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Patricia Pearl - Small Claims Procedure - A Practical Guide

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    Default BOS reply to statement request

    I sent off my DPA letter and got a reply (no charge for statements) they have managed to give me statements from December 2000 - April 2004 and have stated that the rest will be sent shortly - 255 charges on one account and 220 on the other but i know there are alot more plus have a default on one of the accounts which i am determined to get off as it was due to account charges.
    Anyway back to the reply from BOS quote
    'Turning to your request for a list of all the members of staff that have manually intervened on your account. Unfortunately, an investigation of this kind would involve a disproportionate effort and HboS plc is not legally obliged to supply this information'
    Anyone know if this is right? I am presuming that if/when we go to court the judge can order them to supply this?

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    Default Re: BOS reply to statement request

    naughty, naughty... Ah well, it looks as they won't be able to use manual intervention as an excuse for the charges then!

    I'd like them to try say that to you and then use as it a defense...

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    Default Re: BOS reply to statement request

    I have now received the other 2 years statements and guess what? I received 24 envelopes through my door each with one months statement in it - they surely have money to waste on postage or they are trying to make me look popular to our posty!!

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    Default Re: BOS reply to statement request

    I too am starting down the route of reclaiming charges from the BoS.
    I asked them for copies of all my bank statments right the way back to 1997, when I opened the account.
    Funny thig is they were able to send the ones from 2004 up to the present straight away, and I have to wait for the earlier ones. I phoned up to ask why this was and I was told that it's becausewhen the halifaxicon took over everything was put onto easy to use computers. Earlier statements have to be extracted from a warehouse, apparently.
    I wonder why you got yours the onther way around - older ones first?

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