In 2006 I lost my job and fell into all sorts of financial problems.

Things got so bad, I couldn't pay the mortgageicon, the flat I lived in was repossessed. This happened in July 2008. By this time I'd managed to get another job but it was too late to do anything about the flat.

I contacted Payplan, before being evicted, and entered a DMP in March 2008. Very shortly after the repossesion Payplan contacted me to say the amount I owed to RBSicon was zero. The flat had been sold. I never contacted RBS or Payplan about this was a huge relief.

I've been paying into the DMP for over 4 years now and will have repaid all debt by November 2012.

Life is getting good again.....BUT.....about a month ago I got a letter from HL Solicitors, acting for RBS, demanding over 9k. The amount they say I owe on the mortgageicon for the repossessed flat.

HS letters haven't been like normal debt letters. I've had 3 and replied to none yet. The first was just a straight demand. The second said their client was sympathetic and would accept a lower amount or instalments. The third, received today, expressed disappointment I had not responded but again talked of the bank's sympathy and the possibility of a lower lump sum payment or instalments.

The tone of the letters to my mind suggest a balls up on RBS's part. It may be morally dubious but if there's a chance of getting off on a technicality then I'll take it.

If anyone can advise or has an opinion then I'd greatly appreciate hearing it.