Hope you might be able to help
I recently was stuck with no mony in my account, this i found odd as i knew that I had money.
On investigating I found that Scottish Gas had increased my DDicon from 27 to 400

I checked my online account and found that my account with Scottish gas was in debt by 2000.

Knowing that this had to be wrong i checked the last reading they had taken and found it was wrong by close to 3000 units

I spoke to scottish gas and they sorted the metre reading and my account was back in credit by close to 200

I asked for this to be sent back into my account as i was overdrawn due to this, they said it would take 5 working days (over christmas)

after saying this was unacceptable i was told that i should raise an indemnity claim with my bank. I asked what information i would require and was told nothing was needed.

i went to the RBSicon and was asked for a refrence number, contact name and direct tel no...(which i didn't have)

I phoned back scottish gas and the office was shut due to the weather
due to work it would be a week before i could try again

3 or 4 phone callsicon later including one to the office of fair traiding i had the info i needed

I went back to RBS and raised the claim.

3 hrs later the inital 400 was back in my account, but due to charges the amounted to 100

i had payed 100 into my acount to try and offset the charges so all i have got is that 100 back.

I spoke to the bank and was told that I would have to claim the charges back from Scottish Gas

Is this correct?

I thought the bank had to claim the charges back.

Any Help would be greatly appreciated

Thanks in addvance