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    Default bearing v Tesco Credit Card

    Okay, SARicon sent this morning, clock is ticking!

    Will update as necessary.

    One question for the RBSicon/Tesco experts, what are their usual tactics?

    Do they take it all the way to court or do they capitulate earlier?

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    Default Re: bearing v Tesco Credit Card

    good luck

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    Default Re: bearing v Tesco Credit Card

    Quote Originally Posted by old_andrew2007 View Post
    good luck

    Anyone any tips?

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    Default Re: bearing v Tesco Credit Card

    Had a letter through from them the other day, requesting I sign the SARicon request.

    Sent letter today with a signed copy (signguard), but also with a covering letter explaining that they are more than happy to send personal letters to the address without need for extra verification of my identity, and also mentioning that the clock is still ticking from the date of my original request and not from when they receive the signed copy as they suggest.

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    Default Re: bearing v Tesco Credit Card

    Had a card through the dooricon the other day from DX (secure Mail Services), guessing it may be my statements.

    The deadline is up tomorrow, but will give them the benefit of the doubt that the parcel I missed was from them. Having the parcel re-delivered on Tuesday.

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    Default Re: bearing v Tesco Credit Card

    Statements from Tesco arrived by courier.

    Going to add interest in restitutionicon, on looking at the advanced calculator what interest figure do I use?

    Am I looking at somewhere around 26.9%?

    If so what is the basis of this amount and is there precedent for using this amount or any other amount for that matter?

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    Default Re: bearing v Tesco Credit Card

    Hi Bearing. Looking in as asked.

    The following threads are well worth reading:-

    Have you thoroughly read through here - In particular, there is a spreadsheet under the CREDIT CARDS heading which users seem to prefer.

    Alternatively, use this to calculate the interest separately on each charge - Compound interest calculator

    If the data from Tescos confirms the Cash Rate APR, use that, or use the figure already on the spreadsheet mentioned above.

    We could do with some help from you


    Please give something if you can. We all give our time free of charge but the site has bills to pay.

    Thanks !

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    Default Re: bearing v Tesco Credit Card

    Cheers slick

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