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    Default RBS charge for their statements

    Fortunately for me, I have kept every single bank statement for my RBSicon account since I opened it in 2003. So when it came to investigating my charges I didn't have to look further than my file.

    I then sent RBS a letter with my claim and they replied saying that they would need to order the statements to investigate further. I have just seen today that they have charged me 5 for historic statements. Is this allowed? I did not order those statements and it's not my problem that they don't have records of my statements to why should I have to pay for it?

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    Default Re: RBS charge for their statements

    You shouldn't, in my humble opinion.

    THEY wanted the statements, not you. You didn't request anything. Besides, surely they are charging you for information they already have!

    Add the £5 to your claim.

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    Default Re: RBS charge for their statements

    ...and write a snotty letter telling them that they can't 'sell' you something you haven't requested.

    Tell them that by taking money from your account in this way is tantamount to theft, and while you have come to not expect anything less from them, that unless the amount is put straight back into the account you will report them for theft.

    It's time to get tough back with these overbearing bullies.

    They are, after all, just a bank.

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    Default Re: RBS charge for their statements

    It sounds like the staff or managers just being lazy or not knowing the rules.

    Branches can only see the last years worth of transactions on screen, any further back we have to order historic statements which can take up to 2 weeks to be produced and sent out. This should be logged on our concerns (complaints!) system and sent to the relevant department to investigate.

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