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Thread: Andy Mc1 vs RBS

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    Default Andy Mc1 vs RBS

    Got charged recently (38) for a cheque that was returned (cleared on re-presentation). So I tried to persuade the bank to return my money . . . . and they would have done so if I had signed a letter indemnifying the bank against any future claims on my part.

    I was not willing to accept these conditions and sent off my S.A.R - (Subject access requesticon) 31/10/06.

    Got the statements within a week. Well, not all the statements. So have written to the bank (JE Tudor) once more for the remaining statements.

    Is it me, or am I right in thinking that banks and building societies are trying to circumnavigate the Data Protection Act by only supplying records that are consistent with the statute of limitationsicon?

    Anyway, a cursory look at the statements I have reveals over 260 in charges since June 2001. Obviously not a fortune, but important to someone like me on a part-time academic contract.

    Once I get the remaining statements I'll be able to see the full picture.

    As my branch of RBSicon is in Glasgow (I live in England), does anyone know if I am covered by Scottish legal jurisdiction (i.e. limited to claiming 5 years worth of charges), or as long as I initiate legal proceedings in England, will the limitation of 6 years apply?


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    Default Re: Andy Mc1 vs RBS

    Sent letter 29 November asking for my money back. received a lettericon dated 4 December stating our charges are fair and transparent etc . . . . with offer of 76 goodwill gesture. Now proceeding to lbaicon for full amount. Good programme on bank charges BBC2 December 12 - expect an influx of new members!

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    Default Re: Andy Mc1 vs RBS

    Result! Got no reply to my letter - but got 259 refunded on 20 Dec, then another 10 on 11 Jan (which actually totalled 3 more than I was claiming).

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