Marc Gander - The Consumer Survival Handbook

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Patricia Pearl - Small Claims Procedure - A Practical Guide

An excellent guide for the layperson in how to use the County Court - a must if you are intending to start a claim.

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    Default matthews mum v BOS

    sent off my letter with 10 cheque requesting DP Info 2 weeks ago, they cashed the cheque on the 23rd of August but still no statements! I see on this site apparently the average they take to respond is 9 days so I'm already over that. Just wondered when everyone else got their statements after chq was cashed?


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    Default Re: matthews mum v BOS

    hi matherws mum, i sent mine off and they said they never received it. did you send it recorded delivery

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    Default Re: matthews mum v BOS

    I didn't send RDicon but I know they have received it as they have cashed the cheques.

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    Default Re: matthews mum v BOS

    i gave them a ring 3 times. each time they told me they'd order them for me. the last time i rang i said i'd wait on the line while she processed it. 5 days later they arrived. they did tell me that for such a quantity of statements it can take about 3 weeks. be patient and you'll get whats owing to you good luck.

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    Default Re: matthews mum v BOS

    they've got 40 days, if you get to 25 and no news, then send them a reminder letter.

    BoS:- D P A sent 09/06 Prelim. request 29/06 1755 plus interest
    1st claim Filed 5/10/06 SETTLED 19/10 747.80 plus 534.31 interest

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    Default Re: matthews mum v BOS

    Well I spoke to them today and they said it can take "between 4 and 8 weeks" to get all the statements out. I declined to tell him they have only got 40 days!

    I also just asked them to increase my OD for a week till my husband gets paid and they refused, obviously just wanting to slam more charges on me.

    I went into my online account and saw that since Christmas 2005 alone I have paid 272 in charges on just one account so goodness knows how that is going to extrapolate over the 5 years! Grr.

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    Default Re: matthews mum v BOS

    We have 3 accounts, have so far got statements from May 2004 only, the 40 days runs out next week so I am sending the DP Act reminder letters now. So far it is over 2000!

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