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    Default resolvecall came today - OH's Tesco Credit Card

    long story short,

    am fighting on behalf of/with my partner with RBSicon over tesco visa card.

    All the usual, CCA Requesticon, account in dispute letters etc. all ignored as usual.

    Got letter from regal about 10 days ago,
    we've spoken to our "client" they believe they can enforce the unsigned agreement,
    they believe you are trying to wriggle out of your obligations etc.
    contact us immediately to pay up or we'll send someone to discuss it.

    Of course I didn't believe them - who does?

    got home from work today to find that someone from resolvecall had actually been round.

    ba$tards. they got the "take note I revoke ..........." letter about 4 weeks ago after their first contact and have just totally ignored it.

    I must admit the red mist came down and I called the number on the card,
    got through to the blokes voicemail and left him a message telling him in no uncertain terms
    that his company have been informed in writing that they can only call if they have an appointment,
    that we have no desire to make an appointment and that if he calls again I will call the police.

    I've complained through consumer direct, but what next?

    I'm considering going to my local nick and telling them that we are being harassed by this person,
    they've been explicitly told in writing not to come but did anyway,
    and that we are expecting them again but don't know exactly when.

    On an aside, my partner is 7 months pregnant and all this is giving her undue stress,
    after having previously lost 3 babies over the last 5 years I'm concerned as to the effect this is indirectly having on our unborn

    can anybody help?

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    Default Re: resolvecall came today

    i know it sounds worrying but if you put it in is only some idiot knocking your dont have to let him in..he has no rights at all...he cannot enforce entry...take your can simply tell him to bog off....all you have to remember is....he is nothing he can do nothing...

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    Default Re: resolvecall came today

    debt4get is totally right dont entertain the idiot he,s just a self employed collecter nothin more make sure all doors are kept locked, iff he comes again and you are in i would call the police and tell them there is an intruder snooping around your property, i know what its like to be bullied by post and that is bad enough but in person that is digusting.

    Good luck.

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    Default Re: resolvecall came today

    He's a doorstep collectoricon. So tell him to take the doorstep and p&ss off.

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    Default Re: resolvecall came today

    they've been warned in writing not to come - what would happen if my "large dog" got out? theoretically?

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    Default Re: resolvecall came today

    that is their have told them not too attend...though i wouldnt put yourself in the position where you yourself could be arrested....dont worry bout the muppets they can do sod all

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    Default Re: resolvecall came today

    Quite right. You need a stress-free zone at the moment. They can't do anything, they have no powers. If they call again, just calmly say to them "in writing please" and close the door. If you've got a large dog, you might like to let them see it and it would be helpful if the dog could let out a timely growl, but I wouldn't advise letting it loose, tempting though it undoubtedly is.



    Before you criticise another man you should first walk a mile in his shoes. Then, when you criticise him, you'll be a mile away and he won't have any shoes on.

    Don't get me confused with somebody knowledgeable by all those green blobs. I got most of them by making people laugh.

    I am not European, I am English.

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    Default Re: resolvecall came today

    The poor dog would get rat poisoning.

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    Default Re: resolvecall came today

    Quote Originally Posted by Pinky69 View Post
    He's a doorstep collectoricon. So tell him to take the doorstep and p&ss off.

    Every journey begins with a single step

    Please note: I have no qualifications in this area - my advice is learned from the wonderful members of this Forum. Thanks to you all for your help.

    If you have found my post helpful please leave a short message by clicking the star to the left of my profile - Thank You

    The only person entitled to your Personal Finance details is a Judge not a DCA

    Move all banking activity to another banking group if you have a dispute - your funds can be used to offset debts within the same group.

    Be careful with Banking details (card/account numbers) as these can be used to take unauthorised payments.

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    Default Re: resolvecall came today

    i've got the mobile number of the scab that called today, i'm now going to scour the net for a dubious "contact website" and post it up on there, it's time to "get bobby brown on his a$$" (2 can play that game)

    anyone know any really good (bad!) sites to go to?

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    Default Re: resolvecall came today

    You can always print out a copy of the 'Revoke Licence to visit' and if anyone turns up just hand it to them and say go away. I had someone turn up one day and did that and he went away without a word.

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    Default Re: resolvecall came today

    Application / Licence Details
    Licence Number:0624784Licence Status:Current
    Current Applicant / Licensee:
    Business Name Company Registration Number
    Resolvecall Limited 325327

    Debt collecting
    Provision of credit information services, excluding credit repair

    Right To Canvass Off Trade Premises:No
    Issued Date: 16-Sep-2009 Date Maintenance Payment Due: 15-Sep-2014
    Legal Formation:
    Body Corporate (incorporated inside UK)

    Current Individuals that run the organisation:
    Name Position
    Alistor David Smith
    Brenda Stevenson
    David Steveson
    Everlyn Isabella Turner
    Phillip Richard Inwllis

    Current Address(es):
    Address Type Address
    Principal Place Of Business Spectrum Building 3rd Floor, 55, Blythswood Street, GLASGOW, G2 7AT
    Registered Office Spectrum Building 3rd Floor, 55, Blythswood Street, GLASGOW, G2 7AT, United Kingdom"

    Methinks they are part of: Scotcall.

    Intelligence Technology: IDIOTS!

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    Default Re: resolvecall came today

    Hi ,one thing to remember is that most doorstep collectorsicon are either commission only or small basic and also commission, they soon give up wasting their time and fuel on someone who refuses to deal with them.

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