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    Default Help required with RBS complaint

    Hi guys, I sent a letter to RBSicon complaining they had charged me for non payment of a chq despite the fact I had sufficient funds in my account (Had transferred money via Online Banking over a weekend to cover a chq coming off on a Monday).

    I had tried for several hours to contact my branch to make sure the chq was paid but was unable to get through, in the end the chq was returned unpaid and a fee was levied.

    This chq was for my C/C which as a result of the bank refusing payment has meant I have now been charged over 54 in fees by my C/C company for late payment and interest.

    The RBS have refunded the 38 charge levied to my account in this instance but are failing to reimburse me for the charges I have now accrued on my credit card as a result of this chq being returned.

    Any ideas how I can "force" the issue with them, don't really want to take them to court for 54.00 but at the same time I feel they are well and truly out of order in this instance!

    Ideas/suggestions much appreciated.


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    Default Re: Help required with RBS complaint

    email tommy mclean, hes the customer relations manager.

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    Default Re: Help required with RBS complaint

    Thanks missm, will get on to that right away!

    Thanks again

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    Default Re: Help required with RBS complaint

    Tried that e-mail address but it's just bounced back....does anyone have another address/contact.

    Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: Help required with RBS complaint

    Ya it bounced back from me as well, however i cc'd margaret king in mine and she forwarded all mine as well

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