I got a letter from Edinburgh City Council yesterday stating that my parking ticket had been cancelled. I got issued the ticket last month when i was attending a show at the festival. I parked in George Street which is what i now know to be called the Central Controlled Zone. This was the first time i had parked here and the pay and display is in force until 6.30pm, while the streets beside George Street are known as the Peripheral Controlled Zone with the restriction ending at 5.30pm. I was unaware of the difference until i returned to my car and had a ticket. I wrote to the council (on the recommendation of a passing traffic warden) who cancelled the ticket after '...a recent street check confirmed that the required signage was missing at the time in question...' So it can be done if you state your case clearly! Although ignorance of the law is, as you all know, no excuse, there are ways to get unfair tickets withdrawn and cancelled.

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