Hi All

Wow this site is amazing!!! My bank has been my worst enemy for years. My bank is the Bank of Scotland

I have had money problems going back as far as i can remember, all started when i lost my husband in an accident, him being main wage earner etc etc. I have had alot of head in sand phases and i dread to think how much i have been charged over the years. I am still in trouble with mortgageicon and car finance which i have posted in other sections, but its my bank that have took money at the worst times and have 'kicked me when i am down'. They have caused alot of stress to me and therefore my children when life has been very hard for us. I run my own business which i am building up but the hard times are still there if work not going well so i still hear from them when i need the stress the least.

I am sending off the data protection letter tomorow and have some questions, i apologise if some have obvious answers, just don't want to go wrong, i do have a good understanding of the procedure - I think!

First a silly question - Can i send a typed letter or does it need to be in my own handwriting?

Also, how do you advise i send the 10 fee? i.e cheque, postal order, i take it i shouldn't send cash.

I read somewhere on here that you can phone them to ask for the transactions and charges and they will take fee from your account. Is this the case or would it be better to send letter?

Also, i have been banking with them since i left school when i lived in Scotland, had a joint account with my husband then following his death it was put into my name, can i ask for transactoins from when it was a joint account and before that? The main bulk of charges relate to the time i lost him as i didnt have money to pay for anything untill i sorted myself out

Also i have changed my name by deed pole since then, can i still ask for transactions in my previous name.

Lastly i was reading instructions for sending first data protection letter and in the notes it says you must include all details the bank need to identify you, and if it doesn't the bank has right not to reply could you advise what details you mean?

Many Thanks in advance and to the people who run this site i thank you so very much, means alot that i could get back money i always felt was 'stolen' from me

Kind Regards

Nellie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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