At the defence stage it appears that the RBSicon solicitors are asking claimants to complete a Cpr part 18icon.
They claim they have insufficient POCicon and request the claimant to send this to them.There is no requirement to do this and the letter below can be sent in response.
Dear Sir or Madam:
Claim No:

I Acknowledge the receipt of the defence posted on behalf of The Royal bank of Scotland
I am not prepared at this stage to answer the CPR Part 18 Request. I anticipate that the claim will be allocated to the small claimsicon track and would not then expect to have to deal with a Part 18 request since these are specifically excluded under Part 27 unless the court specifically orders me to do so of its own initiative
Furthermore I consider that the CPR part 18 request is intimidatory and I intend to bring the intimidation to the notice of the court. However, for clarity, I confirm the charges I am claiming were applied to the following account:
Account Name:
Account number:
Sort Code:

Please also find enclosed a breakdown of all charges I am claiming.
Yours sincerely

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