hi, i have an RBSicon account and over the last week i know they have had trouble and accept it to a point!

i have today check my account to find myself 473 overdrawn!! i recalled all direct debits as we are still waiting for money to clear!
they told me today they can not recall them as they left over the weekend and they are paid ! i told them that not my fault that funds are not clear and that they had a system failure!

ive demanded my money back as im due my housing benefit tomorrow and that will be credited but will just clear the unauthorised overdraft

im so ancry as a family of 6 and no money for a week this is not on i want to go for compensation for hardship that we have suffered ! i think all customers should get compensation for this mess!! i dont care that big man wants his money for his big fancy house it effect the people that need it for a living and to survive!