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    Default Experto Credite and old RBS debt

    I had lost my job and made an arrangement to pay RBSicon via their collection agenticon 5.00 since 2003.

    In 2008 as I got a highly paid temp job, I made a written arrangement with collections agents .
    Bryan Carter for full and final payment in settling the obligation by paying about 65% of the outstanding.

    I have been contacted by RBS and Experto Credite on the debt that I settled under an arrangement
    paying a lower amount in 2008 via the previous collection agents Bryan Carter.
    I stopped paying my had not heard anything, received a statement of account or any communication until

    I received a lettericon dated 12 Jan 2015 when they asked me to provide them with a statement of income and expenditure to make a payment arrangement.
    I then received another letter dated the same stating that their agents had been trying and could not contact me in relation to the debt.
    It also informed me that they were changing agents to Experto Credite.

    I had unfortunate performed a clear out at the end of the year, throwing away documents for which the statute of limitations, 6 years had clearly expired.
    I explained the situation and sent the statute barredicon debt letter to them.
    They produced a RBS statement of a receipt of 5.00 in 5th December 2013.
    I do not recall making this and they cannot produce the paying-in evidence.

    Experto credite has stated that if I wish to rely on agents’ records
    I would have to a Subject access requesticon to the previous agents and pay the fee.

    They and RBS have not provided evidence that I paid that amount.
    They only have a brought forward amount that is undated and then a credit of 5.00 applied on 5th December 2013.

    I have responded that the entry could be the result of a journal entry and they have not produced evidence that it was I who paid.
    They also have not stated anything about corresponding with the previous agent, Bryan Carter, who would have the paying-in slip if I had paid in that money.
    They also want me to provide evidence of the settlement that had taken place more than 6 years’ ago.

    I was considering escalating the matter to the FCA. Any advice?

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    Default Re: Experto Credite and old RBS debt

    right so you got had by carter on a debt you prob never owed?

    what was the debt a bank account OD I bet?

    and now expert are claiming you still owe 'something' to RBSicon

    on the expert letter
    who do they state their client is please?


    it makes a thread twice as long to scroll data download times and costs
    If you want advice please PM me a link to your thread. PM advice is not allowed!!
    RIP Martin3030


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    Default Re: Experto Credite and old RBS debt

    They say the the account is with RBSicon

    The debt was an old credit card bill.

    It was paid off more than 6 yearsicon ago under a negotiated discount.

    Because it was over 6 years ago, my docs are no longer there - I had a clutter clean-out.

    There was a CCJ for some arrears in 2005 for a misunderstanding on the PPIicon attached but I settled this in full and the CCJ was struck off/cleared. It is possible that under the current PPI situation I would not have had to setlle.

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