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Thread: Malx Vs BOS

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    Default Malx Vs BOS

    Hi, i'm at the very start of claiming the mass of charges BOS charged me in the last 6 yearsicon.
    I have created the schedule and Prelim letter, now i have one question. Do i send the letter and schedule to the branch that issued the charges or to the head office.

    I did send the first letter on tuesday to the branch. My thinking being that they issued the charges. Got a very badly spelt reply from them telling me i had to call their customer service people. Again there was no postal address.

    If anyone knows of the BOS address i need to send this to i would really appreciate it.



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    Default Re: Malx Vs BOS

    Hi Malx,

    customer servicesicon
    Bank of Scotland
    PO Box 23581
    EH1 1WZ

    This is the address i have bee using after getting a letter from them after my DPA letter - seems to work.



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    Default Re: Malx Vs BOS

    Hi again,

    Forgot to say - I spoke to a really nice guy on BoS phonebank the other night and he gave me the customer servicesicon dept direct tel no -

    08457 253519 or 08457 253512

    Good Luck

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    Default Re: Malx Vs BOS

    Colin Smith
    Customer Relations Manager
    Core Business Team
    PO Box 29112
    KY11 2ZX

    Tel 0845 850 1368

    He's the bloke dealing with my claim, he just offered me 290 in full settlement for a 4610 claim, (well at least he has a sense of humour) !!


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    Default Re: Malx Vs BOS

    Hmm, so now i have proven that i can't read. I went ahead and posted the approach letter to teh customer service people at the end of last week as i had had no joy from th ebranch. I got a letter today saying "Thanks for your letter dated 18th August....... we'll be in touch within 4 weeks"
    Hmm, i went and checked the badly spelt letter i had received and after a couple of reads it said that they would pass the request to customer servicesicon.

    Now my question is, should i act and send in the second letter now using the dates of my first request or wait another week and use the dates of my second attempt?

    My thinking is that as the branch have taken responsibility and are being used as the conduit to the customer service people i should just issue the second letter to my bank. Anyone else been this stupid and got any advice?

    thank you,


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    Default Re: Malx Vs BOS

    So i sent off the lbaicon letter and schedule a few days ago so got a while to go read the rest of the instructions.

    *Crosses fingers and hopes for the best*

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    Default Re: Malx Vs BOS

    Got a letter from BOS explaining how it's my fault they charged teh money and how they pass their charges on to me. At the end the offer 861 good will gesture if i drop the rest of the claim :o)
    Think i will push on and try and at a 2k to it.

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    Default Re: Malx Vs BOS

    I just need a point in teh right direction with my next stage. I realise i have to write a letter stating i will accept the offer as part payment etc etc and that th edate of the lbaicon still stands.
    As their 14 days from the date of the lbaicon expired yesterday do i return the letter about partial payment and go ahead with the moneyclaim court part? or do i reply back with the part payment letter and wait another 14 days?

    I have read alot of posts and none seen to give me th answer i need so any help would be great?



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