Hi guys, wondering if someone can give me some advice. Number of years ago I had an account with RBSicon had problems with overdraft which got stuck in and was unable to pay back. To cut a long story short a default was issued 2 years ago and I then made and arrangement to clear this off with Moorcroft which has since been done. In February this year I applied for a new bank account with them after having lots of problems with halifaxicon . I applied on-line went through all the credit checks etc etc and account was agreed, set up and has been running for the past 2 months with regular salary credits and d/d payments. Yesterday they withdrew the remaining funds out of my account so reduced balance to nil. When queried with the branch they advised that it had been done by a "back office" in Telford. When I contacted them they said it was being closed as I had a default with them in the past and could never bank with them again and needed to go and bank elsewhere. He confirmed that the default had since been cleared but I couldnt have the account and all my D/D's had been canceled. When I asked why this had not been pointed out in any literature or T&C's (had a good look through them and cannot see anything that mentions this) he said that it was down to the branch, even through I applied online and had not been into the branch. I asked why no notice had been given and he said they didnt need to give any as I had been a bad customer in the past and could never bank with them again. I can't understand that if I have gone through all the credit checks 2 months ago and passed them, been running the account fine, how after 2 months then can just do this without any notice and with less than a week till pay day and D/D's due. I'm totaly shocked by this, and even the advisor in the branch who had been there 16 years wasnt aware of this. I've logged a complaint with them but need to know where I stand..... Any help would be appreciated.