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    Default kwikfit employee bumped my car

    evening all , i am looking for a little advice as to what to do next .
    i took my car in for its MOT today at my local kwikfiticon and it passed im happy to say , i was handed my keys and certificate and i went to retrieve my car.
    i got in started the engine put my seat belt on and released the hand brake after puting it in to reverse and hadnt moved when there was a bang at the back , i looked in my mirror and saw a car going back into a fitting bay .
    i got out and looked at the back of my car and my bumper is all scuffed and and chunk missing out of it and my tailgate didnt at the corner .
    the employee had reversed out of bay without stopping and because carpark was full come out at an angle and hit my car .
    i reported it amediatley to the manager who apologised and that they take full responsability .
    i told them ok , but what are they going to do aboput it and he said he would get intouch with area manger and my response was i wasnt leaving until he had contacted him and that i had some form of letter stating the responsability and signed , which he did.
    he also told me that it was the emplyees first time at doing brakes on his own and should have reversed out with caution and the area manager would contact me tomorrow

    firstly sorry for the long story but i wanted you to get the full picture , my questions are
    1. do i contact my insurance
    2. do i report it to the police
    3. do i wait for them to contact me or go back first thing in the morning
    thankyou in advance for any assistance anyone can give

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    Default Re: kwikfit employee bumped my car

    1. Contact your own insurers and send them the liability letter they have signed but make sure you keep a copy of it.
    2. No need to report to police if no one was injured but some insurers insist on a ref number so as long as you contact the police within 24 hrs of incident, even if its just to log it with them.
    3. Nope, dont assume they will do anything to help you, put it through insurance and let them deal with it.

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    Default Re: kwikfit employee bumped my car

    morning and thankyou for the reply .
    will my insurance go up due to this even though its not my fault

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    Default Re: kwikfit employee bumped my car

    Nope as they have admitted full liability in writing

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    Default Re: kwikfit employee bumped my car

    When is your insurance renewal?

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    Default Re: kwikfit employee bumped my car

    my insurance is due for renewal in september.
    Area manager of kwikfiticon came to see me today very apologetic and assured me it will be fully repaired , they will cover all costs and provide me with a courtesy car while it is being repaired and returned back to me like new .
    with it being the weekend , he will get the ball rolling monday and contact me again monday

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    Default Re: kwikfit employee bumped my car

    Make sure its reported to police for the ref number, just in case monday cimes and theres suddenly a problem!

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    Default Re: kwikfit employee bumped my car

    And being kwikfiticon, its almost certain there will be a problem, or the repairs will be substandard.

    Any advice i give is my own and is based solely on personal experience. If in any doubt about a situation , please contact a certified legal representative or debt counsellor..

    If my advice helps you, click the star icon at the bottom of my post and feel free to say thanks

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    Default Re: kwikfit employee bumped my car

    So how did it go today?

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    Default Re: kwikfit employee bumped my car

    i wouldn't trust kwikfiticon to repair lol

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