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    Default Re: Fracking gets go-ahead in UK for first time since 2011 as North Yorkshire council approves plans

    I will update throughout the next 48 hours.
    The Blockade will continue throughout non stop in shifts.
    Nice to see the energy these youngsters have brought to PNR.
    The Piano is getting played,the Phoenix is getting fed and a carnival atmosphere has arrived.
    I have to do a little work at times so will update later.From later in the afternoon.
    For now i will leave you with another video.
    And it is only 10 am now.
    Already the footage has been seen and being watched by many people from many countries.
    In this video Tina explains whats going down there on The Road To Hell.
    As Reclaim The Power and the regular Protectors are in the mood for fun and the temperature today could reach well over 90 degrees.

    Bye for now.

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    Default Re: Fracking gets go-ahead in UK for first time since 2011 as North Yorkshire council approves plans

    Video showing what has been happening this afternoon at the Cuadrilla Fracking Site.
    Speech by Miranda Cox and other happenings.
    Temperature on the ground well over 80 degrees.They must feel like they are melting.

    Other news.
    Live news updates: Day 7 of inquiry into Ineos shale gas plans for Marsh Lane Derbyshire.
    Drill Or Drop report.
    Ineos is seeking to drill a 2.4km deep vertical coring well using a 60m rig on land off Bramleymoor Lane.
    The company appealed against what it said was an unacceptable delay to the decision on the application by Derbyshire County Council.
    The council voted by nine to one to oppose the application at the inquiry on the grounds of traffic, noise and harm to the Green Belt.

    The hearing in Chesterfield, is expected to last until the end of this week.
    The first week heard evidence from Derbyshire County Council and Eckington Against Fracking.

    Methane-producing microbial communities found in fracking wells.
    New research has uncovered the genetic details of microbes found in fracking wells.
    Not only do a wide array of bacteria and viruses thrive in these crevices created by hydraulic fracturing—they also have the power to produce methane, according to a study led by scientists at The Ohio State University and published in the journal
    Read more at:

    Infographic: How the Oil Industry Is Pushing Plastic
    Very interesting.

    As the scientists say.
    "Fracking is the worst thing I've ever seen," says Dr. Sandra Steingraber.
    A biologist who has worked as a public health advocate on issues like breast cancer and toxic incinerators.
    "Those of us in the public health sector started to realize years ago that there were potential risks,
    then the industry rolled out faster than we could do our science."
    And we are about to let the Frackers roll out around England where we live so close together.
    The industry rolls out faster than the science to check out the possibilities of harm.Makes you think.

    More soon including a link to a march on Saturday on Blackpool Promenade.I read about it some time ago but lost the link as usual.
    Ah, found it.
    United Resistance Promenade Parade

    Back later or as soon as possible.

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    Default Re: Fracking gets go-ahead in UK for first time since 2011 as North Yorkshire council approves plans

    Just catching up-11pm roughly last night The Bentley Effect was being shown outside The Gates To Hell.
    You have to admit these are strange times and people are having their say in whatever way they can.
    For those who do not perhaps know about the Bentley Effect which sure is inspiring to watch,a link.
    Look what be heading our way soon.Defy the Gas Jugganaut like this community did some are saying,trying to be diplomatic.
    What i will have to admit to feeling is a feeling of wanting to polish my hooves and get down there,but everyone does what they can in the way they can.But will be going to the Blackpool Promenade March on Saturday,take a few pictures,video etc.

    Check the video out.I bet you then want to pop on down to the Fracking Site to show your support.
    Hope the link works.

    Last night at the Cuadrilla Fracking Site as the video was being played.Midnight possibly not sure.

    Live a moment ago from the Cuadrilla Fracking Site Lancashire.
    I doubt that the Fracking Site has ever looked like this first thing in the morning.
    Block Around The Clock has now blocked the Bellmouth for 24 hours now.
    Protectors have slept outside the site all night.

    Picture post: Mass protest rally at Cuadrilla’s fracking site
    Anti-fracking campaigners gathered outside Cuadrilla’s shale gas site near Blackpool for the start of what was advertised as a mass camp and 48-hour blockade.

    The event, called Block Around the Clock, is almost three years to the day that Lancashire County Council refused Cuadrilla’s planning application to frack at Preston New Road.

    The actor and environmental activist, Dame Emma Thompson, praised opponents of the industry:

    “You have shown amazing resilience in the face of extraordinary hostility and intimidation.
    The media often peddle a stereotype of activists as eccentrics who don’t represent ordinary people.
    But the truth is every opinion poll, even polls commissioned by the government, shows the public is overwhelmingly opposed to fracking.”
    The latest data from a Government-commissioned quarterly survey puts support for fracking at 18%, compared with 38% for nuclear power and a record 85% for renewables.
    Gone for now,back later.

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    Default Re: Fracking gets go-ahead in UK for first time since 2011 as North Yorkshire council approves plans

    Well one more video and a thought.Sometimes things bug you so it is best to put them down and move on.
    I do not know if anyone is reading this who lives in Blackpool.
    But many moons ago i worked in construction,mostly brickwork.
    Became a member of the Federation Of Master Builders FMB. Not a easy task work was inspected and customers contacted.You yourself did not know who they contacted you had to give them a list of your customers before being able to join.And then only if approved after all checks carried out.
    So we have this Cuadrilla Fracking company on the outskirts of Blackpool.
    With their parent company investors from Australia and links to the Cayman Islands.

    Why was Fracking stopped last time in Lancashire 2011.
    Because Cuadrilla caused Man Made Earthquakes,Tremors some felt on the surface.
    Your houses,some of them will have been damaged and you would not realise.
    Anything from hairline cracks in the mortar allowing water ingress ,small things like that.
    And many would not realise what this company have done.But you would have paid for repairs possibly by now.
    If the local police station shook with phones jumping around do you think no damage was caused.

    Apart from the health,water and many more reasons these companies need throwing out of Britain.
    And anyone travelling down The Road To Hell should be thanking the Protectors for trying to protect them.
    I still speak to people who have no idea locally what is happening,what Fracking is or what that is in the middle of a field.
    When it spreads when it does if it does you will know then.

    Oh well,rant i suppose to some,i am gone.
    Last video for now.
    Tina Rothery explains earlier in the evening what has been happening.

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    Default Re: Fracking gets go-ahead in UK for first time since 2011 as North Yorkshire council approves plans

    Live From The Cuadrilla Fracking Site a moment ago As The Block Around The Clock Continues entering the last day.The Piano Player plays and everyone is happy.Mission achieved for sure.

    Do not forget this afternoon.3pm South Pier to North- United Resistance Promenade Parade
    I will post some pictures and a few videos probably later today or tomorrow morning.

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    Default Re: Fracking gets go-ahead in UK for first time since 2011 as North Yorkshire council approves plans

    Just popping in.A touch late in the evening to write much,marches and the sun tires you a touch.
    I went to the United Resistance Promenade Parade in Blackpool today.Just one video for now.
    And as some might know i like to tell a tale of the day which i will do tomorrow.
    I had a strange finish to this march,totally unexpected but perhaps not.I often find myself getting mixed up.Once went to Manchester Airport and ended up on the moors somewhere in Yorkshire so nothing surprises me anymore.
    Back tomorrow for now just one video to give you the flavour.I hope it works.
    Bye for now.

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    Default Re: Fracking gets go-ahead in UK for first time since 2011 as North Yorkshire council approves plans

    Well Saturday the 30th June a fine day when i decided to pop down to Blackppol Promenade to Take a few photos and videos of the Promenade Parade.
    This was a Parade marking the end of 13 weeks of Resistance to the Fracking Industry in Lancashire.
    And also the end of Block Around The Clock when Reclaim The Power along with other protectors for two days solid blockaded the Fracking Site.
    Which as you can imagine took some organising.
    You can only imagine what it would be like for weeks at a time to do such a thing.

    I arrived at North Pier about 12 ish thinking i will have a nice stroll down to South Pier where the march was starting from about 3 pm.
    A beautiful day about 80 degrees at least and plenty of people enjoying the sunshine and the sea breeze.
    A rest from inland dense heat for a day or so.
    So off i trotted,past the North Pier then Central then arrived at South Pier a lot earlier than i thought i would, i must be fitter than thought.

    Now when you are by yourself,no problem but time drags a touch so popped onto the pier watching down below a group of drivers speeding round a racetrack go garting. Then watched some log flumers in the water hoping i would get a soaking as they hurtled down creating splashes.

    Still a little early so walked further South for a while when what i thought was a sea mist hanging in the air a little further away.
    And noticed a large narrow plume of brownish smoke in the distance.
    Strange but let the thought pass.
    I realise much later there was a Bush Fire on a Nature Reserve maybe a mile away around the sand dunes on the way to St Annes.
    I will show you so you can check it out.

    I always seem to arrive early so then visited the Sandcastle a kind of water park and sat in the shade with fountains,a pleasant spot to observe.
    Then made my way to the South Pier as some drummers arrived.
    A picture and video.As i say still picking up ways to link.

    Picture outside the pier.

    Shortly afterwards people were arriving from all directions,flags,banners, the Ladies In White were there who march each Wednesday to the Fracking Site.

    So took a few photos and videos of the people arriving.
    Photos.Not that sure how to link more than one but took a few,have a look around.

    The March got organised and began Drummers and the Ladies In White who do the Call For Calm March each Wednesday at the Fracking Site leading.
    Perhaps a couple of hundred behind.
    I carried on filming for a while and so many were filming thought i will shoot up to the Central Pier and get some great footage of them walking by.
    Then pop up to the Blackpool Tower and get more footage that would be hard to forget in the future.
    I arrived at the pier thinking it will take them about ten minutes or so to arrive,so sat on a bench about 6 foot long ,maybe a foot wide and had a bottle of water.

    Just then three ladies said can we sit with you.
    No problem ladies come and rest for a while where are you from.
    Chester Le Street County Durham.Newcastle.
    I told them about the march that will soon be coming by and they told me about their jetsetting across the world but always spend some time in Blackpool.
    And all about their families,what they collect and as you might imagine i was hemmed in for sure,no escape.
    It is rude to just walk away.Now each of these ladies were exactly 80 years old so had many tales to tell.300 Years of experience sat on a bench.
    And 300 years of stories to tell.

    Glancing down the prom i had noticed the March seemed to have stopped around the Manchester Square area,perhaps resting for a while.
    A hour went by unless i went in some kind of time warp nobody went by.The world was sorted by then,all problems solved.
    Finally we said our goodbyes and i shot down to Manchester Square to see what was happening.
    But i could not understand where everyone had gone,just looked like they had been beamed to another dimension.
    I thought they were marching to North Pier but must have got my wires crossed.
    So the day was over for me.But i got plenty of footage in the short time i was there.
    Did not wake up till 11am the next day.On rising i thought all the clocks in the house were wrong,especially the Cuckoo Clock that would not stop.
    Felt like whacking it for sure.
    I usually rise about 5am.

    Well today i am sorting my papers,tax etc out and someone elses as well and have not seen the sun for two days now.
    So am suffering from no Shoreline walks and no Driftwood Collecting.
    Apologies for the long post but releases another story from a tangled mind.
    It was a great day though.
    Onwards,there is plenty of Fracking news that i will link soon from many countries.And as usual will let a little steam off.
    But i have no choice for a day or two,work to do that cannot be avoided.
    Bye for now.

  8. #928

    Default Re: Fracking gets go-ahead in UK for first time since 2011 as North Yorkshire council approves plans

    These Fracking giants aiming to change Englands green and pleasant land.Everyone has opinions and they are good to read.
    But with these giants who have hundreds of millions to throw around they like to get their way fast.
    It must really bug them when mere council officials,planners,people like that like to investigate the effects on communities,roads and all the rest.
    Holding meetings then saying no Fracking is not suitable for our area.
    Then a Energy Minister down there in London says well tough you are having it just like you did before.We are on our third energy minister since i started this thread.Experts,what do you think.
    Shifting around quicker than i can shuffle a pack of cards.

    Local Democratic decisions overruled.
    After asking the company first for their CV which included causing man made Earthquakes amongst other happenings.
    Splendid a very suitable company the Energy Minister says but move it a few miles and create Europes largest Fracking Site.
    Vertical,Horizontal drilling a good few wells,lets really shake the Lancastrians up,Flare on chaps.

    Some say and have said our leaders,ministers know best tough decisions have to be made then you find out links they have with these companies like a spiders web spreading out in all directions.
    Anyone who has known a successful entrepreneur,say a multi millionaire will know how they look at the bigger picture.
    They do not see one little shop like many of us,they see hundreds located across the country.
    And to see them achieve this,observing, it is interesting indeed.
    After a while some years things can come crashing down like a house of cards or carry on successfuly.

    But with this Fracking business where we live so close together there is no room for second chances.
    Then we learn that the Government have not even looked at the effects of Fracking on communities.
    And are working with outdated reports on the science of all the possibilities of harm.
    And that they want to take the decisions on whether to allow Fracking away from local communites.
    Planning kind of just rubber stamp give the Frackers permission to Frack away wherever they want.As easy as building a extension onto your house.

    Who is sat round the table when these kind of decisions are taken.
    Who is influencing things,lobby groups,PR machines,donations made,money for influence perhaps who really knows.
    We have seen before how Donations can influence things sometimes years down the line no matter what anyone says,it happens.

    Better move on.I know i am going on a touch and i will agree i am a little roused.I try not to but it happens from time to time.
    At the moment no Fracking is happening but very close.People think it is just one well,stuck in a field in Lancashire.
    Others are trying as hard as they can to achieve Fracking in other areas.
    Well one well is not enough it has to begin moving much faster hundreds,thousands will be needed.To make the Frackers dreams come true.
    Court cases,protectors,protesto rs to some are trying as hard as they can to fight the companies.
    Bruised,tired,lack of funds they fight on against the might of the Government and Corporations with hundreds of millions to spend.
    A touch one sided but they sure try.In any way possible.

    So i am trying to look at the bigger picture.
    As the Frackers try to get moving by any means possible what is their end game,their goal for England.
    The pressure is on,we know for some it is not just about the gas.
    Reading this article perhaps may make some think what is really going down.Once it starts who will be able to keep up regulation etc,it would be massive.
    And for the Frackers it has to happen soon.

    As Industry Pushes Billion-Dollar Fracked Petrochemical Projects, State Regulators Struggle To Keep Up
    Fueled by fracking in the region, petrochemical and plastics projects in the Ohio River Valley are attracting tens of billions of dollars in investment,
    but as plans for this build-out hit the drawing boards, signs already are emerging that state regulators are unprepared for this next wave of industrialization.
    “We could really be in trouble,” Dr. Sandra Steingrabber, ecologist and anti-fracking organizer, told DeSmog.
    “It’s not about energy independence, it’s about making more junk that nobody needs.”
    And the implications of their inexperience could mean major threats to the region's health and environment.

    Back to the accounts,paperwork.Loads of threads to catch up on.And many more Fracking articles to come.
    Bye for now,have a nice day.

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    Default Re: Fracking gets go-ahead in UK for first time since 2011 as North Yorkshire council approves plans

    Diversifying for a moment.
    Well i am free now,released form the cage where i have been trapped for 4 days,accounts done.
    Next time i shall do them monthly not all at once.Gives you a headache for sure.
    What could i say if writing a report.Drilling down to the bottom line,Profit.
    Online shopping is popular,perhaps people just cannot be bothered to travel down to towns as much paying petrol then car parking chargesicon.
    And time is important nowadays.
    When at the touch of a button old Tawnyowl will supply a few articles and post them at the speed of light straight to your door.
    And communicate as they make their way to your door,the personal touch that people seem to like.
    A miniscule business that as i move towards retirement,well there will be no retirement,times have changed as many know.
    But have found something that will keep me going,i hope.
    The high street where even the pound shop is struggling may have to change massively to combat online,will they,who knows.
    I was shocked when deductions were made such as postage,sure spent money posting.
    Royal Mail will you drop your postage charges over 1 and two Kilo is a fair thing to say.
    Last thing god bless the online shoppers who have kept old Tawnyowl supplied with seed and a few treats such as a cuttlefish or two to keep my beak and feathers in good condition.

    Enough of that back to Fracking business.
    The ladies in White
    who are fast approaching one year marching on a Wednesday down to the Cuadrilla Site were once more on The Road To Hell.
    A brief look over the 48th call for calm which saw the wednesday women turn out to the bellmouth.

    A quick few shots, the silence and an interview with Tina about the longevtiy of the wednesday women and also the possible appearance of wednesday women in other counties, rumour is Bristol?

    That wil be great♥

    The 48th time, could be argued with the promenade march the 49th time they have gotten together to support one and other and show the UK that these women,mothers, sisters, daughters dont want this industry in their communities come rain or shine.

    Much solidarity to everyone.

    Residents demand investigation as 7th Surrey earthquake shakes area between oil sites.
    The seventh earthquake in just over three months was recorded in part of Surrey at midday yesterday.

    It was the most powerful earthquake so far, with a magnitude of 3.1, the British Geological Survey (BGS) confirmed.

    The Housing, Communities and Local Government Committee’s report into planning guidance on fracking warns the Government against its proposed move to bring applications under the Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects (NSIP) regime.
    Read the report summary
    Read the conclusions and recommendations
    Read the full report: Planning guidance on fracking
    All on the link.

    Local authorities are best placed to decide on fracking plans – MPs report
    Moving decisions on fracking plans to a national level contradicts the principles of localism and would probably exacerbate mistrust between communities and the industry,MPs said today.

    A report by the Housing, Communities and Local Government Committee warned the Government against its proposal to bring fracking applications under the Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects (NSIP) regime.

    Angus confirms chairman transferred shares to company headed by 20-year-old Hungarian
    Angus Energy confirmed this morning that its chairman transferred 39 million shares to a company that appears to be less than six months old with one officer, a 20-year-old Hungarian living in Poland.

    MPs to investigate shale impacts in former mining areas
    A new parliamentary group has called for evidence on how fracking could affect former coal mining areas.

    The issue is to be discussed later this month by the All Party Parliamentary Group on Shale Gas Impacts, chaired by Lee Rowley, the Conservative MP for North East Derbyshire.

    Large areas of England’s former coalfields in the East Midlands and northern England are now licensed for shale gas exploration.

    July 2018 drilling headlnes
    July 2018 sees two hearings at the High Court on protests against injunctions at Cuadrilla and UKOG sites.
    Ineos also heads to court in the latest hearing in its case against the National Trust.
    And MPs investigate shale gas development in former mining areas.

    Perhaps that is enough for now,onwards.
    Bye for now.

  10. #930

    Default Re: Fracking gets go-ahead in UK for first time since 2011 as North Yorkshire council approves plans

    For those that have noticed Earthquakes,Tremors seem to follow some Fracking,Oil Operations here is a link.
    I find this chap very interesting and up to date with things across the world.
    Good to look at some of his videos every now and again.
    dutchinse is his name and has been around since 2010 when he said about Quakes and Fracking being related and was ridiculed.Not any more though.
    He often has live feeds where you can pick up a little knowledge.

  11. #931

    Default Re: Fracking gets go-ahead in UK for first time since 2011 as North Yorkshire council approves plans

    Well a lot of Fracking news to catch up on,i will put it on as soon as time allows.
    Just for now a post that caught my eye.
    The Australians have a way to put things across.Many are thinking similar things here.
    A lighter look for a moment.Check the video out on this article.
    But beware, it does include language.
    “Honest Government Ad” Hilariously Skewers Gas Fracking

  12. #932

    Default Re: Fracking gets go-ahead in UK for first time since 2011 as North Yorkshire council approves plans

    Bit of a different post today.
    After this i am away for a few weeks or so.Maybe less.
    Things to sort out,when things go a little pearshaped head has to concentrate on making things work again.
    Business Empire is fading away,i need to fire it up somehow and will.Big changes need to be made or the end game is in sight.

    But the news that many must have expected.

    High Court extends the injunction at the Cuadrilla Fracking Site until 1 June 2020.
    Francis Egan, CEO of Cuadrilla, said:

    "We are very pleased that the High Court has seen fit to extend the injunction until 1 June 2020.
    We firmly believe that this is an important deterrent to unlawful protest that has significantly disrupted and inconvenienced local commuters and businesses over many months. We have seen a welcome reduction in unlawful behaviour since the interim injunction was granted last month.
    We continue to respect lawful and peaceful protest, but will not hesitate to take legal action against those that breach the injunction with unlawful activity directed against us or our listed suppliers.¨

    Pretty obvious that for Ineos the Fracking of the United Kingdom would not be just about the gas.
    INEOS Plans Massive European Expansion Programme.
    INEOS is looking at sites across Europe including Antwerp in Belgium for its new world scale 750,000 tonne PDH plant
    INEOS is planning to increase the capacity of its crackers at Grangemouth in Scotland and Rafnes in Norway to over 1 million tonnes each.
    With these cracker expansions, INEOS will have added up to 900,000 tonnes of ethylene to its overall production capacity
    “These are three major new projects”, says Jim Ratcliffe, founder and chairman of INEOS. “Collectively, it’s the equivalent of building a new world scale cracker in Europe”.


    Women in Asia Are Confronting Fracking in the US to Eliminate Plastic Byproducts
    Heaps of plastic waste cover the shores of Manila Bay in the Philippines. Myrna Dominguez remembers when an abundance of fish inhabited its waters — locals would catch enough to feed their families and sell at the market. Today, she says, they are catching more plastic than fish.

    “We’re very afraid that if this is not addressed, the bay, which 100,000 small fishers rely on, will no longer be viable for them,” Dominguez says.

    Ineos are the big time big time boys of Plastic Production for sure.I doubt very many delve into articles like this to much.
    But interesting to take a look at and makes you realise how powerful these companies are.And must be the ones to keep close watch on.
    But for many including myself perhaps a little tough to get used to all the different names of the products.
    But bragging rights for how much they produce and what for.
    INEOS O&P Europe produces propylene as a co-product of ethylene production. The volumes vary according to the feedstock used, but we typically produce over 1 million tons every year.
    Propylene is a key component in many types of plastics,
    INEOS Olefins & Polymers Europe

    UK now exporting more waste to countries with highest levels of ocean plastic pollution
    'Instead of just moving our plastic scrap around the globe, we should turn off the tap at the source,' say campaigners.
    Someone write a note to Ineos i am sure they would be interested.

    Well down to the Shoreline i go many days in a week and have noticed many more people by themselves picking the plastic up deposited by each tide.
    This is nice to see,no one is filming them or saying thanks they have taken it upon themselves to do this.And is probably beginning to happen globally.
    But there is so much.In roughly 80 short years the Oceons are becoming choked with plastic.
    Yes why not just turn the plastic tap off at source.

    If anyone wants to post news or views or articles whether for or against Fracking post away if you get any free time.
    I will return as soon as possible.Maybe a couple of weeks or so.
    Bye for now.

  13. #933

    Default Re: Fracking gets go-ahead in UK for first time since 2011 as North Yorkshire council approves plans

    Old Tawnyowl here,been away for a while well July actually but keeping one eye on the protectors at the Cuadrilla Fracking site in Lancashire.
    And what a time they are having.
    Fracking was due to start today and the media turned out in force this morning but Cuadrilla say storm Callum stopped them Fracking.
    So off the media went as fast as they came and Fracking will commence on Monday.
    When i would think the media will be back in force.

    I wrote a massive post earlier not realising that i was not logged in properly went to post and lost the lot,it happens.
    So this will be shorter maybe best.
    So what has happened since July.I think it is best for those that like to know to read Drill Or Drops reports of the months.
    And there are comments and reactions from the Frackers which i find hard to say anything nice about.
    But do not want to be seen to be to biased.
    Frackers Cuadrilla with their links to America,Australia and China desperate to Frack and expand.
    At the moment the biggest Fracking Site in Europe,tens of millions poured down the well from investors and tens of millions poured down the well indirectly from you the Centrica British Gas customers and much more to come no doubt.

    Many millions spent on policing the site well over ten million and increasing as it will when Fracking expands if allowed to.And the Government who smashed Democracy to pieces with their policy not willing to fund the extra cost.
    Why are you policing a Fracking Site people ask-
    Just Following Orders
    comes back the reply when you ask.
    Even the police are at risk policing this site if things go pear shaped as they have across the world at times.
    Who has been informed locally or near the site what to do in a emergency.

    All the scientists,medac report,pollution,climate change reports brushed aside like leaves blocking a drain.
    As are the people who protect,not protest often suffering,cuts,bruises thrown aside no matter who you are,councillor,photograph er,politician,pensioner.M any have left dents in the hedges along Preston New Road and felt the force from the ordered ones.

    Fracking has to happen.And fast for the Frackers.6000 sites or more may be needed to make much difference.But surely by then as renewable technology becomes cheaper it will all be to late.The Frackers and their corporate chums and fiends in high places with links connected are looking like dinosaurs of yesterday.Desperados ready to churn up England's green and pleasant land.
    As more communities realise what Fracking will do to a community reaction will grow and as Fracking spreads which it has to in England this policy could cost the Government big time.
    I realise it is one field in Lancashire and when i am elsewhere the issue is still not huge on everyone's lips but awareness is growing and will as the virus spreads across England.People are watching this site from many places across the world.And offering their support.

    MMM,this is getting a little long now so some links from Ruth Hayhurst Drill Or Drop for those that like to delve,see what has happened since July when i last posted.Then a couple more links showing some recent happenings which has bugged me to put it mildly then i will vanish.
    Till next week in Lancashire in Lancashire as Fracking tries to kick off.Yes Fracking not drilling has nearly arrived.
    There will be live links on Monday from the Cuadrilla Fracking site and you can bet there will be many twists and turns to come.
    Drill Or Drop-Headlines

    Ok last two stories.Now i met Bob Dennett once in the middle of the road at the Cuadrilla Fracking Site,a fascinating clued up man.Amazing where you meet people.Helen Chuntso asked many questions of organisations using the FOIicon request,which you should do if worried about a company or want to seek answers to questions.They sought a emergency injunction in the High Court in London.

    Breaking: Court clears the way for first UK frack for seven years – Cuadrilla says it starts tomorrow
    Well we know because of storm Callum they did not but we are now only hours away from Fracking beginning in England since the same company caused Earthquakes,Tremors.

    Now this Fracking business is the stuff of nightmares for many.
    Stressed,distressed,lack of sleep,worried.Given up so much time away from families,work and for some much more than that.
    Which leads me on to the Preston Three,have you heard of them.A small story and my last thought for today.
    And will try to be diplomatic.
    This fracking business showing the fight by many no doubt will some day be a blockbuster movie.It has all the ingredients.
    Last year during a few days of terrible weather,thunderstorms,tor rential downpours,high winds men climbed on top of trucks and stayed there for upto 75 hours.
    Protesting against the Cuadrilla Fracking Site in a different way.
    Now of course they were arrested and faced their day in court.
    But the judge jailed them for upto 15 months in jail.
    The first time since 1930 that environmental protestors had been jailed.Not since the days of Kinder Scout the right to roam have people been jailed.

    For those that like to delve.
    The mass trespass that opened the gates of the countryside

    So you look at the history of the judge which is fascinating.
    The Judge is called His Honour Robert Altham
    Comes from a long line of judges going back to the 1600S,the days of dark happenings.
    The Pendle Witch trial where his ancestor ruled,can you believe this the stuff of films.
    For those that like to read the story on a stormy Autumn day.
    Sir James Altham
    and Sir Edward Bromley – to understand King James's attitude towards witchcraft. The king was head of the judiciary, and Bromley was hoping for promotion to a circuit nearer London. Altham was nearing the end of his judicial career, but he had recently been accused of a miscarriage of justice at the York Assizes, which had resulted in a woman being sentenced to death by hanging for witchcraft.
    The Pendle Witch Trial 1620

    So then the news broke,what news.Well i believe a appeal is to be heard this week for the Preston three.
    And i will cover it when it appears for sure.Over 700 marched on the prison the other day.
    The walls are high for sure but the Preston Three will have heard the support.
    Better put the links on then i am off,this post is probably pretty long now.

    Shock over family connections of judge who jailed three anti-fracking campaigners
    Campaigners have raised concerns about links between the judge who jailed three anti-fracking protesters last month and his family’s business in supplying the oil and gas industry.

    His Honour Robert Altham sentenced Simon Blevins and Richard Roberts to 16 months and Rich Loizou to 15 months for climbing onto lorries delivering to the site near Blackpool. They had denied causing a public nuisance by climbing onto the cabs of the lorries. But they were found guilty at a jury trial in August.

    A company run by Judge Altham’s sister, Jane Watson, is listed as a shale gas advocate by the pro-fracking North West Energy Task Forc

    MP asks government to investigate judge who jailed anti-fracking protesters
    The justice secretary has been urged to investigate whether the judge who jailed three anti-fracking protesters last month followed an official code of conduct.

    Blackpool South MP, Gordon Marsden, tabled three parliamentary question earlier this week on the judge who sentenced Simon Roscoe Blevins, Richard Roberts and Rich Loizou.

    Off now,live links,news as it happens next week.A little rusty but i am catching up fast.
    Bye for now.

  14. #934

    Default Re: Fracking gets go-ahead in UK for first time since 2011 as North Yorkshire council approves plans

    Well i woke up this morning thinking Pensions,Chemicals,Fossil Fuels,Witches,Well Casings and Fracking.
    Goodness knows what dreams i am having.
    Also wondering should i pop down to the Fracking Site where you can feel the atmosphere and meet many interesting people.

    So best deal with those thoughts.
    Pensions why am i thinking of pensions.
    Pensions have to be paid by councils i suppose by investing in profitable enterprises.

    Lets think of Fossil fuels.
    See whats happening around the world for a moment.
    Fossil fuel on last legs:
    The electricity industry is undergoing its biggest transformation in centuries as supply shifts to modern renewables. Renewable energy production hit 1 trillion watts of capacity three years ago, the next trillion watts will be added in just four years, pushing fossil fuels out of the market, Lovins said. He added that fossil fuels were more at risk from competition than regulation.

    “In the next 4-5 years, cheaper renewables will offset growth in all fossil fuels, tipping them into decline,” he warned.

    Lovins also warned gas was no safe haven among fossil fuels; all of them, including gas, are in “deep trouble” against unsubsidised renewables, he said, as he warned there would be stranded assets from planned gas power plants in the US.
    “I hope these won’t be your dollars,” he told the conference. “Global gas demand will dwindle in step with oil.”

    So we can spot investors beginning to move trillions out of Fossil Fuels.
    The Labour Party say they will end Fracking when in power.
    That is good news.But now is the time surely to lead by example by diversifying Investments by Labour Councils in Fossil Fuels.
    Greater Manchester Pension Fund a Labour Council seems to have 10% Total Investment in Fossil Fuels.Someone best whisper in their ears to shift that money.It would be a little embarrassing surely if Labour came to power saying Fracking is finished.

    Maybe best to see how much your council is investing in Fossil Fuels.Then send a letter warning them about the possibilities.
    If you cannot see how much your council has invested in Fossil Fuels send them a FOIicon request.
    Enough of that a chart for you to check.Maybe you will be surprised.
    Fuelling the Fire
    UK Councils:
    Fuelling the Fire
    New data has revealed that councils across the UK are investing more than £16 billion in the fossil fuel industry – the companies responsible for the climate crisis.
    It’s time for our local councils to stop #fuellingthefire and divest.

    What chemicals are going to be used at the Cuadrilla Fracking Site and throughout England.And how are these chemicals moved to the site.
    Lets guess because no one seems to know for sure.
    Gives us a rough idea.
    Fracking Chemicals List – What’s involved and what’s dangerous.

    Well reading that Pendle Trial back in 1612 by the Judge descended from the one who sentenced the Preston Three gave me a few nightmares last night for sure.I woke up thinking i had been hung drawn and quartered.But soon realised i am still in one piece thank goodness.For now that is,hope i never come before that judge.

    Well casings
    Well what do i know about that nothing.I just hope they are examined inch by inch before Fracking begins and signed off.Are they do you know.

    Guilty Feelings.
    About not being at the Site where you experience and meet people you will never forget as the mists of time roll by.
    But i think sharing what is happening and trying to spread a little awareness can help.
    Whisper,Vivienne Westwood and Joe Corré are at the site Tuesday around lunchtime and rumour is Dame Vivienne Westwood will be dancing outside The Gates To Hell.I will livestream of course if available. I will have to resist popping down there for now even though i want to.
    Dame Vivienne Westwood & Joe Corré Visit Preston New Road

    It will start tomorrow.I will put live links through Facebook here as things develop.
    People like Tina Rothery and perhaps Darren Dennett may be livestreaming i like the way they live stream.
    As well as TV Radio etc.
    And if you want your say and you are out there looking in and want your say just register and crack on.
    Say what you like as i do.No one will shout you down for having a view.
    Here you are a few details and away you go.

    Bye for now,carving to do.My cat Fang attacked my Driftwood Mouse i had made.Replacement needed.
    Take care out there.

  15. #935

    Default Re: Fracking gets go-ahead in UK for first time since 2011 as North Yorkshire council approves plans

    As fracking is due to begin today at the Cuadrilla Fracking Site and the Media gather we find direct action is taking place.
    A tower/van lockon!! arrived through the early morning swirling mists of Lancashire

    Live at the moment from the Cuadrilla Fracking Site Lancashire

  16. #936

    Default Re: Fracking gets go-ahead in UK for first time since 2011 as North Yorkshire council approves plans

    The message at the Cuadrilla Fracking site this morning seems to be
    Stop The Start-Don't Frack The Climate.
    A van plus a fifteen foot 5 metre or so tower with a protector on top is outside the Fracking Site this morning.
    Live at the moment.

    Updates soon,not sure if others have deployed elsewhere along The Road to Hell.
    Need to check a few things out.Back soon.

  17. #937

    Default Re: Fracking gets go-ahead in UK for first time since 2011 as North Yorkshire council approves plans

    Wow,hard to gather your thoughts this morning things are moving so fast.
    I believe there is now another lock on outside Wensleys Farm.
    This is the farmer who leased his land to Cuadrilla.
    Maybe half a mile away from the entrance to the Fracking Site where the other direct action is taking place.

    Two protectors with the largest lock on device i have seen for sometime,a huge metal cylinder maybe three foot ,one metre or so long.
    They seem to be encased in the device.
    It looks like The Road To Hell that Leads To The Well To Hell will be closed for business for some time.

    This is what happens when Democracy is overruled and Fracking is forced on communities.
    And will spread throughout England if allowed to.Communities will not take it.
    You surely cannot try to beat people into submission by throwing them in jail,beating them,bruising them,throwing them aside,fining them.And using the police as a private army to achieve this.

    And yes where is the emergency plan if things go pear shaped for local people.
    Fracking is a problem that needs sorting out before things escalate throughout England.
    Ah,black coffee,time to calm down i feel.Back soon.
    Live at the moment

  18. #938

    Default Re: Fracking gets go-ahead in UK for first time since 2011 as North Yorkshire council approves plans

    Latest Live.Outside the Cuadrilla Fracking Site.
    Rumours of many people making their way to support the protectors from other areas.
    Message seems to be Stop The First Frack.

    Ah, Darren Dennett is live now as well.

  19. #939

    Default Re: Fracking gets go-ahead in UK for first time since 2011 as North Yorkshire council approves plans

    Activists respond to government’s “Green Great Britain Week” with fracking blockade.
    Activists have blockaded the Preston New Road fracking site in Lancashire on the day that fracking is due to begin for the first time in the UK for seven years.

    The group from Reclaim the Power blockaded the site with a van during the early hours from 4.30am this morning. A scaffold structure was erected on top with a banner reading “Stop The Start. Don’t Frack the Climate”

    NOW: Good Morning, Cuadrilla.

    We're blockading #PNR for the the start of "Green Great Britain Week" to stand with the Lancashire locals and stop the start of #fracking to prevent climate chaos.

    We stand with #Lancashire and everyone affected by climate impacts.

    #GreenGB #WeSaidNo…/sto...t-of-fracking/

  20. #940

    Default Re: Fracking gets go-ahead in UK for first time since 2011 as North Yorkshire council approves plans

    I am sure i just heard that Cuadrilla had announced on the Australian Stock Exchange last night that they had completed the first Frack.
    Which resulted in Share Price rising 6% or so.
    Have they or have they not,because if they have not well could cause a little trouble.
    Facts could be wrong so do not take as gospel.
    Last post for now.
    Tina Rothery live a moment ago.

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