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    Default Re: Ridiculously noisy Fridge Freezer!

    Dear Lars and Conniff

    Lars:- Look at my posting of 20th November 2013. On it is my e-mail address which you can use to be sent the 'fix'. I will wait for your e-mail. You will make number 25 who has contacted me!!! Wish I was charging for this!!!

    Conniff: Without sounding too rude.......... your Hotpoint Ice Diamond RFA52 may well be silent and 'cluckless'............. BUT WE ARE NOT TALKING ABOUT THAT MODEL!!!! So your positing is totally irrelevant!

    Rest assured there is enough evidence on this forum and other places on the Internet to show that our model of Hotpoint Fridge Freezer {FFFL 1810} is noisy and totally unacceptable!!!

    We are not just whinging 'b's'.......... this is a good reason for complaint, especially as HOTPOINT know the fault and how to fix it, but are still producing / selling the item with the problem.

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    Default Re: Ridiculously noisy Fridge Freezer!

    Conniff: Without sounding too rude.......... your Hotpoint Ice Diamond RFA52 may well be silent and 'cluckless'............. BUT WE ARE NOT TALKING ABOUT THAT MODEL!!!! So your positing is totally irrelevant!
    The model is completely irrelevant, it shows that Hotpoint can make a silent fridge so yours shouldn't be noisy.

    Quote Originally Posted by cookiesmini
    Lars:- Look at my posting of 20th November 2013. On it is my e-mail address which you can use to be sent the 'fix'. I will wait for your e-mail. You will make number 25 who has contacted me!!! Wish I was charging for this!!!

    Your email address has been removed, please don't publish personal email addresses on the open forum.

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    Default Re: Ridiculously noisy Fridge Freezer!


    Let's think about what you are saying.......... if company X makes a product or products that is/are without fault, it can never make any other product without fault! Every model has different designs, different techniques, different............. So the model is very relevant. Do you remember Windows Millennium Edition operating system for the home computer. A disaster.......... rapidly replaced by Windows XP a success}. Same company BUT a different 'model'

    I don't know if you work for HOTPOINT.......... but the facts are there for you to see......... this model has a fault. The number of people who have contacted me bears this out. I am not trying to bring HOTPOINT down, but they have put something on the market that is unacceptable.

    Yet gain......... your HOPTOINT might be ok BUT our models aren't!!!

    ps As you say "Ours shouldn't be noisy.........." but they ARE!!!

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    Default Re: Ridiculously noisy Fridge Freezer!

    Fridge/Freezers are not of different design, they are all basically the same no matter who makes them. A compressor sitting in the bottom and pipework running around the inside to transfer the heat. That's it full stop.
    Saying they can 'never' make a product without fault is more than a bit bold.

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    Default Re: Ridiculously noisy Fridge Freezer!


    This 'banter' could go on for ever............. still not sure what point you are trying to make.
    If you are saying, as indicated by your first posting, that your Hotpoint Ice Diamond is quiet, so all Fridge/Freezers should be quiet.......... then this is obviously a false assumption. The proof is there to be seen/read.
    If you are saying, because HOTPOINT make a Fridge/Freezer that is quiet {as in your case}..... then I agree that our F/F's should also be quiet..........BUT they are not. FACT!!!! So the fact that yours is quiet is NO help to the rest of us!

    In my opinion HOTPOINT have produced a Fridge Freezer, maybe of a slightly different design to yours {who knows} and the end result is it is noisy and very annoying. They have even found a fix for the noise {as indicated on the HOTPOINT engineer's lap top when he visited for the second time}. This is the fix that I have indicated on this forum. Unfortunately the controllers of this forum have removed my e-mail address, so I cannot send an image to anyone who needs to know what to do. NOT SURE WHAT THE REASON IS FOR THJIS!!!! CERTAINLY NOT VERY HELPFUL!!!!

    So to finalise this 'debate'.............
    POINT 1 HOTPOINT must stop producing items without thoroughly testing them. Even the HOTPOINT engineer said.... "I couldn't live with this noise....."
    POINT 2 They must make the SIMPLE modification to the pipework at the rear of the unit, before they dispatch to the various outlets. I have been contacted by people who have only just bought the same model {within the last two weeks}....... and the pipework is still located in the 'original' position and therefore the noise is present.

    As the saying goes......... "it is not rocket science"

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    Default Re: Ridiculously noisy Fridge Freezer!

    The operative word there is 'should', of course they should.

    What you are saying is that some ff are quiet and some are not, then it's simple, buy a quiet one.

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    Default Re: Ridiculously noisy Fridge Freezer!


    You seem the sort of person who knows all of the answers.............. since when have staff in the likes of Currys etc. demonstrated the running of Fridge/Freezers? NEVER!!!

    So how the hell can a customer know if a FF is quiet or noisy until he plugs it in at home? Then it is too late because the company that has sold it to you says.......... "There isn't a problem, it is working"!

    I know this for a fact, because this was the response I got from Currys and HOTPOINT. I paid to have an independent retailer to come and inspect the FF and write a report which I then sent to Currys and HOTPOINT.

    ps This was at my expense and I never did get any 'compensation' for my expenses.

    So yet again IN SUMMARY............

    You have been very lucky in buying a FF that is not noisy. I bet you were not demonstrated it running in the shop!

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    Default Re: Ridiculously noisy Fridge Freezer!

    Hi everyone can't believe you are all still here discussing this issue!

    As the OP of this thread I would just like to publicly thank @Cookiesmini for my sanity!

    I carried out the fix you detail above and, although I do still occasionally hear the odd random "cluck", it is now few and far between.

    Most of the time the fridge/freezer is quiet.

    Thank you for your persistence in getting this resolved.


    'I believe the struggle for financial freedom is unfair - I believe the only ones who disagree are millionaires!'

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    Default Re: Ridiculously noisy Fridge Freezer!

    Hi Redletter..............

    Yes this subject seems to be 'still going on'............... down to the fact that HOTPOINT haven't listened to the consumer and as a result are still producing/selling this Fridge Freezer with the annoying 'clucking' sound.

    I have received numerous e-mails from this Consumer action group {when they allowed my e-mail to be on the forum!!!! ~ now this has been removed, naughty me!!!!} asking for details of the fix. Of those who have replied.......... the fix has worked.

    Hope this has been useful!!

    Maybe you would like to tell Conniff {see above} that there is an issue with this Fridge Freezer {maybe not his/hers} and no doubt you weren't told about this annoyance when you bought the Fridge Freezer............... and no doubt, you were not shown the Fridge Freezer running.

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    Default Re: Ridiculously noisy Fridge Freezer!

    Just thought I'd put an update of where I have got to with this, maybe it will be useful to somebody sometime.
    Hotpoint/Indesit have now sent out the same engineer twice.
    His opinion is that the noises are normal, but he admitted to having no knowledge of its specified noise (44dBA).

    As a consequence of this I recorded the noises and took sound level readings with an app on my phone.
    This showed peak noises of 95dBA when it pops -- 3 or 4 times within a short time at the start of every cycle,
    a loud chuntering at 60-65 dBA lasting about 45 seconds in each cycle,
    and the continuous whirring and popping noises at 48-52 dBA,
    average noise level over 4 mins of 58dBA. So it is never within spec.

    I emailed charts of the noise levels to Currys, together with a sound recording.
    As a result of this they arranged the second visit
    (which they said was a fire call-out whatever that is) but it was a complete waste of time
    because the engineer was an hour late and did absolutely nothing.

    I have now sent Currys a pre-action letter, saying that I will commence proceedings on 19th November
    unless they accept my claim or reject it giving their reasons.

    I have had no response from Currys, but Hotpoint/Indesit have been in touch wanting to send a senior engineer.
    I have asked them what this senior engineer is proposing to do
    -- because I don't want to wait in for another wasted visit, and they are currently ruminating on that.

    The position I am taking with Hotpoint/Indesit is that my contract is with Currys,
    and I have submitted documentation that proves the machine is faulty.
    Currys should resolve my claim and then take it up with Hotpoint.

    What I really want is to speak to the individual who is handling my claim at Currys,
    and who has the authority to settle it.
    But they haven't responded and the local store won't give me any direct contact details.

    If anyone has any suggestions about the technicalities of pursuing my claim through the small claimsicon procedure
    that would be helpful.

    I've read the Department of Justice Guidelines, and it looks straightforward;
    but I don't want to jeopardise my claim (if it has to go that route) by being intransigent;
    but I do want to pressure them to resolve it now.

    I am frustrated because I really don't think that any of the people who have contacted me
    have seen any of the evidence I have produced, and I feel that Currys should respond to the evidence
    in a considered and professional way,

    not just wheel out some standard procedure which seems to be designed to drag things out
    and delay/postpone rather than resolve.

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    Default Re: Ridiculously noisy Fridge Freezer!

    Anyone able to send me a pic of the bent pip solution? I bought HOTPOINT - FUFL1810G 2 years ago and listen to the fridge noise with a lot of patience. when it really gets going it is unbearable.

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    Thumbs up Re: Ridiculously noisy Fridge Freezer!

    I just wanted to say thank you sooo much Nick. I just got a Hotpoint fridge freezer from Curry's with exactly the squeaky click clack problem described here coming from the back of it. However my model isn't the same one as listed here, but a newer model. It's only been plugged in two days but this double squeaky clicking when the motor on was driving me nuts. I've had fridge freezers before (never a hotpoint tho) and don't mind the odd crack as the ice breaks, but not this odd noisy distracting clicking.

    Anyway, I tried everything - all the settings, levelling it etc. Felt like kicking it and screaming.

    After finding Nick's fix for his model, I looked at the back of my machine for the copper 'sausage' thing at the bottom left. In my case it was already horizontal, but I noticed the very slim copper wire joining it was in a very very tight zigzag - almost pinched looking at one 'zig' point. So, with great trepidation as I'd tried everything else, I turned off the appliance, unplugged it, and very very gently pulled the zig zag in the copper wire so the angles degrees weren't quite so sharp at the corners (very minimal adjustment really) - keeping the sausage shape as horizontal as I could (didn't touch the thick silver wire joined to the other side of the copper sausage).

    Without much hope I turned the appliance back on and waited for the motor to start and the dreaded clicking which usually started a minute or two after the motor. And blow me down. NO MORE CLICKS! It's been running happily for hours now without a squeaky click. Touch wood it's fixed!

    It would be quite easy for that small wire to have been knocked or squashed a bit in transit by the delivery men man-handling it into the house or in the factory as the part isn't protected much.

    But thank you Nick for giving me a hint for something to try. I couldn't find anything else with this exact noise I had with any fixes. And it was irratating the hell out of me.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cookiesmini View Post
    Hi everybody............ {fellow Clucking Fridge Members} ~ be careful how you say that!

    I think I might have the answer to your problems.....
    ....... as you can see from previous replies on this forum,
    this has been an on-going problem for 1 year 5 months.

    Having got an independent engineer's report {who totally agreed that the FF was too noisy},
    the Currys KnowHow Team arranged for another Hotpoint engineer to visit me. They said...
    ....."Hotpoint have a fix for this problem and they will carry this out at no cost"!

    Today the engineer visited and he looked up {on his laptop} to find a Technical Bulletin
    ~ titled How to cure the Click-Clack on my model {something like that anyway}....
    ..., and found Technical Bulletin RE164.

    This was issued in November 2012, so I need not have waited until now to have the fix 'installed'.

    What was the fix, I hear you all asking......
    ...... wait for it and don't laugh...
    . behind the FF is a copper 'looking' pipe running down the left hand side {as you look at the back of the FF}.

    At the bottom end is a 'reservoir', looking a bit like a sausage! This is normally vertical...
    .... the fix is to carefully,
    I repeat carefully,
    bend the pipe so the 'reservoir' is put into the horizontal position!!!

    I gather that this is the gas pipe for the FF.
    Note: Not a sharp bend or the pipe might be 'crack'.

    Now I know it sounds, daft.......
    ..BUT my clucking fridge is no longer clucking!
    It has been 6 hours since the engineer has left and it is still 'cluck-less'!!!

    I have taken a picture {how sad} to show the reservoir {circled} in its new horizontal position. If you wish to see this.....

    E-mail me at Edited, we don't recommend or allow personal email addresses on the public forum

    I hope you either have luck with Hotpoint by quoting this Technical Bulletin or if you are out of guarantee
    {as I was, but it had been going on since 'day 1'}, you might try it yourself........BUT be careful bending that pipe!!!

    I wish you all the best and hope you all have a 'Peaceful cluck-less Christmas'

    PS My wife and I agree how quiet the kitchen is now............ spook'ily' quiet!



    The fix

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    Default Re: Ridiculously noisy Fridge Freezer!

    Hi Nick

    Ive got the same issue with Hotpoint Fufl 1810 freezer, what was your outcome to your letter with hotpoint etc?

    Id like to get a replacement myself


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    Default Re: Ridiculously noisy Fridge Freezer!

    thread is 6yrs old now and regularly bumped by people with the same issues
    nick has not been here since 2015

    you would do better to start a new threadicon<<clickme
    of your own
    you wont get seen here.

    thread now closed to stop bumpings

    it makes a thread twice as long to scroll data download times and costs
    If you want advice please PM me a link to your thread. PM advice is not allowed!!
    RIP Martin3030


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