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    Default Alliance & Leicester is taking our Benefits HELP what can we do????

    Hello everybody. I am new to this but have tried to send previous messages but it seems that they did not go through. Can someone HELP me and my Husband to get the ripping off Bank Charges returned from this xxxxxxx Bank? My husband opened a current account with these but instead of openieng a proper and worthwhile one if there is such an account, they opened a School Pupil a/c for him where it means that we cannot get a cheques book. overdraft facilities. They stated that he had to be with this account for a min of 6 months before he can upgrade and he has requested for this accout to be change several times as it is not suitable. The Bank is refusing to do this and now we understand why. It appears that they prefer to debit the account with Bank charges of between 30-60 each time than pay any standing orders that we may have and these only being a couple. which does not make sense. At the present all we have going into this account is our Income support and Care Allownce that my husband receives on my behalf. This bank is xxxxxxx our Benefits nearly every 2 weeks or so and leaves us with nothing to live on. I have written to the Head Office a week ago and up to today's date have been totally ignoredicon and a further 60 taken from our a/c today as charges. I informed them in the letter that the a/c was unsatisfactory and that they have refused to change this to another, I also informed them of the benefits that was being credited into the account on a weekly basis and that they were stealing our Goverment Benefit that is stated that one must have to live on. I also requested that all the charges deducted form, the first day be returned to the a/c and credited This amount to some several 100. As I have not received any reply and when telephoning my Husband gets a sarcastic reply with no result. Is there anything we can do to get all these charges returned. We have today contacted the Income Support Dept and the Carers Dept to ask them to forward us giros until we can sort another acc ount up and we have explaind to them why this is They are all disgusted with the way they are taking our Benefits that we are rightly entitled to........Many thanks for any info

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    Default Re: Alliance & Leicester is stealing our Benefits HELP what can we do????

    You can reclaim all the unlawful bank charges that have been taken from your account, and here's the FAQ's. Everything you need to know is on this site, however you have to dedicate several days to read it all and obsorbe the information.

    The FAQ's are here:


    The letter templates you’ll need are here:


    Finally start a thread in the bank forum relevant to you. That way you can keep a timeline of your progress and receive help and support where needed.

    Best of luck with your claim.

    Lloyds TSB - 972
    S.A.R, prelim and LBA sent
    Claim acknowledged
    Defence received
    AQ 20/06/06

    Woolwich - 2288
    S.A.R, prelim and LBA sent.
    Offered half
    Moneyclaim filed online 02/08/06
    Judgement filed online 23/08/06

    Smile - 175
    Pelim 23/06/06

    My Ex vs Woolwich - 715
    S.A.R sent 30/08/06
    Pelim 06/10/06
    LBA 20/10/06

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