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    Do I just take everything listed on as 'charges'? I've got ones for 12, 20, 30, 38, 40 60, 76 (this for unpaid standing orders) 90, 100 (this 100 was for an 'overdraft arrangement fee). All of these appear to be accounted for here apart from the 12, 20, 40, 76 and 100. Also can I just give them that total and tell them I will add interest when it's all done as I'm not sure how to do it and want to send my letter ASAP.

    The current state of my case is that I notified them of intention to claim and they put it on hold before the test case. I haven't heard from them since. Thanks.


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    Default Re: What counts as a charge?


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    the 76 is two (38) unpaid fees. We need more info on the other charges to determine what they are. Royalties Gold account, perhaps?

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    Wow, legend! Thanks for responding, I assumed no one was going to. Given that it's not that likely that I'll win the case now, should I just calculate it as best I can and send it off? If it goes to court and I'm slightly out, presumably I could state the correct amount in court?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Porthos View Post
    Do I just take everything listed on as 'charges'? I've got ones for 12, 20, 30, 38, 40 60, 90,
    What does the narrative on your statement say against each of the above? and when were they taken out?

    What type of account is it?

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    I'll go through it this weekend mate and let you know (I don't have it where I'm working at the minute). Thanks for your help.

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    Everything was listed as 'charges' and I've listed some of the details below.

    referral charge for march 60
    19apr a/c (then account number) 20
    18 jul a/c (then acc no.) 8.33
    unpaid items s/o 1800 (payee name) 30
    20 sep a/c (acc no) 38
    referral charge for september 90
    20 apr a/c (acc no) 40
    unpaid items d/d 2,465.58 38
    O/draft arrgmt fee 100
    4712.33 as of end of page 44
    20apr a/c (acc no) 12
    unpaid items (2 standing orders) 76

    They cover the 6 year period from 10/04/02 to 08/04/08 (although my Mum lost the first four pages of statements for a few weeks before 10/04/02).

    It is an interest paying current account.

    I really am very grateful for your help, thanks.

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    Help please!

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    Thanks, I didn't know I could apply the HSBC guide to it. I haven't got anything listed as "total charges" or "notified fees" as the guide refers to though.

    If I make a minor mistake in calculating interest or charges I presume this won't be justification to lose the case? I'm just worried because there is so much money involved and it is hard to figure everything out. Plus my Mum lost the first 4 pages of bank statements so I won't be claiming for them by the looks of it!


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    Default Re: What counts as a charge?

    Ihave finally found the page I was looking for. This has a list of all charges for different banks.

    Try and be as accurate as you possibly can, but minor mistakes can happen. As for the first four statements, you can ask your bank for them, I know they will probably charge you X amount per sheet, or if you think there are several charges on there you could send another SARicon letter.

    I have altered the link in the above post, it has a list of charges for all banks.

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