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    Default Statements sent to wrong address

    I have a question and thought I would bring it to the forum.

    I have an account with RBSicon and changed address. I went to my local branch and changed the address and received a lettericon from them at the new address.

    I wasn't using the account and there were no funds in the account and never noticed that I wasn't receiving statements. I received a call from Wescot saying there was a balance of 400 on the account and it needed payment. They could not tell me what the debt was for and they address that had was my old address. I told them that I had not received a statement and they told me it is my responsibility to ensure I was receiving statements. They advised me all statements had been sent to my old address and therefore I had no knowledge that the account had gone into arrears.

    I was 19 at the time and left the country working on the cruise ships and have recently returned to the UK. Being young, I didn't realise the effect this would have on my credit file and left the country without it being resolved. I got a copy of my credit report and have seen that there is a default registered from them.

    My questions are:

    1) who is responsible for the fact they sent statements to the wrong address even though I notified them. (the default is registered at the new address I provided them)

    2) What about the notice of default.

    3) what do you think I should do about the charges.

    I wrote to them earlier today outlining all the points I mentioned here. I understand I was stupid to leave the debt but I would like to fix it now.

    Any thoughts greatly appreciated!!

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    Default Re: Statements sent to wrong address

    If you notified the bank of your change of address - then quite simply - they are in the wrong. As for Wesclotts snotty comment ..that you should ensure you are receiving statments !!

    I suggest you write to the BANK advise them what has happened and that you want to know what this balance is for. Once you know that, you should be able to sort out what needs to be done

    Send a copy to Wesclotts for their information only, with a covering letter advising that there is a dispute in place with RBSicon and that you suggest they return the account for RBS to sort out.

    If they dont know what the balance is for, they shouldnt be attempting to collect it..

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    Default Re: Statements sent to wrong address

    Hi Welcome to CAGicon,
    You need to find out how this amount has been arrived at,
    for which you will need to do a Subject access requesticon to RBSicon
    to get all the deails on the account.
    No default should be placed if the reason for the deafult is
    purely because of charges and this can be challenged once
    you receive the SAR.
    There is a statutory fee of 10 for this and RBS would have 40 days
    to reply, there is a template in the CAGicon libraryicon for this.

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    Default Re: Statements sent to wrong address

    Thanks for the advice guys. I will contact them and keep you posted on the outcome.

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