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    Default Re: Need help to cope with blemain finance

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    Default Re: Need help to cope with blemain finance

    Yes thanks for reminding me, I need the slingshot, I will pick it up and the stones. I do get a bit fed up with battles, I will also put armour of God on. it is father who aims and fires not me. The slingshot stays in my cupboard till its time to get it out lol, as father gives grace first then judgement.

    Today is preparation and start to get organised, my son does not like battles he will grow mighty strong, he says mum you go do them, I know he will understand God is with me.

    and if God is for me who can be against me. I like the hats off dx100uk

    I will post now after court. unless sense to before.

    Blessings forum

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    Default Re: Need help to cope with blemain finance

    hi forum

    I was at court as you know last month,
    judge had said at hearing it is better to settle as things he had read in my claim,
    he told the defendants representative to do settlement before 10th october,

    The defendants had contacted me after I had sent them paperwork.
    They asked me to take board director off claim and me pay for all the costs.
    This would be totally unfair for me to take all the cost as only a Judge decides who pays what not Blemain/Together.

    The defendants said if I do this they let me put my claim through grant it no strike out, and they wanted until 10th oct 2018 to file defence.
    The Judge at hearing said he likes where two parties meet in middle, but he also said I am asking this to be settled now before 10th oct, and he spoke to defendants representative for a little while about settling now and said I was not asking for much in my settlement figure.
    The hearing was being recorded.

    The Judge will see now that no settlement was done,
    I am very unhappy as feel what Judge requested is not done,

    in end Together did a defence,
    which is not as the same as my 12 yrs of trauma have been with them.

    I now have a solicitor/barrister and will be glad when moving forward on this as I mean closure.
    The Judge said if we battle it out he will properly move this claim to a big court out of area.

    I do not know at min what is happening.
    It is very hard as I grind my teeth which is due to this trauma.
    I feel with seeing yet another complaint on here since I last posted, this is not funny at all.

    I and son are needing release,
    Together have said they have seen no evidence of my health issues.

    I am trying to constant forgive them as before the loan was done I was not working due to in 1995 I was a community assistant I was on duty in my uniform and got ABH nearly killed if person hadnt been pulled off me. This cause me to loose my job, and have to go on incapacity benefit then also disability and esa I was told by hospital after 10 yrs of physio prepare for a wheelchair and perimant damage.

    I was not only physically and mentally unwell, but then I had my mother abused with 36 other residents at a carehome I was unwell my self this was 1996 by now my mother weighing 5 stone through not being fed at carehome with other residents starving to death, I told management at care home, told social services in end police came in cos person died, who had been locked in their bedroom and also my mother and other residents tied up in chairs.
    There was a big prosecution and also it was in the newspapers.
    This was utter hell, seeing your mother abused like that.

    Then a second carehome my mother was at residents neglected, I was so tired and by this time had got this wrong loan with Blemain/Together (I moved to a bungalow 2005) moved cos to make easier no stairs for my legs as painful indeed I was put as no work as body attack, nerves had hit extreme and physically and mentally done in as dhss called it to me as not only my trauma having to see my mother die through abuse, and tell her before she died God must have had a reason to have let her be in 2 care homes that didnt care for people just abuse, I told her she was used by God and me to get people safe living, as to give my mother peace to die understanding why so how.

    debt is not nice and very unkind to leave someone suffering for no reason,
    I know my trauma will end,
    as God would not start this being heard without ending it and me and son refreshed again.

    I felt to share and speak as its awful situation to be in and my son is still recovering being bullied at school and I am too stressed to drive car to also help him.

    I can not answer any questions at min I am just filling you in.
    sorry for one whole paragraph forgive me.

    Blessings forum.


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    Default Re: Need help to cope with blemain finance

    Hi Forum

    I felt to post as i realised you may think, Together was not willing to do a settlement but they were, but my solicitor was dealing with this and nothing got sorted.

    I now have had since 9th oct 2018 over 30 panic attacks and this is why I will explain...…
    I keep seeing each day that my trauma of 12 yrs could now have been finally over for me and my son and sorted.
    I am a person that believes it is better to have peace and forgive and I leave Judgement to God, I am not a person who loves prosecuting people and I am struggling, as being a Christian if I walk in Judgement it is not of God, I have to leave that to him and I do.
    I am in Court for release and a new start.

    I have not had Together write to me with an offer and release.

    It is terrible going through each day now since knowing the defendants were open to settlement as Judge had asked and both sides should complete.
    My Solicitor wanted to go through all the contract and only sent email to Togethers Solicitor over settlement figure day before Court again, which was 09 oct and Judge again on 10th oct

    I spoke to my Drs Surgery on friday telling them I may have to see a Dr soon as what has happened is very upsetting and the surgery said just ring up ok, I explained to surgery my trauma should have been over and not sorted yet.
    My Bank have said so now you suffering still as nothing got sorted for you.

    I know God wants me delivered and set free from this mess up and no more suffering, I have sore stomach which I am hoping it is not colitus back as I use to have this yrs ago, it comes with extreme stress which I am at min.

    I use to be on colofac tablets I think they were called.
    I believe I will recover all, my health, finances and release finally now come in God will help me recover what I should have, I will recover.

    Blessings Forum I hope to post again very soon.


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    Hi Forum

    Just to update you,
    my Claim is back with a Judge now,
    I dont think he will be happy that no settlement got sorted .

    I finally was about to get release from Together, as they were going to do the right thing and they told my Solicitor they were open to Settlement I finally would have peace and end all this trauma. The Judge will read the mess up made and hopefully he will again say settlement and this time the Judge sort it for me themselves.

    It is not nice most unpleasant the last 8 wks have been beyond words I cant say how I feel, being a Christian I leave judgement to God on the mess up thats been done.

    Dr has increase my nerve tablets as I keep having moments of tears cos this could have been all over now and me and sons life much better, but now we wait on Judge. I pray what was not sorted from sept10th to oct 10th 2018 is sorted now.

    I will update soon as I can, thats all I can say, I hope to message Good News soon before the year ends of 2018.

    It would be nice to go into the New Year with better life, better health and better finances a whole new normal beginning. The Dr said to me 3 wks ago once this Claim is over you will feel better and stress down.

    I think some Solicitors see their Clients as a number, not see them as real people and that persons needs met in that persons best interest.
    This is how I feel.
    They dont understand the clients health, and real needs its disregarded. I pray this changes.

    When something is going to be Life Changing it should be sorted and done as Judge requested.

    God Bless Forum


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    Default Re: Need help to cope with blemain finance

    Hi Forum

    I can not sleep and its 240am i have a busy day and not rested yet at all, I had the contract and there was no need in the 4 wks that Judge had said he asks to get settlement done, there was no need to get contract off Together as I already had it, it only caused friction and put me under threat, it is not nice to have to call police and put cameras up.

    I posted on here it was Solicitors idea to tell Together he wanted contract, it was not mine, I asked him negociate and I had to ask again as my bank had also said tell your solicitor get settlement done, I posted on here so Together knew and found out it was not my plan, My claim was sound and other evidence was not posted on forum.

    This is very hard for me as Judge could see i had grinded teeth out and red in face and Solicitors should be happy a Judge knows whats right to ask defendants to get sorted, not look at different to a Judge and delay my needs. Nobody should keep worrying and Together knew to solve now and I was glad to hear from Solicitor yes Together is open to settlement. Now I have had 8 wks of utter hell. All this uncalled for and I will try relax and know this will get sorted.

    I felt to post as feel better now i explain more.

    An official place is angry whats happened. To gather evidence and put someone at risk is not nice and to cause someone to maybe get a reprocussion is not kind. I am a person in need of best result, we are in a world of greed, hate and uncaring, only few know whats right.

    Hope to post soon, blessings to you forum.

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    Default Re: Need help to cope with blemain finance

    I would like to just add, its not all about the money, its about an end to a bad situation to be in. Thats it in one.

    Godbless Forum Praise God for you.

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    Default Re: Need help to cope with blemain finance

    try to rest now ok

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    Hi forum

    I will post soon update more, looks like going to move to Big Court as Judge has said now.
    unless we settle Judge has asked again for both parties to look at Settlement to end this now before it goes further.

    I have a question if you dont mind helping answer it, or find answer for me.
    ( if an ex employee of Blemain wants to give evidence against the Company can he? ) would you find any info on this and post on here for me.

    Blemain/Together are virtually saying they dont feel guilty for the loans done, and now dont care to settle this time, I will properly have to put Board Director back in Court, as this has to end and me get release, I am not worried about court, as the door i believe will be opened big for multitude release, stampeed.

    I am sad that even though i forgive the company, i need release so have no choice, but to carry on and do big Court what ever that means ?
    Judge said Big Court, and properly he said multi fast tracked.
    He has sent us both parties forms over settlement and it also refers on it what have you dont to try sort agreement.

    Well ive tried, and so I believe Judge wont be angry with me.
    It is very unpleasant, but I would rather a day in the Courts than years under Blemain/Together ever again.

    My Dr said last week to me, This Court Claim must be stressful, i said yes indeed.
    Having faith I know God is in this and organising and arranging help, support, and everything in order for this to finally get sorted)

    Dont forget the question please?

    Blessings forum

    I am wondering what renewablejohn is up too on here, its quite possible their claim will meet my claim, this is only me saying this ok, but dont be surprised if comes to pass.
    I sadly say, i wanted to just end this all now and solve without having to take further, its not needed at all.

    I have come too far now to turn back, and waste anymore money that was my living money that was given to Blemain, over 85,ooo+and praise God someone at my bank said stop paying that company money, i finally did stop and started less fearing.

    I asked my Dr last wk to change a medicine i am on for something different, one reason was i want to make sure when this is in Court i sort every area of mess up out.
    The chance to be heard and show every area this has affected me.

    If people love money more than doing right thing I have to still forgive them.

    Please would you find answer to question soon as can. Godbless


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    Default Re: Need help to cope with blemain finance


    Does the settlement involve them paying you compensation?

    If the case is moved to multi-track I imagine it's because of the amount involved. Normally whoever loses pays the other side's costs.

    I don't know the answer about the ex-employee giving evidence, will flag this for the site team. You'd think that an ex-employee would be able to do what they like. They speak to the press sometimes, don't they? [I don't just mean Blemain.]


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    Default Re: Need help to cope with blemain finance

    I have this from Andyorch for you.

    'I would assume it would depend on his involvement with the claimants claim and also employers can take practical and legal steps to prevent current or former employees from using their confidentialicon information.'


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    Default Re: Need help to cope with blemain finance

    Hi honeybee13

    Thank you for quick reply, yes indeed they owe me, this is why the Judge has now said twice settle with her out of Court, best too as they have done unjust to me in many areas, the hearing other wk was nearly settled as you know, but mess up happened, so Judge did again bless him. I was not asking for great deal back the money I have paid over was far greater than that, the Judge commented and said she isnt asking for great deal back, this is only money, not health, life, living etc, happiness, i value more breaking away from the totally to start fresh peaceful life and build the rows me and my son have had over stressful life under this burden loans they did and my son here me crying year after year, and bed and not knowing what to do. The Bank watch my health go down cos they saw 13 yrs of this, and stepped in to talk to Blemain few times.

    I am a Christian as you know and so I have to forgive, but God is a just God, and in last 6 months I keep getting scripture constant of the Company have broken (rules, regulations, duties of the top authority) this is again 3 times in last few days. I can feel the anger coming in like Gods wraft i think its called? cos this hit when they sent me an email saying they dont feel guilty for this, and all these loans, i am scared for them if this judgement hits them soon, cos the Judge has already commented about my whole loans done and I can not say all what judge said to them as it was legal gargon talk? he appoligised to me for talking direct at their Solicitor, as Judge was making it clear theres an injustice. The judgement of God I can sense coming cos its brewing bigtime, they need to act fast on releasing me and do right thing.

    I was told yesterday its 7 yrs imprisonment for when a Company breaks rules and sends Board Director round your home hours after you say you putting them in Court. I didnt realise this is unprofessional as a Company. I was also told i may have to be moved to magistates Court if crimminal. I know have to do forms again to put Board Director back in Court as when he saw
    my last lot of evidence he asked within hours of him off the claim and he let my Claim go straight through. I am very sad this all could have been avoided years ago and when he came round my home and saw mefor 2 hours he should have gone back and closed account and offered me refund, but another unjust thing happened he left me tormented. I can not take anymore of them everyagain, I can still here they saysings in my head you have to do what we say, and other things. The fear was unbelievable now look 8 teeth grinded out and 2 front top loose and painful indeed.

    Yes multi track i have been told is biog money, i just happy to get release and money back is a blessing.
    I didnt want to go Court i wanted them to acknowledge me, listen clearly and do right thing end this sensible thinking.

    When in end God directs me court then i know he will supply all my needs) and thats that and i can not be disobedient. If the company dont realise im giving them grace in sensible end to this then i will move ahead and sling everything at them galore as God has supplied it all.

    May you all have a wonderful day )


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    Default Re: Need help to cope with blemain finance

    Just to let you know, we are days away from Judge paperwork in again, so he will see that i tried settle. The defendants are looking at my requests again now, i can only wait if im released i will clearly praise God, as I feel a huge shake will come if not. The day is sunny outside, and im fed up with more paperwork to complete and now me ring up Court for help to get right papers for more areas i need cover.
    Thank you for info honeybee i love your name)

    Update soon as can. It is very much a waiting game and may this be over very soon now.

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    Default Re: Need help to cope with blemain finance

    Hi Forum

    Just quick update,
    we are 48 hours away from a Judge acting on this again.
    I am very very much still hoping an end to this torment will come in from Blemain/Together as its not funny at all now.

    I have had to contact land registry now over a matter to do with these loans.
    Something has come to light and grace time is now nearly run out.

    I have another question forum sorry to ask,
    but do Blemain/Together have an insurance that if they have to pay out big to people this steps in and pays out or is it FCA does the compensation?
    as I was reading on line other day of a victum who was being released by compensation given to her for an injustice of a company causing her great loss.

    I was blessed yesterday a new Solicitor who I didnt know helped me for free to do Court paperwork.
    She told me that she was used to these forms and not to worry, she said if I put board director back in Court now it will not take as long as it did before
    I only need do one form and this will run along side old form that is already in place.

    Someone said to me today arn't I proud to be part of the movement which is coming in, I said proud, it is not easy this, I prefer a person or people to just do right thing and change their ways.

    Today will be last day I deal with Blemain/Together as I feel God will be taking over and do the rest.
    I am very sad indeed this is discusting and I do not like the way I am being treated,
    and yes honeybee the person who use to work with the company knows how they treat people, he has clearly said to me I have been through alot, hes now seen all.

    My son has seen the sadness I now hold that this could have been sorted easily not nasty,
    and I now wilol step out let God step in and deal with the rest for me,
    unless next 48 hours change comes in.

    Please would you answer the question above in this post ive posted today.

    Thank you.


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    Default Re: Need help to cope with blemain finance

    Blemain would compensate you if they accept they have caused you a loss. If they don't accept that, then you might decide you want to go to the fosicon.

    I doubt that there would be an insurance, it could encourage mortgageicon companies not to worry about making mistakes and to take less care.


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    Default Re: Need help to cope with blemain finance

    Blemain would compensate you if they accept they have caused you a loss. If they don't accept that, then you might decide you want to go to the fosicon. If they agreed that you were entitled to compensation, they would tell Blemain what to pay.

    I doubt that there would be an insurance, it could encourage mortgageicon companies not to worry about making mistakes and to take less care.


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    Thank you for quick answer honeybee13

    I have had to do a statement as of what has come to light, I can clearly see now all what was done to me and how.
    It is not wanting to do court but being forced too to get release.

    This Loan/Loans I was told a while back by a Solicitor will need Court if Blemain/Together dont listen to a Solicitor who writes to Blemain on behalf of me.

    So here we are Court, also God holy Spirit showed me 2008, 2009, onwards and so on that this will be dealt with and stand strong while fight comes in and u turn if thats right word takes place, I mean change takes place and all what was done comes to light and surfaces, there is still time for right thing to be done im always hopeful ive seen this before when a carehome took grace instead of prosecution,as first carehome were prosecuted, cos wicked ways indeed, but second care home were silly and didnt know how to manage and look after vunerble people.

    I thank you honeybee13 for answers to my questions, sorry if i have anymore.

    This is having to be Court at min, as when before Blemain/Together said they were open to settlement, but my solicitor at time didnt want to sort that and do Court action prosecution other wk,

    I now see Blemain.Together are angry with my recent paperwork, which shows all my loans and other peoples loans on it too now as which are similar to my loans done by them.
    So Blemain/Together know if they release me it will show they are liable for all the other loans.

    I forgive them for dragging this out, but they should act now and do right thing to end this.
    As this is what happen with board director he came round my home and still left me months after under this loan, knowing i need release, so now this should end right now as it clearly shows and Judge has already stated things in Court regarding this matter.

    Post soon again, blessings forum

    It is better Blemain/Together just do release and be done with this Court claim, as I and son are sitting stagnant cos of this mess up and we cant carry on like this its not right and unfair, I felt to post that.

    Post again soon.


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