my Oyster card.

    I was shaking,
    I stayed outside the station with my boyfriend for 5-10 minutes.
    None of the inspectors come to us, they could clearly see us from where they were staying and I was just too scared to go back there to ask for my Oyster card back.

    I was hoping that one of them could come to us to apologise for the unacceptable behaviour from the first inspector and return my Oyster card - but they ignored us.

    I have complained to TFL by email but I am truly worried what the inspector will do with my data, I haven’t provided my details but the Oyster card was registered (which contains my Name and Address).

    I just dont know what to expect, I deserve to pay the fine (and I am happy to do so) but I didn't deserve to be treated the way I was treated.

    Thank you for taking the time to read about my experience and I look forward to hearing from you.


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    Default Re: DLR inspector took my Oyster Card (adult)

    I'm sure that it must have been very distressing – especially at the stressful time like that. There is no reason for people to be rude and I suppose in all of these kinds of jobs, there are people who let it get to their heads a bit.

    However, I'm afraid I don't think there is anything you can do and I think that you will just have to learn a little bit more about human nature.

    I expect that you will be hearing in writing from TfL at some point and if I were you I would respond back very quickly and tell them how sorry you are about it and how you really have learnt a lesson and it won't happen again.

    I would start complaining about their employee. It will just simply make it look as if you are resentful – and it won't solve anything. If you had had an independent witness then it would have made a difference. However, I'm afraid that it is very likely that they get hundreds of people every week who get caught out and then feel extra sensitive about the treatment they receive and decide to try make an issue of it as part of their response to the letter from TfL.

    Your best interests will be simply to say nothing except that you are very sorry. That will minimise any penalty which is levied on you and after that, probably the best thing to do is just get on with life but don't forget the lesson.

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