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    Default willy v bank of scotland

    Hi sent my Subject access requesticon away on the 20th october, they state i owe them 1029.56 though my limit is 1700 they still demand payment of 600 each month. They have deducted the 10 for the sub request on 3rd november, still awaiting statments for the past 6 yearsicon.

    Checked other forums should i estimate what the charges they have applied over the years and sent the prelim letter. I only have my most recent statements todate

    Please help

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    Default Re: willy v bank of scotland

    Willy your S.A.R. should have given the bank 40 days to send you all the information. That time scale has not passed yet so you must wait and then progress to the next stage.
    Good luck.


    If anything I've said helps you then please feel free to tip my scales!

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    Default Re: willy v bank of scotland

    Still not received the statements. Here is the next letter i will send on the 14th dec

    letter before actionicon
    Section 7 – Data Protection Act 1998

    Dear Sir/Madam

    Account: ******************

    You have failed to comply with my Data Protection Act Subject Access Request dated 20TH October 2006, I know you received it as you have deducted from my account the sum of 10 for my request on the 3rd of November, You had 40 days in which to comply this has now come and passed on the 12 December 2006, I have attached the copy of the letter I originally sent you.

    If you do not comply within the next 7 days I shall seek a Court order obliging you to do so together with damages at the discretion of the Court and without any further notice. This letter has been sent by first class recorded delivery, and therefore should have reached you by 15/12/2006

    Yours faithfully,

    Anything else i should be doing in the meantime, If they dont respond as i live in scotland i shall pursue in the scottish courts, i know i may need to submit 2 claims as you can only pursue for 750 in scotland. How do i calculate the charges without the actual statments.

    Wil be careful with your personal dataicon !


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    Default Re: willy v bank of scotland

    received a lettericon from HBOS dated 27th dec from
    10 carlton street
    HX1 2AL

    Dear Madam
    Data Subject access request

    I would confirm that we have received your requesr for information in relation to the transactions and charges.Under the Data Protection Ace, HBOS has 40 days from receipt of your request to provide the required information. I would be therefore advise you that you will receive a response no later than 2nd February 2007

    Your Sincerely
    Data Subject Acess Requesticon Team

    On Same day receved another letter dated 3rd January 2007 from
    Trinity road
    HX1 2RG

    Dear Madam

    Completetion of Request for a list of transactions and charges for your ac no XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX.

    Thank you for letter requesting specifice information on your account with us. I can conconfirm that copies of duplicate statements have been ordered and will be sent under seperate cover.

    With regard to your request for information relating to manual intervention on your account, HBOS plc in under no statutory obligation to record this information and therefore, i am unable to assist further with your request.

    Should you have any general queries, please contact 24 hour banking on 08457 20 30 40.

    Details of how we use your data can be found on ithe interner under the Security and Privacy sections Halifax Online - UK Banks, Finance, Telephone & Internet Banking or if you would like a copy of the registered Data Protection Notification details, this can be found at ICO – Information Commissioner's Office. Alternatively, please let me know if you would like me to forward a copy of either to you.

    Yours faithfully
    Ken Patton
    Data Protection Consultant
    Business Risk - Retail.

    Do i wait for unwil the 2nd of feb for statements, having no statements as yet, lbaicon letter seems to have made them take notice for them to send me statements, anything else i should do in the meantime

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    Default Re: willy v bank of scotland

    i have had the same slow response from bos ,i was told 2nd of jan now a further 40 days ,just sent the lbaicon yesterday ,dont wait do it they are stalling ,lloyds tsb are doing the same ,i have sent both lba letters yesterday,response already in post today from ltsb ,they will give me nothing ,called them and that is their last contact ,going to raise small claimsicon tomorrow

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    Default Re: willy v bank of scotland

    Been told today that 40 day is actually 8 weeks plus additional days for holidays - now thats timewasting.

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    Default Re: willy v bank of scotland

    i am not waiting ,as told on these forums they have to respond to the 14 day limit ,if i dont receive a full refund i will go through an ordinary action (scottish)i am not afraid ,yes an ordinary action will involve a solicitor but will the bank defend,NO ,IF THEY DO I CAN ALWAYS SELL MY STORY IF DEFEATED

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