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    Default Atos delay refunding travel expenses

    It took 10 weeks for Atos to reimburse my 2.40 expenses incurred travelling to the Work Capability Assessment, and this was despite numerous e-mails to customer-services@atoshealthcare.c om

    As a BACS electronic transfer only takes 3 working days (transmit on Monday, funds reach bank account on Wednesday), I believe that 2 calendar weeks is more than enough time.

    I have submitted an FOIicon requesting assessment-to-reimbursement stats for Atos, in case they are earning interest on OUR money.

    Can anyone let me know if they have had to wait more than 1 calendar week for payment?


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    Default Re: Atos delay refunding travel expenses

    Hi Mate

    Oh yes have I had to wait ......... for sure , same as you it was about 6 weeks before I got my money refunded.
    Disgusting considering this is our money to live on and sitting out of it means I have to miss my electricity bill payment.

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    Default Re: Atos delay refunding travel expenses

    Hiya, thanks for that.

    Don't suppose you know how to add a poll feature to a thread? It would be interesting to see how many folk are in the same boat

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    Default Re: Atos delay refunding travel expenses

    Sorry do not know mate , that would be a good idea.
    I have attended two of these Atos examinations and it was same on both occassions waiting for the money for about 5 - 6 weeks.


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    Default Re: Atos delay refunding travel expenses

    That's a 7 week average for the three of us so far - I'd put money on it that this 5Bn global outfit is earning interest on taxpayers' money. It makes me mad that folks call the likes of us scroungers but just let these rip-off firms bleed our economy dry Grrrr

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