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    Default Re: Fracking gets go-ahead in UK for first time since 2011 as North Yorkshire council approves plans

    Hi Old Tawnyowl here.
    I have not finished the story but is there a rush.It is taking longer than i thought.
    Also i am popping down to the Fracking Site again tomorrow.
    I find it incredible that each Wednesday the Ladies In White have marched down The Road To Hell for 45 weeks on the trot to face the Cuadrilla Fracking Site in silence for ten minutes before making speeches etc. So want to see this.
    Just a few pictures and video from yesterday Green Party week, my story of the day has yet to be told.

    The rig,the wind was a little strong but i heard it from maybe half a mile or more away.I used to live nearby. A air raid siren used to sound.A lot lower but very similar noise to myself.

    A few more photos,i have more and videos as well.I will put them here soon.

    Bye for now.

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    Default Re: Fracking gets go-ahead in UK for first time since 2011 as North Yorkshire council approves plans

    Well today for a few hours i am once again going down To The Road To Hell.
    The Cuadrilla Fracking Site.Lancashire.
    I am going to check out the Call For Calm March that takes place each Wednesday by ladies dressed in White.
    But a few more videos showing snippets of speeches made the other day.By Amelia Womack Deputy Leader Of the Green Party Of England and Wales and Nick Dearden, Director of Global Justice and a lady called Miranda Cox who has felt the force in the past down there near The Well To Hell.
    Amelia Womack.

    Nick Deardon.

    Miranda Cox who as i say has felt the force in the past down there in Lancashire by The Gates To Hell.
    Gone,another mission awaits.Preparation time.
    Bye for now.

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    Default Re: Fracking gets go-ahead in UK for first time since 2011 as North Yorkshire council approves plans

    Just popping back for a moment,a little busy.I am going to give myself a severe beating.
    On the last page i spelt something wrong.This is to remind myself and not make the same mistake twice.
    Ethylene -Ethylene-Ethylene
    Materials Used for Making Plastic Bags. Plastic bags are made from a ubiquitous polymer substance known as polyethylene. This begins as ethylene, commonly extracted from natural gases, then treated to become the polymer, forming long chains of carbon and hydrogen atoms.
    Apologies i was thinking about Ineos Jim Ratcliffe and his empire of trash amongst other things.

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    Default Re: Fracking gets go-ahead in UK for first time since 2011 as North Yorkshire council approves plans

    Well i just wrote a long post and accidentally removed it.I suppose many know how that can feel.
    Including speeches i want to cover after i left the site around lunchtime.

    So will write more tomorrow morning as a lot has happened elsewhere including London and Nottinghamshire.
    But i went to the Cuadrilla Fracking Site this morning for a few hours and it was my honour to observe the weekly Women In White Call For Calm March.A story needs writing about that.But if a Journalist is reading this at any time get on down there.
    Nationally not just regionally.Whether covered before or not.And i will write one anyway.
    45 weeks now soon it will be one year the ladies have marched on a Wednesday on the Call For Calm march.
    So i have run out of steam now and am writing like a robot so will leave you with this to give you a flavour and feeling of what this March is about.A few videos.

    For 45 weeks now the Ladies In White have Marched Down The Road To Hell On A Wednesday To Stand Outside The Cuadrilla Fracking Site Then Stand In Silence Facing The Fracking Site Before Speeches,Singing And A little Dancing.But there is much more to this and spreads to many countries but as usual the story of why they do this needs telling properly.As does one of the songs that are danced to.Will You Join Them-Break The Chain.
    I am not the best at understanding how to link all videos but have a look around.I made a few short ones today.

    Bye for now and watch out for that storm that is heading our way tomorrow.
    Bye for now.

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    Default Re: Fracking gets go-ahead in UK for first time since 2011 as North Yorkshire council approves plans

    I do not get much time to follow what some investors may be saying.
    But try to find info when i can.Just like we opposing Fracking what is in the investors heads.
    Let us say this is from a unknown source.
    Some swampys aren't that bad. Investing in fracking isn't ever going give long term gains. If there was any money in it the big boys would have it all sewn up and investing their own money.
    Companies like AJ Lucas and Igas are just after rinsing investors for money to cover drilling
    . Long term you would have better chance on the roulette wheel. It doesn't mean however you need to be one of the losers.

    Join all the tinker lane / mission spring face book groups and you get early warning of the days the swampies are having fun. Look out for big media events and you'll know when to sell. Once the shares have dropped rebuy at the lower price let them recover over the week and repeat.
    The share are likely to keep taking hits over the next 12 months and may even get down to the 30p mark, but if you ride the waves you'll do well out of them.
    Well no they will not,they are going down in my opinion anyway.Stick that in your pipe investors.
    As more and more people catch onto what is happening and maybe coming their way soon.
    And investors are beginning to switch.

    'Carbon bubble' could spark global financial crisis, study warns
    Advances in clean energy expected to cause a sudden drop in demand for fossil fuels, leaving companies with trillions in stranded assets.
    Plunging prices for renewable energy and rapidly increasing investment in low-carbon technologies could leave fossil fuel companies with trillions in stranded assets and spark a global financial crisis, a new study has found.

    A sudden drop in demand for fossil fuels before 2035 is likely, according to the study, given the current global investments and economic advantages in a low-carbon transition.
    Plunging prices for renewable energy and rapidly increasing investment in low-carbon technologies could leave fossil fuel companies with trillions in stranded assets and spark a global financial crisis, a new study has found.

    I have got a live feed later in the month showing related. Earthquakes and Fracking.
    Got to go now and still not shown you yesterdays events.I will.

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    Default Re: Fracking gets go-ahead in UK for first time since 2011 as North Yorkshire council approves plans

    Just putting one of the stories written this week from the Cuadrilla Fracking Site Lancashire England.
    Then i can move on.

    A Morning Spent With The Ladies In White Who March The Road To Hell On A Wednesday To The Fracking Well.
    Cuadrilla Fracking Site Lancashire.
    For 45 weeks now the ladies have gathered at Maple Farm before marching the long road down to the well.
    I have met the owner of this farm once in the strangest place you could imagine meeting anyone and have seen him many times.
    But do not know John just by observing events when they have happened
    This is Maple Farm-Lancashire England.

    There was so much violence at one time on The Road To Hell that ladies decided to act.
    I am not going into details about the violence but believe me there was.
    So ladies formed a group opposed to this violence.I do not know where the first meeting was held or who thought of this but a March began on a Wednesday.
    Can you imagine how they must have felt that first day.They marched to the well,turned and stood in silence facing the police and the Fracking Site in a straight line and whoever else may be there in silence for ten minutes or so.What a brave action.

    But there is more,gather round pour yourself a cuppa or something stronger and settle down and read this brave Tale Of The Unexpected.
    For 45 weeks now they have walked this road,all ages from youngsters to people over 80 every Wednesday and repeated this action.
    Many things i have heard about this March and the footage has been seen in many countries now.
    I believe in some countries now ladies get up whichever time zone they may be in and dress in White and stand in solidarity as the silence begins.
    So as this story unfurls i will put a video here and there so you can see for yourself and helps you feel the Atmosphere and what happens.
    And remember i have only been once,one day for a few hours to see this,i just had to.This happens weekly.
    The Ladies in White Marching The Road To Hell.

    Still Walking-It Is Hot.

    Still Walking-On Their Way To The Gates To Hell To Face The Well.Over 30 minutes now.

    So now we move on.
    They have now arrived At The Gates To Hell,they settle themselves then turn as one and face the Site.
    The silence begins.Even nature seems to observe this silence.Perhaps ten minutes or more but seems so much longer.
    Time for a video so you can understand.
    Standing In Silence Facing The Fracking Site.

    The silence ended and the ladies in white made preparations for a little dancing and singing.
    Amongst the seriousness of one song in particular there were songs that possibly help them deal with the situation they find themselves in Lancashire.
    You have to have a lighter break from the hard times.But let us move back to the main song i feel.
    It is called Break The Chain.
    I had to research a little about this song then understood why this song.
    So the ladies danced to this tune.
    Break The Chain.

    After this song finished you have to release a little pressure so there were other songs.
    Something Inside So Strong Certainly apt for these ladies

    And then a little more pressure was released,songs such as
    Hit The Road Frack And Dont You Come Back along with You Wont Be Fracking Long and one other i heard,If You Want The Frackers Out Stamp Your Feet.

    You Wont Be Fracking Long

    If You Want The Frackers Out Stamp Your Feet.

    Shortly afterwards i left the site.Once again a little tired.But the ladies stayed on.
    In the afternoon there were speeches made and i have just realised that a chap i had met had filmed the days events.So will share his film.Jon he is called.
    Day 3 of Green Party Week saw former Leader Natalie Bennett and Councillor Gina Dowding
    at the roadside again to share their wisdom and enjoy the warm solidarity of Protectors who have maintained actions here for more than 530 days.
    And on the film news comes through of events that happened in London.

    Well i feel that just about covers the day but there is more to come.I am writing another story.
    My day spent down at the Fracking Site on Monday the first day of Green Party Week.Coming soon.
    This was a much larger story but thought it best to cut it down a touch.I can go on.
    So a few thanks,to people i met in the short time i was there.
    Tina,Julie,Susan who i chatted to about the Ladies In White and the Lady i met who lives nearby to be mentioned on the other story.Regarding noise from Rusty The Rig.
    And of course all the other Ladies In White.
    Be for now.

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    Default Re: Fracking gets go-ahead in UK for first time since 2011 as North Yorkshire council approves plans

    Minister urged to delay fracking in Lancashire until emergency plans are published
    The government has been urged to delay a final decision on fracking near Blackpool because of local concerns about a lack of information on plans to deal with an emergency.

    In letters to the Energy Secretary, Greg Clark, campaigners, residents and a councillor have said fracking consent should not be granted for Cuadrilla’s Preston New Road shale gas site until they have more details about the arrangements to protect local people.

    The writers have called for an investigation into whether an emergency evacuation plan is needed for homes surrounding the site and three nearby schools.

    I think this is a very reasonable request to delay.The Government only now are beginning to look at possible effects on communities across the UK.

    Look across the United States and see what has happened there.
    The United States is in the midst of an unprecedented oil and gas drilling rush—brought on by a controversial technology called hydraulic fracturing, or FRACKING.
    Along with this fracking-enabled rush have come troubling reports of poisoned drinking water, polluted air, mysterious animal deaths, industrial disasters and explosions.
    We call them FRACCIDENTS.
    Hit the skulls whicever you like and more detailed reports can be read.

    Look at it any way you want.Workers risks.Check out the sand used in Fracking and many more incidents.
    The population most at risk from accidents and incidents near unconventional drilling operations are the drillers and contractors within the industry.
    While that statement may seem quite obvious,let’s explore some of the numbers behind how often these workers are in harm’s way and why.

    And look at Jonathan Bartley Green Party yesterday trying to get answers from Cuadrilla.A meeting was arranged with Cuadrilla.
    To ask questions, some from local residents.
    He did not walk in the site despite being close by but was asked to go to a local B and Q car park to be picked up.
    You can hardly write this stuff.It is a Fracking nightmare.Maybe i myself am in a nightmare,i am wondering if what i am writing at the moment is a dream of some kind.
    And at any moment will wake up.
    Back to it,imagine this
    "Hi Jonathan this is Cuadrilla here,i know you are outside the site but could you pop down to the B and Q car Park about a mile and a half away we will pick you up."
    A CO leader of a political party in England asked to go down to a car park.

    Does Cuadrilla or the Government know what they are doing.What they are trying to let free.
    We are at risk for Fracks sake.

    Jonathan Bartley with a rough guide to his meeting yesterday.More forensic look and written papers soon.

    Green Week Friday 15th PNR Jonathan Bartley Meets Cuadrilla
    Holding companies like Cuadrilla to account is vital in a democracy and Green Party of England and Wales Co-Leader Jonathan Bartley has done just that this morning.
    His visit to the fracking site just outside Blackpool on the A583 (Preston New Road) did not bring the clarity and certainty sought by the community here as you'll see.

    Residents though are hugely grateful that their questions were raised - even if the answers were weak, shallow and lacking in trustworthy substance.

    See you next week.
    Tawnyowl,it is not over yet.
    What will next week bring.
    More surprises i feel.

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    Default Re: Fracking gets go-ahead in UK for first time since 2011 as North Yorkshire council approves plans

    Well as the week goes on i will post news as i find it.
    But just in case someone is reading this page post 901 showing a few videos from Facebook of the Fracking Rig making noise which i find rather loud has vanished.Been removed by unseen forces.From Facebook.
    It has never happened before so will uploadicon them to You Tube,see if i can get around it that way.
    But i am rather alarmed at this happening.
    Anyway,what can i say.
    Well Frack me.My post showing Rusty The Rig at the Cuadrilla Fracking Site making some noise has vanished.Been removed.Oh well a sinking feeling has arrived. So what can i say.It does make noise,it should not be there and Frack off Frackers.
    Perhaps this is just a thing that happens,nothing unusual,i do not know.

    Onwards.You have to.
    Just slipping over to America for a moment.
    Therese Gilbert, from Greeley, CO, spoke with us on May 13, 2018 at a Motherís Day rally next to the Extraction Oil & Gas Fracking construction site near Bella Romero Academy. She spoke about recent explosions and/or fires in Weld County. Learn more:
    Ana Schultz, a Greeley, CO resident, mother and grandmother, told us at the rally:

    Iím appalled that the companies, oil and gas companies, have this entitlement to infringe upon, you know, daily lives of peoples near homes and schools, and even nursing homes and hospitals, because theyíre all around. And I think that they need to get a message that itís not okay to have it, you know, where itís an impact to health, and also the environment, and the animals.Ē

    Meant to put this on last week.
    Grandparents lock-on in anti-fracking protest at government department
    Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy in central London.

    Long Read: Fracking Ė what is a legitimate decision?
    Decisions about fracking lack legitimacy because the public perceive that decision-makers lack expertise. Thatís a key finding of new research into how people likely to be affected by fracking see the process of deciding on shale gas proposals.

    In this Weekend Long Read, Dr Joanne Hawkins, of University of Leeds, reports on what the findings mean for the legitimacy of decision-making.

    I have a little work to do now,packing plants but will come back later.
    And will take a look around Lancashire,Nottinghamshir e and other places find the latest news.
    Not going to put as many of my own thoughts down now.I will show what is happening as it happens from others.But at some times i will let a little steam off.
    Bye for now.

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    Default Re: Fracking gets go-ahead in UK for first time since 2011 as North Yorkshire council approves plans

    Just popping back for a moment.
    Nottinghamshire this morning.Tinker Lane Igas Site.Is locked down.
    Lock On Monday strikes again.

  10. #910

    Default Re: Fracking gets go-ahead in UK for first time since 2011 as North Yorkshire council approves plans

    Live at the moment-Tinker Lane-Nottinghamshire.

    Good heavens,Scott is up in the canopy of a tree again.Live at the moment.

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    Default Re: Fracking gets go-ahead in UK for first time since 2011 as North Yorkshire council approves plans

    UK pension funds get green light to dump fossil fuel investments
    Managers of the £1.5tn invested in Britain’sworkplace pension schemes are to be given new powers to dump shares in oil, gas and coal companies in favour of long-term investment in green and “social impact” opportunities.

    Government proposals published on Monday are designed to give pension fund trustees more confidence to divest from environmentally damaging fossil fuels and put their cash in green alternatives if it meets their members’ wishes. Until now many pension trustees have been hamstrung by fiduciary duties that they feel requires them to seek the best returns irrespective of the threat of climate change.

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    Default Re: Fracking gets go-ahead in UK for first time since 2011 as North Yorkshire council approves plans

    Well just been trying to ship a plant to the Republic of Ireland but the postage made me frown.
    Which gave me a few minutes to think of shipping Ineos and plastics strangely.

    Now any chap who comes up from next to nothing like Jim Ratcliffe you have to have a little admiration for.
    Pretty obvious he has been through many battles as he is now.
    And will not give in easily,but it is The Empire Of Trash people are worried about,Fracking,turning England or wherever into a industrial wasteland just as others throw these ideas away.Dinosaurs of yesterday losing their way.Desperation on their faces.

    These are notes to remind me that is all
    and a few articles as i delve a little deeper,so put up with me,usually things make sense sooner or later.Trying to find out why he is so determined to Frack England,Scotland wherever.Cuadrilla,Igas,b ut Ineos if they get their way watch out.

    Article for further in depth look at someday soon.
    Added 26 hours ago by John Harrington
    Chemicals giant Ineos and Burson-Marsteller are understood to have parted company, as the former's fracking plans in the UK make the news.

    Who are Burson-Marsteller,ah PR.
    Burson-Marsteller (B-M) is one of the largest public relations (PR) agencies in the world and also the most notorious. When helping its industry clients to escape environmental legislation or sprucing up the image of some of the most repressive governments on Earth, B-M brings to bear state of the art techniques in manipulating the mass media, legislators and public opinion.
    Burson-Marsteller is one of the biggest PR and lobbying firms in the world,New York I believe.

    The petrochemical giant, Ineos, successfully pleaded with US authorities to reopen a pipeline that supplies fracking gas to Grangemouth.
    Sounding a little desperate,why?But was granted.
    But seems to put many at risk. I will Find out more soon.
    If this dangerous pipeline was closed down the supply like in 2016 when 27,500m3 of ethane from US shale fields arrived for the Grangemouth petrochemicals plant owned by Ineos would suffer.
    When reading a report today that i have lost the pipeline in America that Jim Ratcliffe relies on sounds really dangerous and may yet be shut down one day soon perhaps.

    Contracts have been signed to keep supplying others i believe but will look into.
    So you have chemical plants,plastic manufacturing the worry about pipelines in America closing.
    That gets closed and Ineos are choking and spluttering and rolling around
    If true i understand the desperation of Ineos to try to Frack the UK.
    And the fierce battles that are taking place.
    A lot to lose.The gamble has been taken though that is clear.
    Enough for now.Back to the plants.
    Just hearing that Ineos have lost their multi million claim in the courts.

    Ineos loses its legal challenge to Scottish Government fracking “ban”
    Judge says fracking not banned in Scotland
    Petrochemical firm Ineos has lost its legal challenge against the Scottish government's "effective ban" on fracking.

    The firm claimed that ministers had acted illegally in announcing the block in October 2017.

    But the government argued that there is no ban in place as the policymaking process is still ongoing.

    Judges agreed that the challenge was "unfounded" because "there is no prohibition against fracking in force".


  13. #913

    Default Re: Fracking gets go-ahead in UK for first time since 2011 as North Yorkshire council approves plans

    Landmark report on fracking to be updated and £7.6m shale gas research confirmed
    A report relied upon by the Government in its support for shale gas extraction is to be updated.

    The Royal Society confirmed to DrillOrDrop that it planned to publish a new report on hydraulic fracturing this winter.

    The new review, to be carried out with the Royal Academy of Engineering, will look at international evidence on fracking published in the past six years.

    Live news updates: Day 2 of inquiry into Ineos shale gas plans for Marsh Lane Derbyshire.
    Key points from today’s hearing
    There is no evidence that Ineos considered sites outside the Green Belt, says council planning witness
    The Marsh Lane shale gas plans would harm the openness of the Green Belt and there are no special circumstances to justify this, says the council expert
    The council says the Ineos proposal breaches local and national planning policy
    County councillors stand by their opposition to the Marsh Lane scheme on highways grounds
    Ineos says buildings on a shale gas site are not inappropriate development in the Green Belt because the government supports shale gas exploration
    Eckington Against Fracking describes the Ineos assessment of the impact of HGV traffic as inaccurate.
    The Ineos proposals would result in a “huge loss of local amenity” and should be refused on traffic grounds alone, says Eckington Against Fracking

    Ian R Crane with his latest video.
    How GREEN is my FRACKED Valley?

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    Default Re: Fracking gets go-ahead in UK for first time since 2011 as North Yorkshire council approves plans

    Things seem to be heating up a touch.
    More calls to block fracking – over emergency plans, evidence review and legal challenge.
    The Liberal Democrat spokesperson for energy and climate change, Baroness Lynne Featherstone said today:

    “This is serious. The evidence that the Tory government currently relies on for justifying its pro-fracking viewport is being reviewed. This means the government could be relying on outdated science to prove that fracking is safe.
    DrillOrDrop reported last week on local calls for emergency plans to be published for Preston New Road. Residents, campaigners and a councillor said there should be an investigation into whether an evacuation plan was needed for homes surrounding the site and three nearby schools. Questions to Lancashire police and fire services have failed to establish what procedures would be used in an emergency, they said.
    Green Party co-leader, Jonathan Bartley, wrote to the Energy Secretary, Greg Clark, urging him to investigate concerns about emergency plans at the site, before granting consent.
    Mr Bartley, who met Cuadrilla last week, said:

    “We’re calling on the Secretary of State not to make a decision over whether to grant a licence to frack until the matter has been investigated thoroughly and safety concerns are addressed. The fact that local residents don’t even know if there’s even a proper plan in place for emergencies – let alone evacuation – is deeply concerning.
    Much more on the link.

    To Derbyshire we go now.
    Live news updates: Day 3 of inquiry into
    shale gas plans for Marsh Lane
    Key points from Day 3
    The future for Marsh Lane is not defined by the area’s industrial past, says Eckington Against Fracking witness
    The tourist strategy and landscape regeneration is attracting visitors from across the world, EAF says
    Tourism in north east Derbyshire provides £100m/year to the economy, EAF says
    The Marsh Lane shale gas plan would disrupt badger foraging, EAF say
    “This is about the worst position you could put any form of surface works”, pilot tells inquiry
    Small local airfield could have to close for 3-6 months during drilling phase, inquiry hears
    Questions over validity of noise monitoring from Eckington Against Fracking and errors in the application
    Ineos should treat villagers as people not “noise-sensitive receptors”, inquiry told
    Former MP warns of risk of subsidence

    What if some of the risks throughout these pages is correct
    We are or could be put at risk and no one seems to know.Or do they.
    To America.
    The most authoritative study of its kind reveals how fracking is contaminating the air and water – and imperiling the health of millions of Americans

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    Default Re: Fracking gets go-ahead in UK for first time since 2011 as North Yorkshire council approves plans

    Moratorium on Fracking now if you ask me,until it is proved to be safe which will not be any day soon.
    Drilling not Fracking is taking place at the moment in Lancashire.
    Emptying the investors pockets of cash some are saying.
    But they are raring to go.

    Rumours abound of the parent company of Cuadrilla,though i have not seen the report yet that the parent company is having to sell assets to keep things going.
    Sounds like desperation and desperation can get dangerous.

    Who would buy such a company if things went pear shaped, Ineos perhaps.Who knows.
    But even the power of Ineos is finding things tougher than expected.
    People and some Ministers are beginning to realise the possible risks.
    Is a turning point soon to arrive.
    I have not a clue but something is hopefully building up in the corridors of power.

    Off now perhaps for a few days,checking the cave i used to live in for a while on a tropical island,just in case.
    Prepare,Plan,Survive.Some thing like that.

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    Default Re: Fracking gets go-ahead in UK for first time since 2011 as North Yorkshire council approves plans

    Tawnyowl back from a short break.
    Time to see what is happening down there or up there which depends on where you are located at the Cuadrilla Fracking Site Lancashire.
    Catching up a touch rusty but lets start.

    Whats happening this week,Drill Or Drop keeping us updated
    In this week’s listings
    Block Around the Clock camp near Cuadrilla’s Preston New Road site;
    Final week of public inquiry into Ineos shale gas plans for Marsh Lane;
    George Monbiot visits Lancashire campaigners;
    South Yorkshire regional anti-fracking strategy meeting;
    Plus meetings and information events.

    So time as the week goes on to show you what has been happening so far
    Green Mondays at PNR anti-fracking site and here is a video with the George Monbiot speech filmed by Tina Rothery.
    There is a lot out there on the web about George but for those that would like to know more.He is not that well at the moment.

    Video speech starts about 11 minutes in.

    Second video you will see a lady called Anna Szolucha
    Anna wrote this and is it only now the government are beginning to look into the effects of Fracking on communities.Can you believe it after so many years.
    I am getting a little roused and do not want to go on to much which i can so here is the article.

    The human dimension of shale gas developments in Lancashire, UK: Towards a social impact assessment


    Trying to find out a little more info about this. next video. Not to sure what happened yesterday.
    But it looks like Ian R Crane trying to deliver what shall i call it,a lot of hard work,defence perhaps to Cuadrilla.
    For the appeal against the injunction imposed at the Cuadrilla Fracking Site.
    It looks like Cuadrilla did not expect this and maybe they will need to spend plenty more on Lawyers judging by the amount of papers in that box.
    And have you seen the amount of money it now costs for Lawyers,Barristers etc ouch.

    But now Centrica gave them over ten million they may have to delve into that perhaps.
    If you are not happy with the Frackers getting part of what you give to your energy supplier just unfrack yourself if you feel so inclined.
    If not,no problem we all have choice thank goodness.

    OOPS I lost that short video but this explains things.
    Cuadrilla served with papers ahead of next court hearing 10th, 11th July
    Ian R Crane.

    Anyway i will find out more as time goes by.Looking forward to watching things develop as the week goes on,and will put them here as soon as seen.
    Bye for now.

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    Default Re: Fracking gets go-ahead in UK for first time since 2011 as North Yorkshire council approves plans

    Drill Or Drop.
    Live news updates: Day 5 of inquiry into Ineos shale gas plans for Marsh Lane Derbyshire.
    9.50am: Kate Gordon, Friends of the Earth
    Kate Gordon is a senior planner with Friends of the Earth.

    9.44am: Cross-examination by Ineos. Much more on the link.

    Government policy “risks unrestricted drilling and fracking”, MPs told
    Government proposals to take shale gas decisions out of the local planning system could result in a “one-size-fits all” approach with unrestricted drilling and fracking, a new parliamentary group has been told.

    The first evidence session of the All Party Group on Shale Gas Impacts heard that a Written Ministerial Statement, issued last month, would undermine attempts to control the industry and address cumulative effects. Transcript of statements to APPG on shale gas impacts (PDFicon)

    The Written Ministerial Statement (WMS)
    from Business Secretary, Greg Clark, and Local Government Minister, James Brokenshire, proposed to classify non-fracking shale gas schemes as permitted development. This would mean these schemes would be treated like small house extensions and would not need planning permission.

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    Default Re: Fracking gets go-ahead in UK for first time since 2011 as North Yorkshire council approves plans

    Part of the history of Fracking in the UK.Direct action whatever you may think of it Direct Action is part of it.
    Frack On the Government and companies are saying but the Protectors are saying Frack Off or words of similar meaning loud and clear.
    The Power against the People and some have the bruises to prove what that can feel like.

    1 Day To Go the video says.What to you may think.Whatever happens this week i will follow it.

    What else is happening today.
    United Resistance - Manchester to PNR Bike Ride

    So what is happening,what does 1 day to go mean.
    Surely it can only mean one thing.
    Reclaim The Power are back in town.
    Good heavens by pulse rate has risen meaning blood pressure is rising.
    Better go,leave you with this.

    Block Around the Clock: Mass Camp and Blockade

  19. #919

    Default Re: Fracking gets go-ahead in UK for first time since 2011 as North Yorkshire council approves plans

    Interesting.Drill Or Drop have taken a look at the Ineos Shale Gas Company accounts for 2017.
    £10m loss for Ineos shale gas company in 2017
    The UK’s biggest shale gas licence-holder declared a loss of more than £10m for 2017.

    Annual accounts of Ineos Upstream, published online yesterday, also reported the company owed more than £125m to other companies in the Ineos group.

    The accounts recorded that the company, also known as Ineos Shale, was funded internally by the Ineos group and had “no other comprehensive income”. Ineos Upstream met day-to-day working capital requirements through its intercompany loan. It had no contracted employees, paid no directors’ fees and paid no tax.

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    Default Re: Fracking gets go-ahead in UK for first time since 2011 as North Yorkshire council approves plans

    Block Around The Clock Is Underway At The Cuadrilla Fracking Site.
    On another cloudless day in Lancashire Reclaim The Power came swirling down the road through the early morning mists around 7am to support the protectors who have been at the site now for well over 500 days.
    Pushing a Piano which was an unexpected sight to see travelling down the road,even this road which they were playing for a moment and carrying banners and also a huge Phoenix which shortly afterwards was in position outside The Gates To Hell that leads To The Well To Hell.
    So a video from Tina Rothery who was filming them arriving. Cuadrilla is being given a clear message this morning.
    Frack Off Frackers.

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