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Thread: rbs overdraft

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    Default rbs overdraft

    I have an RBSicon overdraft. i also had a rbs loan which has now been paid off.

    During the it glitch they took off my loan payment twice. to cut a long story short they then made a bit of a mess, but
    to make uo for it upped my overdraft limit by 428 for 6 months.

    I received a lettericon saying that as of 3 February 2013 my overdraft would be reduced to its previous level (ie) be reduced by 428.

    February has come and gone with no reduction to my overdraft.

    I would be in a bit of trouble if they now reduce my o/d by 428. Given that my overdraft was not reduced am i within my rights to assume that i now have a new overdraft limit?

    If they do reduce my o/d eventually i will complain and ask for an extension (3 months) to allow me to find the 428 which i am sure they will agree to....

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    Let us know how you get on.

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    If in doubt, you should seek the opinion of a Qualified Professional.

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    Help keep it up and active, helping people like you.

    If you no longer require help, please do what you can to help others

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    They have not reduced my overdraft to the level it was at prior to their IT cOck up.

    I can only assume that they are happy with the increased charges that i am paying?

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