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    Default MINT being extremely awkward - breaching DPA?

    Hi everyone. I'd be interested in hearing some opinions on this situation:

    I sent off my first Subject access requesticon letter to MINT in May 09, requesting a list of all my transactions and charges, and enclosing a 10 note.

    They sent me one A4 sheet with a list of charges and the month they were each applied to my account, but not the exact dates, and my 10 note. The accompanying letter said they were returning it to me as they didn't charge anything for this information.

    I wrote back to them, asking for the exact dates for each charge, and as they had already informed me that they didn't charge for this info, I didn't re-send the 10.

    They replied, saying that they would be happy to provide a complete list, but that there would be a 10 charge for it. Grrr!

    I wrote back AGAIN and sent off my 10 note AGAIN, only for them to return it AGAIN with a letter informing me that they couldn't accept cash. Extreme Grrr!

    I wrote back to them YET AGAIN, this time with a cheque for 10 (and an extremely bitchy letter asking them why they hadn't informed me right from the outset that cash was not an acceptable form of payment.)

    I'm still waiting to hear back from them.

    What I'm wondering is... As I made my initial request way back in May, and as they didn't tell me straight away that they couldn't accept cash, and they are obviously WAY outside the 40 day limit and I still don't have my info even after FOUR letters... Is this a breach of the terms of the Data Protection Act and can I make a complaint about their obstructive behaviour?

    The initial SAR was made back in May and was clearly headed 'DPA - SAR' and worded as per the standard letters available here on the forum to request 'a complete list of transactions and charges...' etc etc

    What does everyone think, is it worth making an official complaint about them?


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    Default Re: MINT being extremely awkward - breaching DPA?

    don't think they were obstructive as such, though they are being clever, obv, by not giving dates to avoid int claim on charges.

    when did you send off the std SARicon with the cheque?


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    Default Re: MINT being extremely awkward - breaching DPA?

    Personally I think they were being dishonest in a sneaky way by not telling me they didn't accept cash until I sent them FOUR separate letters. And their 40 days aren't up yet, offhand I can't remember when I sent the cheque off but I know it's not that long yet

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