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    Default Re: Fracking gets go-ahead in UK for first time since 2011 as North Yorkshire council approves plans

    Tinker Lane. Nottinghamshire this morning.
    Section 14 in place and protestor dangerously removed while still in lock on device.
    A protector climbed to the canopy of a tree at one hell of a pace and filmed it.

    Ian Rowland Crane updates from iGas TINKER LANE wellsite

    Latest Live-10-56am as a convoy arrives.

    Cuadrilla Site this morning-a little footage as the week begins.

    Fracking goes on trial at international tribunal
    An internationally-recognised tribunal will begin examining evidence today on whether fracking breaches human rights.

    The Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal, established after the Vietnam War Crime Tribunals, is holding hearings on the question throughout this week.

    For the first time, the tribunal hearings are entirely online.

    An international panel of 10 judges will examine scientific reports and expert testimony along with evidence from people who believe their human rights are threatened by fracking.

    The organisers said the investigation would focus mainly on the responsibilities of states to protect human rights.
    But they said fossil fuel corporations may be implicated in witness testimony.
    The sessions of the PPT on fracking begin at 5pm British Summer Time or 9am Pacific Time.
    Proceedings can be watched online within 30 minutes of the end of the sessions on the Spring Creek Project Facebook Page or You Tube channel.
    Article from Drill Or Drop.
    More news soon.

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    Default Re: Fracking gets go-ahead in UK for first time since 2011 as North Yorkshire council approves plans

    What’s happening this week? 14-20 May 2018
    In this week’s listings
    Week of hearings by the Permanent People’s Tribunal on fracking;
    More witnesses give evidence to parliamentary inquiry on fracking planning guidance;
    Decision meeting on applications for oil exploration at N Kelsey and Biscathorpe;
    Seventh week of United Resistance campaign against fracking in Lancashire;
    Drop-in meeting on shale gas regulation in Lancashire;
    Plus film screenings, meetings, workshops and a deadline.

    “We’d ban fracking if we had the power” – SNP
    The Scottish government would ban fracking if it had the legal power to do so, a senior member of the Scottish National Party has said.

    Kirsty Blackman, the party’s deputy leader in the Westminster Parliament, said the current moratorium on planning permission for fracking was the only course open local to the Scottish Government.

    Convoy from Marriots enters Tinker lane Nottinhamshire.

    Today near the Cuadrilla Site people have been on a early Dawn Chorus walk near the Cuadrilla Site.
    I have just been watching them set up near the Site on a verge.Near a busy road hoping perhaps the message is getting through to people.
    While watching the video i noticed a board with these words.
    I am a local resident-Democracy has failed-This Is Our Only Hope.
    Kind of sticks in the throat when the truth is there in black and white.
    Fracking is being forced on communities.

    Do not get to close to convoys there are corporate enforcers to make sure you will not.
    Just doing their job.
    Orders filtering down from the unseen powerful ones.The masterplan to wreck rural England slowly slithers in.

    Nottinghamshire yesterday as a huge convoy arrives.


    Well Fracking sure raises the passions.
    Creates Stress and Distress for many in local communities and i dare say throughout England.
    Some feel powerless,feeling Democracy has been smashed to pieces.
    Perhaps some are worrying unable to get a good nights sleep.
    Well stress is no good for anyone so for now i will finish with the Dawn Chorus walk that took place early this morning.
    More news soon from the Frontlines where the protectors are soldering on,tirelessly.

    Try to relax for a while.Come for a walk with the protectors.
    Back soon.

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    Default Re: Fracking gets go-ahead in UK for first time since 2011 as North Yorkshire council approves plans

    Environmental groups have united in opposing a massive new terminal that would receive fracked gas from the US in a protected area on Ireland’s west coast.
    They fear the plan runs counter to Ireland’s newly agreed climate commitments and is contrary to the country’s decision to ban fracking.
    Brexit fears played a key role in the reactivation of plans to develop a massive liquid natural gas (LNG) deepwater terminal in the Shannon estuary. Irish government ministers were alarmed that in a post-Brexit situation, LNG being piped into Ireland from the UK via interconnectors could be subject to tariffs.

    Celtique pulls out of more East Mids licences.
    Celtique Energie’s withdrawal from oil and gas licences has continued with the announcement today that it has sold more interests in the East Midlands.

    The sale of Celtique’s share in Petroleum Exploration and Development Licences 181 and 201 leaves the company with interests in just two remaining UK areas.

    According to today’s announcement, Celtique sold its 32.50% share in PEDL201, north of Loughborough on the Leicestershire-Nottinghamshire border, and the 25% interest in PEDL181 in north east Lincolnshire.

    Picture post: Drilling equipment begins arriving at IGas Tinker Lane site
    A convoy of equipment needed to begin drilling at the IGas site at Tinker Lane in north Nottinghamshire arrived yesterday.

    A convoy of eleven heavy goods vehicles arrived at about 10.45am yesterday. Police had been at the site from about 6.30am.

    The equipment included the conductor rig to set the conductor pipe – the first layer of steel casing.

    Bad news for the government: the fracking industry is being investigated for human rights violations.
    An international spotlight on fracking
    As DrillOrDrop reported, the Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal is an international body that was founded in the wake of the Vietnam war.
    It states that it investigates cases where “evidence suggests abridgement of basic rights of ordinary people”.
    The tribunal claims to act “independently of states, politics and vested interests” and follows international law.
    This will be the first tribunal that assesses fracking from a human rights perspective and the first to look at climate change through a human rights lens.

    Still haunting me those words i heard once being murmured by the Shale Gas expert.
    "Its All About The Oil" he repeated it three times quietly while under a little pressure.
    And i am still trying to get to grips with this Oil Price minefield.
    One thing though as oil prices rise the US Shale Drillers appear like moles drilling here there and everywhere.
    Drops below a certain point and they vanish,go bust even probably leaving a mess.
    Descend like locusts to feast on the Earth.Or should i say what is beneath.

    You sometimes are just not knowledgable enough to understand.This is one of those moments.I will get to grips with it one day.
    I have dark thoughts about the powerful ones making sure the price of oil rises by any means possible.Then discount thoughts like that,surely not.

    Also that countries are short of cash,or should i say desperate as the Debt Clock seems to show.And will do anything to bring the cash in.

    After watching the Subprime Chaos that swept the world the dark thoughts say they messed up the worlds economies,nothing left now but to pillage the Earth with the risks to the environment,people,water, aquifers,water table the air that we breathe.
    And risk the rise,only 2 degrees,Climate Change,for money.

    What happens if Earth gets 2°C warmer?
    And why are we trying to avoid it?

    And renewables,well that can be slowed down,go on the back burner,the only winners there would be the citizens of the world.
    I have seen two story flat pack houses where you would never pay another heating bill again built for a price you would not believe.
    But the power companies,shareholders would lose the only gainers would be the citizens.
    I only pick a few pieces of Driftwood off the Shoreline,grow a few plants this is beyond my knowledge base these dark thoughts are not good.
    So will move on rapidly.But best to put thoughts down the pressure you feel has then gone whether right or wrong.
    I am not bothered what people say got a much thicker skin these days,too much sun,climate changes fault probably.
    So have your say if you feel so inclined.

    Here's what drives the price of oil
    If you're not an oil analyst, the oil market may seem like a lot to keep up with.
    Most investors follow either West Texas Intermediate or Brent crude prices.
    Oil prices are influenced by three major factors: supply, demand and geopolitics.

    1. Supply
    Supply and demand has to do with how much oil is available.

    Supply has historically been determined by countries that are part of OPEC.
    But now, the United States is playing a bigger role in supply thanks to booming production from American shale fields.
    So if major oil-producing countries are pumping out a lot of crude, the supply will be high.

    2. Demand
    Demand on the other hand is determined by how much need there is for oil at a given time. That need is often for things like heat, electricity and transportation.
    The more economic growth a region sees, the more demand there will be for oil.

    "Economies around the world have picked up since the financial crisis, and growth has gotten stronger so people have been using more energy," Essner said.

    3. Geopolitics
    Since supply is determined by the big oil-producing countries, tension with one of those nations can cause major problems.
    So if there's war or conflict in an oil-producing region, crude inventories could seem threatened, and that could ultimately alter the price of oil.

    Gone but will return one day soon.
    Frack Off Frackers-Frack On Protectors someone has to tell it how it is.To much at risk not to.

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    Default Re: Fracking gets go-ahead in UK for first time since 2011 as North Yorkshire council approves plans

    The Weekly Call For Calm March-Cuadrilla Fracking Site-Each Wednesday the ladies March to The Well To Hell along The Road To Hell.
    41 weeks now i believe.Whatever the weather the ladies turn out.


    Well we sure need to keep a eye on what flows out of these Fracking Wells,water is such a precious resource.
    As the scientists say.
    "Fracking is the worst thing I've ever seen," says Dr. Sandra Steingraber.
    A biologist who has worked as a public health advocate on issues like breast cancer and toxic incinerators.
    "Those of us in the public health sector started to realize years ago that there were potential risks,
    then the industry rolled out faster than we could do our science."
    And we are about to let the Frackers roll out around England where we live so close together.
    The industry rolls out faster than the science to check out the possibilities of harm.Makes you think.
    Nobody realised till recently what was happening to water in parts of America.From things used decades ago till recently,nobody knew it seems of the dangers.
    Till now.

    Report: EPA, White House wanted to block report on military water contamination
    Aides to President Trump’s embattled EPA administrator attempted to stop publication of a study into water contamination near military bases nationwide, including former naval bases in Bucks and Montgomery Counties, according to a published report.

    The study would show that the chemicals — known as PFOA and PFOS — are dangerous to humans in much smaller quantities than the Environmental Protection Agency has previously said, Politico reported this week.

    Most companies stopped sending the waste to public plants in 2011 after former Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett called for the stop to the practice.

    More news soon.
    Shortly within a week or so i am going to spend a little time at the Frack Site.
    Spend a little time at Maple Farm,chat to a few people.The time is right I need to recharge talk to people down there.
    Just organising a schedule.
    Just learning a little about facebook live feeding if needed and Twittering live from a Mobile.
    Technology is not my strongest point.
    And of course keeping the CAGicon updated each day i am down there.
    But i will get there.
    Bye for now.
    I know to many it may seem i get a little carried away at times but these are strange times.If you think i am sometimes a little to stressed it is just the way i write.
    When i see certain things happening as i have seen today my blood pressure does rise a touch though.
    And trying to make sense of it all is so difficult.Some articles may not seem relevant at times but you never know.

    One more thing, next post. Renewables, cuts, latest news on what has been happening.
    Another mystery.
    Bye for now
    Off to roost.

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    Default Re: Fracking gets go-ahead in UK for first time since 2011 as North Yorkshire council approves plans

    Government announces plans to speed up fracking decisions in England + detailed reaction.
    Drill or Drop article.
    Ministers are considering taking fracking decisions in England out of local control and allowing shale gas exploration wells to be drilled without the need for planning applications.

    A written ministerial statement issued this morning said the government would consult during the summer on whether non-fracking shale gas exploration should be treated as permitted development.
    This would mean operators would avoid the need to go through the normal local planning system.

    The statement, issued by the Energy and Local Government Secretaries, also said there would be a consultation on treating fracking applications as National Significant Infrastructure Projects. This would mean planning applications for fracking schemes would be decided by a government-appointed inspector, rather than local planning authorities.

    CPRE call fracking announcement ‘outright assault on local communities
    CPRE have condemned today’s joint announcement from the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy and the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government which proposes to streamline the process for fracking applications.

    These plans pose huge environmental risks to our landscapes and threaten the tranquillity of the countryside.
    On top of this, the ministerial statement also sets out plans for fracking to be considered as ‘permitted development’ and as Nationally Significant Infrastructure, which would diminish the abilities of communities to influence local proposals.

    Challenge Conservatives on energy priorities and cuts to renewables
    Onshore wind has higher public approval than nuclear and fracking, so why are Tories expanding unpopular industries with higher carbon footprints?
    The Tory manifesto mentioned cuts only to onshore wind, but all renewables have suffered since May 2015.
    At least six incentives to highly popular solar photovoltaic (PV) power have been cut. According to the Solar Trade Association, 32% of jobs were lost by last summer.

    In November 2015, government scenarios for future electricity generation all showed renewable power, which had expanded 10 times in the nine years to 2015, hardly expanding at all over the next two decades. Most of the small renewable expansion permitted in the 2020s is expected to be offshore wind.
    Apparently the government intends there to be no new PV or onshore wind after 2020.
    Why cull such popular and successful industries?
    All the government scenarios assume the wholesale electricity price will increase in the 2020s.
    This is because they hope the electricity price will rise close to the ridiculously high value guaranteed for nuclear power.
    If it falls, the nuclear levy on household electricity bills will rise dramatically.

    The UK has more than 32 gigawatts of renewable power, 10 times the power the Hinkley Point C nuclear plant may achieve in 2030.
    Hinkley’s power is not only almost irrelevant; its inflexible nature will make it redundant.

    Third Energy’s North Yorkshire fracking planning application cost £½m+ – MPs told-Fracking Week in Parliament 2

    Things are building like a Volcano about to erupt.
    Who will win,will the Frackers be allowed to run free through England.
    If they do not expand quickly with hundreds if not thousands of wells it will be to late.Local Planners what do they matter Democratic local decisions can be over ridden by the people elected to represent the people.
    The Well will run dry,investors will flee they will trudge off wearily into the mists of time to be forgotten.
    It seems that the pressure on local councils is huge.Affordability issues,so much expense.
    A planners nightmare.
    The Frackers must know this pressure and will try to use it to their advantage.
    Interesting times.And like a spider spinning its web many strands of the web lead to investors,influential people with powerful friends.Some from these lands some from far flung places all drooling at the prospect of what lies beneath England.
    All sat round a table ready to devour those who dare to object. By any means possible.
    One hell of a challenge for sure.Which many are rising up to face,i have never known times like this before.
    The battle lines are drawn,the fields of England are the place where the final showdown could be decided.
    By communities,we will see.
    Well perhaps i had better go,imagination is seeing many things that could happen.
    Bye for now.

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    Default Re: Fracking gets go-ahead in UK for first time since 2011 as North Yorkshire council approves plans

    Lancashire and Yorkshire unite at the Cuadrilla Fracking Site.

    Anti-fracking protesters cleared over Kirby Misperton rig demo
    ANTI-FRACKING protesters celebrated outside York Magistrates' Court after being cleared of all offences over their occupation of a drilling rig.

    Reminder,i think it was the same day Storm Brian blew in.

    How Trump’s EPA Is Moving to Undo Fracking Wastewater Protections
    Back in 2008, residents of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and surrounding areas received a notice in the mail advising them to drink bottled water instead of tap water—a move that U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) internal memos at the time described as
    "one of the largest failures in U.S. history to supply clean drinking water to the public."

    A team led by scientists at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory confirmed that the oil and gas industry is responsible for the largest share of the world’s rising methane emissions—which are a major factor in climate change—and in the process the researchers resolved one of the mysteries that has plagued climate scientists over the past several years.
    “The sharp increase in methane emissions correlates closely with the U.S. fracking boom,” said Jim Warren, executive director of the climate watchdog group NC WARN.
    “Leaking and venting of unburned gas—which is mostly methane—makes natural gas even worse for the climate than coal.”

    Last thing.
    Imagine what it is like to see things from a Climate Change view,a Environmental View.
    Or a fierce worry to protect your family,friends and communities from what you see as danger.Which is possibly soon to be unleashed across England if the Government gets their way.
    If someone says what are you on about Fracking is safe,prove it.
    The evidence throughout these pages now must say on the weight of evidence,reports from throughout the world it is not.
    From Tremors,Earthquakes,Pollu tion,Sickness worries,Water worries,Stress to communities huge vehicles travelling through the countryside on rural roads.
    The chemicals being transported and the treatment of waste.Just a few of peoples worries.There are many more.

    They brag we have spent 7 million in the local community.
    It has cost 9 million to police one site.

    What is really behing this that one political party insists it must happen.
    It it money for influence,the donations that we have seen affect political judgement before.
    It it the web that leads to politicians and their powerful friends.
    Are we trying to copy that vast area on the other side of the Atlantic America.
    On this small area of land where we live so close together.
    Is the country that broke they will gamble on something that looks sure to fail.
    Research how much money has been made from Fracking so far.
    And how many wells will be required throughout England.
    Do not ask me whats going down but it makes you wonder.

    Anyway i came to put this link on from a Protector who wrote down from the heart recently a few words.
    After years watching and standing there at the Roadside saying no.
    Facing all sorts of hurdles.

    Starts like this and continues on the link.
    Recently after a nun, vicar and monk spoke during faith week… I asked some police officers, just who were the ‘good guys’? And they said themselves.
    So I asked who are the ‘bad guys’ they were here policing… was it the nun, the vicar or the monk?
    They laughed but it isn’t really funny is it… there must be ‘bad guys’ if policing levels are what they are and the only alternative on this road is Cuadrilla.
    The obvious fails to be seen by those who don’t look.
    Continues on the link.

    Bye for now.

  7. #867

    Default Re: Fracking gets go-ahead in UK for first time since 2011 as North Yorkshire council approves plans

    Review Of Week 7 at The Cuadrilla Fracking Site Lancashire.
    UnitedResistance Weekly Review. Week 7
    Roses Are Red...& White
    A mixed week really, one which saw Smart Card assaulted and arrested and it saw strange behaviour on what can only be described as the Inspector out on a limb

    Visitors from Yorkshire rounded off the week

    Always like to have a look around,read what has happened elsewhere.
    Cells and Jails may need building for some people if what we read is fact.
    Accountability will be sought.
    You often get satisfaction when you see what is happening and when it does you say to your mates with a smug feeling of satisfaction i told you so.
    Imagine if half of what i have put on these pages comes true.
    No feeling of satisfaction because it is not the economy,money it is our Environment.

    Anyway do not have nightmares, sleep well a little night time reading.

    The combination of two technologies – hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling – has enabled the oil and gas industry to engage in an effort to unlock oil and gas in underground rock formations across the United States. “Fracking,” however, has also led to tremendous environmental harm and put the health and safety of communities across the country at risk.

    Since 2005, according to industry and state data, at least 137,000 fracking wells have been drilled or permitted in more than 20 states, but the scale of fracking’s impact on our environment can be difficult to grasp.
    This report quantifies some of the key environmental and public health-related impacts triggered by fracking during the technology’s decade-long spread across the country.
    To protect the public and our environment, states should take action to ban fracking, or, failing that, to ensure that oil and gas companies are held to the highest level of environmental performance, transparency and accountability.

    Week 8 of the United Resistance against Fracking begins shortly.
    What will it bring i wonder.Surprises of that you can be sure.
    Gone for now.

  8. #868

    Default Re: Fracking gets go-ahead in UK for first time since 2011 as North Yorkshire council approves plans

    Student climate campaigners have just taken over a key building at a prestigious university
    Speaking to The Canary, a spokesperson for the group said:

    There can be no business as usual while Cambridge continues to profit from climate catastrophe.
    We have taken every democratic route possible towards divestment, demonstrating the depth of popular support on this issue, and yet University Council is set to reject divestment once again. This is a climate emergency, and it is time for Cambridge to divest and turn its back on the industry responsible.
    We will shut down the University’s administrative heart until University management commit to full divestment.

    Anti-fracking pensioner convicted at two trials in one day

    Fracking protests face injunction.
    A fracking company is applying for an injunction to stop protesters from disrupting its plans to restart the process after a seven-year gap.

    Cuadrilla, which caused minor earth tremors when it carried out hydraulic fracturing in the UK in 2011, plans to extract shale gas near Blackpool this summer.
    The firm has drilled the first of four wells at the site and will apply to the government this week for final consent.

    Recently,elsewhere,just trying to get to grips with things.
    Court injunction to protect UK Oil and Gas threatens our rights to protest
    Local residents are standing up to oppose the oil and gas industry’s assault on our human rights. Emily Anderson reports.

    Live from Cuadrilla Fracking Site Lancashire. a few moments ago.

  9. #869

    Default Re: Fracking gets go-ahead in UK for first time since 2011 as North Yorkshire council approves plans

    Live at the moment. Kind of saying time for people,communities to step up.
    Time for the sleeping giants the people to wake up,the only thing these corporations,government take any notice of.We have seen things change by the power of the people before.
    On hell of a interesting summer to come.
    Are we going to let the Frackers run free or say hold on a minute,what the hell do you think you are doing.Frack Off.Be gone from our communities.
    I had better go now,getting a little to roused,and it is early.Blood Pressure rising.
    Leave you with Ian.

    8-30 AM-Ian R Crane.
    FRACKing with Democracy ...

  10. #870

    Default Re: Fracking gets go-ahead in UK for first time since 2011 as North Yorkshire council approves plans

    What’s happening this week? 21-27 May 2018
    -Drill Or Drop
    In this week’s listings:
    Two ministers give evidence to select committee inquiry on fracking planning guidance;
    Parliamentary launch of report on the relationship of fracking and historic coal mining;
    Surrey councillors consider Europa’s fencing plans for its oil exploration site near Leith Hill;
    Continuing United Resistance campaign against fracking in Lancashire;
    Plus film screenings and information events.

    Cuadrilla confirms it has applied to the government for hydraulic fracturing consent
    And seeks to extend protest injunction at Lancashire fracking site.
    On the application for fracking consent, Mr Egan said:
    “Following the Government’s very recent announcement which underlined the national importance of shale gas we are very pleased to submit our application for hydraulic fracturing consent to the Secretary of State.
    We are now very close to demonstrating that Lancashire shale gas can be commercially developed in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.
    We look forward to receiving consent to progress from the Secretary of State at the earliest opportunity.”
    “Desperate lengths”
    A spokesperson for the Frack Free Lancashire campaign group said this morning:

    “Frack Free Lancashire is wholly unsurprised that Cuadrilla need to resort to the desperate lengths of an injunction that assaults our basic human rights of meaningful protest, under sections 10 and 11 of the Human Rights Act 1998. The only surprise is that it’s taken them so long to attempt to buy the law.

    “When you have forced a dirty industry past all manner of democracy and the refusal of local communities, protest and dissent is expected.

    “This industry and its inflictors are both toxic and unwanted.
    Protest will continue, regardless of the fracking industry trying to manipulate the law to benefit their own ailing operations.”

    Theresa May’s in for a shock as a former government adviser breaks ranks over fracking and earthquakes
    Just days after Theresa May’s government relaxed the rules over fracking, a former government adviser has warned that the industry could cause earthquakes at up to half of all licensed sites in the UK. But he goes further, calling for a pause on hydraulic fracturing for shale gas until the “full extent of the risk can be properly assessed”.

    Interesting but time to move on.
    Stop Protests and Start Fracking what times we are in.
    Lets go to court,splash a few pounds around and try to stop stop the tree huggers disturbing our path to hell.
    I even got called a Tree Hugger once,and told to get a job despite having three.

    Then i thought hugging a tree,something wrong with that.
    Far better than chopping them down during nesting season as has been happening this year.
    Tens of thousands of trees chopped down in a stealth attack.
    Oh,yes to make sure leaves do not fall on a railway track.
    And of course the trees in Sheffield as well.Better leave that and move on.
    Can you believe this news,Tawnyowl the Tree Hugger,hard enough nowadays to find a decent one to roost in.

    Well i am sure the Frackers are chuckling this morning.Or were till they arrived at the Fracking Site.
    Thinking soon there will be no one around to monitor,or say Frack Off you invadors,you have no social licence to be here.
    Anyway you can be sure the protectors will carry on no matter what hurdles are thrown at them.
    Article 10 and 11 Human Rights,the rights to protest are pretty clear.
    No matter what some clever Barrister tries to say.

    You do not have to be Einstein to realise the Frackers are not going to have it all their own way.
    People are coming together to oppose.
    So what is going down in opposition.Things are building of that there can be no doubt. .

    This morning-Cuadrilla Fracking Site Lancashire is locked down.Multiple Lock Ons.
    Earlier Videos First.Caraven Tuesday Lock On is taking place.
    The Protectors came through the swirling mists maybe 2am i am not sure yet and locked the Site down.In the strangest way i have seen yet on The Road To Hell.

    Couple of hours ago.

  11. #871

    Default Re: Fracking gets go-ahead in UK for first time since 2011 as North Yorkshire council approves plans

    Latest i have seen.
    Caravan Tuesday-Happy Tuesday the Protectors say.
    Francis Egan this morning is rumoured to be taking plenty of Paracetamol for the Serious Headache he has developed.
    Just noticed Tina Rothery seems to be locked on.
    Anyway the video.Latest

    Much earlier-2 am roughly as things developed

  12. #872

    Default Re: Fracking gets go-ahead in UK for first time since 2011 as North Yorkshire council approves plans

    Just putting this on then back later.
    Unfortunately in a town where tourism and retail seem to be the main jobs.
    Many people are working hard and at the end of the week you hardly have enough left to feed the cat. And time is such a issue.
    Hundreds of people if not thousands want to be there down at the Fracking Site to support the Protectors.
    But find it difficult.
    Whether through illness or other reasons.
    But many are like myself i feel polishing their hooves and soon will clip clop down there if only for a hour or two,a day or two or even a week or two.
    And there are many events brewing in the pot for all to join.
    I am going now but will leave you with this and return later.A few photos from Smart Card productions as the Lock On Continues.
    We said no said these guys. 11 body lock on deployed really early hours.
    These folks are given no choice after the fail of the democratic process.
    Taking the fight to cuadrilla these protectors are set for the long haul in what can only be described as a reinforced biscuit tin.

    Yes folks this has a caravan club sticker on the back window but me thinks these guys inside ain't off to carry on camping.

    The guys inside have supplies and are ready to excersise their right to protest.

    With interviews from early on and more footage to come later this is Smart Card reporting for freedom of the democratic process
    Back Later.
    Tawnyowl reporting from a day when the Caravan Club arrived at the Fracking Site.

  13. #873

    Default Re: Fracking gets go-ahead in UK for first time since 2011 as North Yorkshire council approves plans

    Latest,Live at the moment from The Cuadrilla Fracking Site as the lock on continues.
    Protector Removal Squad is on scene.
    Check out the protectors,the state now of the caravan and the protectors who have been there over 17 hours now .


    Live from St Stephen's Green London a short time ago
    Ian R Crane and Joe Corré
    FRACKING Earthquakes Across Northern England?
    Gold Standards what a joke.

    Campaigners call for fracking moratorium in former mining areas after new report reveals shale gas plans overlooked key geological data
    -Drill Or Drop.
    Fracking companies and regulators have failed to use all available geological data when applying for planning permission, according to a report launched at Westminster this afternoon.

    The study, by a former Downing Street adviser, shows that historic coal mining data has been overlooked or ignored.

    It calls on planning committees to consider detailed maps of faults when deciding applications.

    Anti-fracking campaigners have called for a moratorium on fracking in mining areas and a public investigation.

  14. #874

    Default Re: Fracking gets go-ahead in UK for first time since 2011 as North Yorkshire council approves plans

    One of those nights. Up at 2-45 am and thinking many things.
    Like how many protectors are still locked on.
    Today is going to be a scorcher and they are still there.
    26 hours now roughly.In a Caravan and on the ground locked in concrete and goodness knows what else.
    Unbelievable actions for sure.

    Update as far as i know and then going to get some sleep.
    Update from Preston New Road where 11 protectors locked-on to metal tubes and a caravan last night blockading Cuadrilla with a powerful display of love and defiance.

    5 people have now been cut out of the action and arrested.

    6 people remain in place and the blockade is holding strong now that the cutting crew have gone home for the night.

    2 people are still in the second lock-on tube on the ground and 4 remain in the caravan.

    The cutting crew tried to get the folks who locked-on to declip but the people we know in the action will NEVER give up.

    They are the United Resistance and they've shown amazing endurance in the heat today. It's been an incredible response to yesterday's news and attempts by the government to centralise power on planning permissions for onshore extreme energy.
    Update later.

    Other news.Drill Or Drop.
    Ministers quizzed over plans to “streamline” fracking decisions
    Government ministers were questioned by MPs last night about their proposals to take fracking decisions out of local control and scrap the need for planning applications for exploration sites.

    Energy Minister, Claire Perry, and Local Government Minister, Dominic Raab, appeared last night before the Housing, Communities and Local Government Committee which is investigating planning guidance on fracking.

    They were questioned on a written ministerial statement, issued last week, which announced a consultation on classifying fracking applications as Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects (NSIP). This would mean proposals would be decided by a government-appointed planning inspector, rather than the local authority.

    Back later.

  15. #875

    Default Re: Fracking gets go-ahead in UK for first time since 2011 as North Yorkshire council approves plans

    The final protector was removed around 19:15 at PNR after a 41 hour blockade.

    The caravan was in pieces by the end & its remains were loaded into the back of a truck.
    More details weekend.

    Third Energy warned over two more permit breaches at fracking site
    Bunding designed to prevent pollution at Third Energy’s fracking site at Kirby Misperton was in such a poor state during part of last month that it would not contain a spill, according to a warning from the Environment Agency.

    Related interesting.For points raised.
    Why the government must block fracking based on what we learned about regulation of the KM8 site

    Ineos fracking protest injunction to be challenged at appeal court.
    Joe Corre and Joe Boyds application to the Court of Appeal has been successful.
    Mr Corre has been granted permission to pursue his case on one ground and Mr Boyd on three.
    The campaigners had described the injunction has “unprecedented” and “draconian”.
    Their legal teams argued it was already having a “chilling effect” on the debate about fracking.

    Since the hearing, UK Oil & Gas and Cuadrilla have applied for similar injunctions.

    Mr Boyd said tonight:

    “It is fantastic news, particularly as Cuadrilla is applying on many of the same grounds.

    “This shows that it is not a strictly clear cut case as some of the industry’s legal teams are trying to make out.

    “It is definitely a step in the right direction. It is a case of national importance.”

    Ineos tries to block pollution controls on flaring at Grangemouth

    Live at the moment-Ian R Crane

    Live from the Cuadrilla Fracking Site a moment ago as a protector is hurt.
    And a ambulance is called.

  16. #876

    Default Re: Fracking gets go-ahead in UK for first time since 2011 as North Yorkshire council approves plans

    So much to look back on now since the day Cuadrilla invaded Lancashire.
    Every now and again i will show a video of something.
    Here is John McDonnell Visiting Maple Farm just down the road from the fracking site.
    Called "The Mp's Here" with Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell

    Takes me a while to catch up with things but i notice a lot,look at a lot of videos,have a rough idea what is happening even if i do not
    show everthing.Usually because i am trying to understand something.
    Maybe some are reading through the lines who are close to things,that is if they are reading this.
    Can perhaps cause a little division about how things should be done but all want the same outcome.
    Trying to be Diplomatic,some will understand.
    What is the definition of a Diplomat,someone who tells someone to go to hell in such a way they look forward to the journey
    My message to the Frackers Perhaps

    Anyway way back in 2013 i went to a Protest in Blackpool outside the Winter Gardens to learn a little about Fracking.
    A chap called Gayzer Frackman was there,Tina Rothery,Vanessa Vine and many more.
    I must admit Gayzer is a likeable chap and the frst person i met in the Fracking movement.He has lost a lot while fighting the Frackers as have others.
    When you believe so strongly in something this can happen.
    This was when Michael Fallon was Energy minister,he was there also.
    Probably if i had not gone there that day i would not be writing this now.

    It seems like a camp has been set up across the road from the farmers who leased his land to Cuadrilla.
    Others is seems chose to refuse the Frackers offers.
    Not sure how much was offered but rumours abound.Maybe £1,000 a week or more,i do not know.
    I hear it costs £100,000 a day to run this Fracking Site so the expense so far for investors is huge.
    Maybe when opposition is high from people across England they should think hard before jumping in.
    Rough estimate so far to police this site alone is between 7-9 million pounds and sure to increase.
    The Frackers say we have spent Millions locally but the cost to police one site,wow.

    Anyway Gayzer was talking on a video last night.Are the local people and people across Lancashire and further afield about to rise up.
    Locals Rising Up against this Fracking menace.
    Who knows but something seems to be building.
    Little Plumpton near Blackpool is being watched closely by many.This is where the Frackers hang out.
    Locals Rising.
    Seems to be a get together for local people to learn a little today 1pm.
    Meet the locals.

  17. #877

    Default Re: Fracking gets go-ahead in UK for first time since 2011 as North Yorkshire council approves plans

    Prof Simon Pirani speaks at the Cuadrilla Fracking Site.

    Other countries ‘highly unlikely’ to replicate US shale gas boom, says UN report
    Huge report for those that like to take it all in.

    Quick read shorter .

    Residents claim victory against fracking with restoration of Cuadrilla’s Becconsall shale gas site.

    Fracking on up to half the land the government has approved for shale gas extraction could trigger earthquakes, according to a leading seismologist.
    Fracking has already been linked to seismic activity in Lancashire, after Prof Styles warned of the dangers of extracting gas at Cuadrilla’s Preese Hall site.
    In 2011, the British Geological Survey recorded a tremor at that site with a 2.4 magnitude followed by another with a 3.2 magnitude.
    The events led to ban on all operations in the area.

    “Unfortunately the physics of it means you cannot see those faults with the [survey] waves that you put into the earth,” he said.
    “To date it does not appear that any proper industry or government due diligence has taken place with regards to faultlines mapped.”

    How many times in the past have we seen the big boys the ones with the big bucks to throw around try to crush anyonewho tries to get in their way.Or try to influence.
    And some ways they have tried makes you want to spit.
    We have also seen it here in Great Britain in the past.No need to show where it goes on, has happened some know where.
    But people have wizened up now and fight back.And social media helps.

    Little dated then recent.
    Oil-Funded Groups Have Spent $2.7 Million To Defeat California Candidates Who Want Climate Action.

    Besides its anti-Saldana money, the group of out-of-state oil producers and refiners has so far spent $320,000 to defeat the Assembly bid of San Benito County
    supervisor Robert Rivas, leader of a successful initiative to ban fracking, reports the Gilroy Dispatch.

    Oily politics: Rivas targeted
    Petroleum firms fund attack mailers on assembly candidate.

    Texas oil funds San Diego hit spots.

    I look around the world and argue,debate is a better word perhaps at times with some.Its a global issue.
    Everyone knows whats going on,human greed,who said that,i heard it somewhere.
    The truth usually wins,well you can hope.In the end.Just hope it is not to late when it does.
    I am gone,blood pressure gone up again.

    If i did not care about future generations i would not be here.
    I am knocking on it is not perhaps for my health,planet,environment but the future.Why leave one hell of a mess for future generations to wonder why we let it happen.
    So will carry on with my ramblings which i am sure wind some up,just the way it goes.
    Bye,calming down now.
    I will be back but do not know when could be tomorrow or next month.
    Or within the hour,sometimes you do get a little involved and wound up.And best to go and lie in a darkened room for a hour or two.
    Or am i perhaps perfectly fine,calm and just trying to influence, spread a little awareness.
    Or is it that i have a Driftwood Tree to make,work calls,we all have to do what we can to keep the Wolves at bay,the repo man,the taxman people like that.
    Bye for now.Have a nice day.

  18. #878

    Default Re: Fracking gets go-ahead in UK for first time since 2011 as North Yorkshire council approves plans

    Bank Holiday Monday and everyone is chilling out.
    But down at the Cuadrilla Fracking Site Lancashire no rest for the protectors. Once again the protectors arrived maybe 3 am and somehow managed to bring Artwork that has locked things down.
    Just finding some photos then back with video shortly.

    As the heat rises things get tense.

  19. #879

    Default Re: Fracking gets go-ahead in UK for first time since 2011 as North Yorkshire council approves plans

    Just a quick post showing the Summary of last weeks happenings at The Front-lines Of Fracking In England.
    Europe's largest right here in Lancashire.This is where things may kick off.That is why i concentrate most of my posts at the Cuadrilla Fracking Site.
    Will it happen,we will see.
    You can never underestimate the power of the people.
    Week 8 of United Resistance finishes.

    Part One And Part Two of last weeks actions.

    It is difficult to show them all,although i see them, so great that someone has put these together.
    Part One.

    Maple Indie Media.
    A busy week saw the bellmouth get a visit from the Mayor Of Sheffield Majid Majid during Green day,
    We spoke to Majid about his future challenges and about the way in which PNr has been policed.
    He also gave us his views on fracking and you will be delighted to hear he isnt a fan.

    We also heard from Alison Teal a tree protector from Sheffield to close monday it was a short day before being hit by a busy week.

    Tuesday saw the dawn of 'The Caravan Of Love' in the bellmouth, 13 protectors, a plan, a glass of milk and a whole lotta caravan.
    "get outta that then"

    Part Two.
    Happy Bank holiday all,

    A Fistful Of Carabiners Part two of the 8 weekly review.
    More footage of those wonderful women in white owning the road to the bellmouth,
    Its cutting time, so saws at the ready, Go!

    With intertwined footage throughout the day I wanted to give you a feel of the pace and what was going on in one spot then in another just over a van its sureal
    A silence just yards away from power tools, as the protectors lounge about in the caravan the women get to work down Preston New Road

    A marvelous week for anti fracking, to all those involved in the daily fight massive respect to each and everyone from MiM..

    What’s happening this week? 28 May-3 June 2018
    In this week’s listings:
    Cuadrilla goes to court to extend protest injunction;
    Deadline for comments on Egdon’s Wressle application;
    Meetings and rallies;
    Union Jack Oil annual general meeting;
    Week Nine of United Resistance campaign against fracking in Lancashire.

    Well week 9 of The United Resistance is underway and you can be sure of more surprises.
    Just showing part of the History Of Fracking in England a different way,the struggle.

  20. #880

    Default Re: Fracking gets go-ahead in UK for first time since 2011 as North Yorkshire council approves plans

    Latest From The Cuadrilla Facking Site as the lock on continues from yesterday.

    Ian R Crane with his latest video live a moment ago.
    The FRACKERS Big Push ....

    I have seen a comment from the Protector who is locked on.
    Section 6 in place,in other words this area is now his home.
    How will this be resolved,we will see.I cannot find his comment made on video but i will try to find it then post it.
    But as i say a boiling day already,not a cloud in the sky.
    Hard to stand surely being locked on in a Tower,such a small space with heat bearing down on you.
    For anyone who has had heatstroke before you know what strange things can happen.
    Hopefully he will be ok.
    He was speaking from above so can get some fresh air at least.
    And move.
    Back later.

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