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    Default RBS and the Financial Ombudsman Service


    I have an ongoing dispute about an investment with Natwest/RBSicon. In the correspondence they've always said I should refer to the Financial Ombudsmanicon Service if I'm not happy with their replies.

    In the latest letter they haven't answered any questions because they believe they've already looked at the matter enough and simply point towards the FOS (stating that my right to use FOS runs out soon).

    Firstly: can I rebut the deadline given to me about my right to use the FOS? Surely, I can decide if and when I need to use them?

    Secondly: I'm wondering if going to the FOS weakens my case against RBS? I'm aware that the decision from the FOS isn't final if it's in RBS/NatWest favour, but I wonder if the small claimsicon court will think my argument isn't as strong if I went to the FOS first as opposed to straight to the small claimsicon? I also wonder if NatWest/RBS are aware of this?

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    Default Re: RBS and the Financial Ombudsman Service

    Sadly, you do only have 6 months from the date of the Bank's "final responseicon" Letter to take your claim to the FOS.

    If you went to the FOS then as you say, you do not have to accept their decision.

    If you were to lose inthe small claimsicon court, you couldnt then take your claim to the FOS.

    However, if the Ombudsmanicon were to not find in your favour, you could go to the small claimsicon court - whether any negative decision from the FOS would have any weight on a small claims court? I really dont know

    Small claims do like you to have tried your best to resolve the situation before issuing a claim - I imagine that going to the Ombudsman would come under that.

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