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Patricia Pearl - Small Claims Procedure - A Practical Guide

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    Default Ulsterbank Unauthorised Overdraft, Insane Charges

    Hi, I ended up with an overdraft as a company I was working for managed to trick me into giving them my card details, allowing them to take 3500 out of my account when there was no money in the account, ending up in an unauthorised overdraft...

    This was 3 months ago. I was lead to believe that id be paying back 225 pound a month (roughly), on the 29th of each month. Now that I checked, they are charging me interest and some other card charges, totalling in 3 extra charges on the 3rd of every month, adding to 75 on top of the overdraft, I only have a debit card?

    One charge is 20 because I don't have money in the account. Is this right? what can I do? can I claim it back? Court? I'm raging!

    Please help, I would hate to find out there was nothing I could do, I have the dreaded feeling that there is nothing I can do... I need my credit rating up as I am trying to start a business, this all happen at the worst time... word of advice for anyone its relevant to, "Don't Work For Amazonicon", they are slave drivers fringing on the law...

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    Default Re: Ulsterbank Unauthorised Overdraft, Insane Charges

    Hi geromos and Welcome to CAGicon

    I am a little confused..why would an employer take money from an employees account...surely its the other way round ?



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    Default Re: Ulsterbank Unauthorised Overdraft, Insane Charges

    Self-employed delivery driver. I was told they needed me to make a bank transaction via my card to pay me... they claimed 3500 access for a busted tail light on the hired van...

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    Default Re: Ulsterbank Unauthorised Overdraft, Insane Charges

    I think you need to start a new threadicon with regards to the Van episode in the Motoring Forum...3500 is a very expensive tail light ?

    And we will keep your overdraft problem here as there are 2 elements to your problem....Employment/Insurance and Banking Overdraft.



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    Default Re: Ulsterbank Unauthorised Overdraft, Insane Charges

    Okay. So I too am banking with Ulster and received an overdraft charge following a purchase I made with a debit card online. The thing is at the end of the money I received an additional fee of 20 (same as the overdraft) totally 40 for the month! Is this normal?

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    Default Re: Ulsterbank Unauthorised Overdraft, Insane Charges

    you need to start a new threadicon<<clickme
    of YOUR OWN please

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