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Thread: Duffy Vs RBoS

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    Default Duffy Vs RBoS

    Hi everyone,

    Im a new user to your site, and I'm very excited at me attacking the RBSicon for all the charges they have taken from me. While I've worked the total charges to be only 450 quid, this is so so so much money to me since I'm a poor student

    So, I am needing a few pointers on the process regarding my application to get back my money.

    I've gone through all my bank statements, and highlighted all of the unlawful charges the bank applied to me. I've also started a letter explaining my position and that i want MY money back. Do i post this letter to RBS head office? Or my local branch?

    Ive been reading through so many cases posted by others, and I'm left feeling slightly confused by all the lingo that is circulated (I.e. lbaicon?). Any chance anyone could clarify things with me? Thanks for reading my new threadicon!!!!


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    Default Re: Duffy Vs RBoS

    send prelim-wait 14 days, no refund?
    send lbaicon (letter before actionicon), wait 14 days. no refund?
    file money claim

    then it gets fuzzy as they take different steps. Just read the faqs over and over till you are clear and everyone on here will help you as well!

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    Default Re: Duffy Vs RBoS

    Thanks missm.
    Does filing a money claim cost money to do? Getting into the courts and things sounds very dawnting, and scary...

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    Default Re: Duffy Vs RBoS

    ALSO, where can i find templates of how to structure my letter to the bank? Or is it better to construct my own?

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    Default Re: Duffy Vs RBoS

    Go Into The Libabary It Has All The Templates For All The Letters You Will Need To Send You Will Have To Register First If You Havn't

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    Default Re: Duffy Vs RBoS

    FABULOUS!!! oh my god im so excited.

    Now one last question, i take it with the prelim letter, you need to attach a copy of all your statements highlighting the amount and the date of the charge? And where is the most effective place to send the letter, my branch, or the RBSicon head office? (actually that was two questions... )

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    Default Re: Duffy Vs RBoS

    Hi Holduff,

    branch or head office is fine It'll still end up being delayed

    As for the statements read the FAQ's use the spreadsheet

    This may take longer than you imagined and also may have other effects.


    1 Are you sure that you want to take this on?

    if yes read the FAQ's again and again
    read some other threads to see what might happen, to get prepared
    get your template letters ready and stick to YOUR timescale not theirs

    2 Get Another bank account. the might get p*ssed off and close yours

    3 Be prepared to fight it all the way. it may go to court, but they won't

    4 It's YOUR money YOUR choice



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    Default Re: Duffy Vs RBoS

    Also you may be able to avoid the fees as you are a student however I wouldn't know too much about this. Also worth talking to your local Citizens Advice Bureau maybe before you start.
    I didnt use the spreadsheet template, just copied and pasted from my online statements into an exel page added up a total and sent it in with my letters. However if I do get to money claim stage I will claim interest and use the spreadsheet, wont be much as my charges only started Feb 2006.

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    Default Re: Duffy Vs RBoS

    I would recomend to take things into the branch, but get photocopies and ask them to sign and date reciepts for proof, also stick to all dead lines don't let them go one day over deadlines or they will take the pi** stick to your guns if they don't reply just go straight the conty court they wil know you ean business

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