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    Default Safeloans - Successful Set asside

    I raised a complaint with safeloans
    - directly with them
    - re irrisponsible lending

    - I only had one loan with them way back in 2012
    - but defaulted
    - didnt respond to their letters and eventually got a ccj

    - but after writing an email complaint to them which was responded to very quickly
    and they agreed to get the ccj set aside

    - I have spoken to northampton bulk centreicon who have confirmed this
    - yipeee!!!

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    Default Re: Safeloans - Successful Set asside

    And just like that you got a CCJ set aside? Damn Neil... YOu are having some success...
    HAve you checked your CRAs and Trustonline?

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    Default Re: Safeloans - Successful Set asside

    yep just like that - I can't believe how easy it was to get them to agree to my complaint and request for removal of the ccj - It was only confirmed on the 9th feb so have to wait 28 days for its removal from my credit files - confirmed over the phone this morning with the bulk centreicon

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    Default Re: Safeloans - Successful Set asside

    For anyone else out there who took out a PDL with Safeloans and had a ccj through them

    - it may also be worthwhile you pursuing the same course of action with them

    - the reson why
    - this is a statement in their reply to my complaint -

    "Since the time in question we have migrated twice out of previous Customer Relationship Management systems to our current operating system.

    We have also moved offices in February 2013

    and we have since closed our lending business on the 01.05.2015.

    Therefore we do not have all the data available on historic settled accounts".

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    Default Re: Safeloans - Successful Set asside

    DPA Means should have to keep a copy of the info for 6 yearsicon minimum as required.

    Interesting, but you got a helluva result fella. Well done!

    Ill have a Kopparberg for you tonight!

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    Default Re: Safeloans - Successful Set asside

    cheers fkofilee - hopefully my credit score will go up - although I wont bother about using experian for it!!!

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    Default Re: Safeloans - Successful Set asside

    Neil, Do you remember what you wrote in the email ?

    of if possible could you copy and paste here,

    as I am in a very similar situation and I just found your post.

    also what email address did you use ?

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    Default Re: Safeloans - Successful Set asside

    Hi the email address I used was

    To whom it may concern,

    My Safeloans ref = XXXXXX

    The complaint read as follows;


    I am writing to complain about a loan provided by Safeloans which was defaulted by me and subsequently a CCJ issued in August 2012.

    My complaint is that should Safeloans Ltd have carried out affordability checks and even basic credit reference checks that this loan would not or should not have been approved. As at the time the loan was provided it would have been clear on any credit reference check that I had previously taken out payday loans with various lenders, was currently in debt with other payday lendersicon and any credit reference check would have also shown defaults with other lenders. All the information available on my credit file would have shown that I was reliant on payday lenders and therefore a risk.

    Therefore the loan should not have been provided and as such if it had not been provided then I would not have placed myself in a situation where a ccj could be raised against me.

    I hereby request that you remove all references to any loan, default or ccj for Safeloans Ltd from my credit files.

    I understand that you are entitled to 8wee
    To whom it may concern,

    My Safeloans ref = 8wks or 56 days to respond to my complaint, but I do ask that you respond sooner so as not to lengthen the time to resolution.

    Many thanks

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    Default Re: Safeloans - Successful Set asside

    Sll md -

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    Default Re: Safeloans - Successful Set asside

    Thank you for that Neil,
    I have just had a reply from them, and they are going to investigate my case, how long did you wait between sending the initial email and hearing their decision ?

    I have also used your template letter for a couple of other payday loansicon,

    I will keep you posted,

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