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    Default BOS Reply to DPA

    hey All,

    I sent my DPA request to the BOS on the 14th March and have received a reply today from them:

    Dear Mr Bathgate

    We can provide the information requested but to do so there is a 5 statement charge.
    Statements will then be provided for the last 6 yearsicon.

    please provide the authority to debit your account or forward a cheque.

    No action will be taken until we receive this.

    The majority of transactions on your account are automated and all application of charges is automated.
    The only manual intervention around charges would be when a refund is made.

    Therefore if you require any further information please contact us.

    MMM The bold bit is very interesting!!! Would you guys like a scan of the letter?

    But what was included was a printout from the system, about 9 pages long with all the details of my account, card limits, cheques book etc, then some details of charges, the more detail about the account, then more charges, then info about after the merge with halifaxicon. but it doesn't contain all the charges as I know for a fact that they applied nearly 2000 in charges to the account.

    I'll send off my 5, but its curious looking at other peoples replies saying they had to pay nothing etc. Must depend on how good a customer you were!!!

    ta for now


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    Default Re: BOS Reply to DPA

    not sure if the wording in the request is relevant, I did not ask for statements but for a complete list of transactions and charges on my account since 2001.
    What I received is a set of computer print offs, that thoughtfully group all the charges for each month into one section, and, for the period prior to the Bank of Scotland accounts being transferred onto the halifaxicon system, photocopies of statements.
    No mention of any payment for these, I will see on my next statement to see if they have taken any, I haven't authorised one.

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    Default Re: BOS Reply to DPA

    You've got a very good piece of evidence there!

    The law maybe reason without passion as Aristotle said, but hey, he said nothing about having fun when getting even!

    Opinions given herein are made informally by myself as a lay-person in good faith based on personal expereince. For legal advice you must always consult a registered and insured lawyer.

    Reputation Points Always Welcome

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    Default Re: BOS Reply to DPA

    I am sure Bookworm would like a copy of that letter. Maybe you could PM Bookworm and see?


    Halifax - DPA sent 03/03/06.
    Prelim Letter - Sent 27/03/06 ignored.
    LBA sent 10/04/06 - Ignored
    Moneyclaim filed - 26.04.06
    Acknowledgement received 3rd May. Halifax state they intend to defend.
    Halifax Settled in Full - 17 May 2006

    If you've found this post helpful, I would be grateful if you could click on the 'Scales of Justice' button in the top right corner of this post.

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    Default Re: BOS Reply to DPA

    Thanks, Rivendale.

    As a note to everyone, if you have letters from banks that show anything in the lines of admitting penalty charges, automated systems, that kind of thing, please do send them. If you're not sure, send them anyway.

    What I would ask you NOT to send is your own letters to the banks. Most of them will be a variation on our templates, and they do not at this stage help establish an argument against them.

    The address to send them is:


    Thanks in advance, please pass the word around.

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