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    Default Gettin Charges Back from RBS - worth my while?

    Ok here goes,

    From what I have just quickly worked out since Oct 05 to beginning of this month my bank charges stand at 380 pounds. This is all the info I can get off online banking at the moment - will need to send off a letter for the rest.

    The thing is if I go ahead and try to sue them over the charges what do I do if they tell me they are clsoing my account?

    I have a loan with them which at the moment stands at 4,100 left to pay, I also have a 500 pound overdraft which I go in to a lot. My credit rating is now poot thanks to an incompitant Gas company in Scotland (Guessed who yet).

    So at the moment until I get the Gas company sorted I am unable to open a current account with anyone apart from a basic account. This in theory would be fine if I didn't have the loan. Can they or would they demand I settled it immediately (I wouldn't have the funds for this). The money they owe me in bank charges would clear the overdraft.

    I'm not all to intrested in Chwque books or debit cards I can manage without these.

    Any advice?

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    Default Re: Gettin Charges Back from RBS - worth my while?

    You should be able to get a basic bank account with no overdraft, cheques or debit card. Get one before you start any action. You may not need it, but best to be prepared. If they tell you they're closing your account after action, there's little you can do.

    It is very unlikely that they would call in the loan as it's under a different contract to that of your current account. You shouldn't discount anything however. If they did though, the bank Ombudsmanicon would take a very dim view.

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    Default Re: Gettin Charges Back from RBS - worth my while?

    where would I stand though if they called in the loan? I can't come up with kind of cash from any other source. I wouldn't want devt collectors calling round all the time etc or charges to be filled against me for the sum of the loan.

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    Default Re: Gettin Charges Back from RBS - worth my while?

    It is unlikely BUT not impossible .. so weigh everything up carefully .. this must be your decision we are here for support but you must make all judgements ...if in doubt seek independent legal advice .

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