Hi peeps,
I have a natwest step account but needed a 'normal account' natwest wouldn't upgrade even after banking with them for over 6 yearsicon always in credit and working. However, decided to try for an account with RBSicon applied on line. The on-line process is that you fill in details and drop box appears and this tells you what account they will allow you to have. In my case I wanted the standard account- no fee with cheque book (not basic account). However, I was surpraised to be offered a basic account or their silver account without cheque book/overdraft which costs 8 per month. The RBS did not offer me the free bank account (standard current account). I think they don't want to give 'free' accounts as doesn't make enough money. Has anybody else experienced this? Should be flagged up to FSA because they are not offering Free Bankingicon but offering a apartial service for a fee which give little ie no cheque book or overdraft. This seems to me it is an basic account with a charge. As the banking industry know that people will not opt for a basic account as it is very hard to upgrade to a current account with cheque book and overdraft.