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    Default 500 overdrawn - ALL of it is charges


    I am 500 overdrawn and all of it is charges. There was an original 36 charge which i got because my account was overdrawn by 30 for a few days the previous month.

    I couldnt afford the 36 charge that month therefore my account was overdrawn by the 36 charge for a whole month. This then resulted in them adding another 180 in charges for being overdrawn.
    Obviously i cannot afford this either so the same thing has happened again and the current state of affairs is that i am 500 overdrawn - all of it is made up of the charges.

    Surely this is unfair that they add charges as a result of the charges. its just a horrible way of them being able to charge and charge and very quickly it becomes un manageable.

    I barely now have the 36 let alone the 500.

    Any advice on what i should do?


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    Default Re: 500 overdrawn - ALL of it is charges

    Anyone got any thoughts on this?

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    Default Re: 500 overdrawn - ALL of it is charges

    Depends on your situation, but the FSA introduced some nifty new legal framework you can use to reclaim these charges called BCOBSicon, which facilitates you suing your bank for being big meanies.

    If you Google BCOBSicon & BBC it should bring the article up.

    I don't believe anybody has really tried to recover anything through this yet, so you would be a trailblazer.

    Alternatively you could try writing to RBSicon re this, there not compelled to give you the money back, but if you are in financial difficulty then a couple of letters, followed by submitting your complaint onto fosicon can sometimes do the trick.

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    Default Re: 500 overdrawn - ALL of it is charges

    I have the same problem - I moved abroad in 2009 they bounced a direct debiticon which should never have been presented on my business account and the charge put me .81p overdrawn - they didn't contact me but added over 600 of charges - the first I knew about it was when a debt collectionicon agent rang me - the bank argued that I hadn't given them a forwarding address but they managed to pass on my overseas telephone number (which was in the smae letter) to the debt collection agents - the agents tried and failed, then the instructed Solicitors who closed the case, and now HL Legal - who for some reason are threatening to call at my daughters and take stuff - an address I have never lived at - so fed up now.

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