Hi All,

Message from my side.. I have gone through lot of pain due to RBSicon credit card services.. I have paid total amount due i.e 13,410.00 based on the statement i received and when i call customer service to close the card they say total amount due is 13,496.00 and its not 13,410.00 and i explained them saying i have the statement and based on that i paid. They want us to send the scaned copy which i did.

Again when i paid total amount the collection agenticon calls and threats me and my mother and on one fine day one guy came to my house in my absence and speaks very rude with my mother... it is not acceptable and i reported to
vikas singhal who head rbs credit card but he need two days time to resolve even i provided phone numbers of the persons who called and came to my house.. this what rbs doing. so guys please beware.. and check your statements.. they can ruin you lifes...