Daily Telegraph, Saturday 18 March 2006.

' Royal Bank of Scotland, Britains second largest bank, raised the pay of chief executive officer Fred Goodwin by 15% in 2005, a year in which the lender's share price trailed behind its rivals. Royal Bank more than doubled the pay of Larry Fish, who heads its US unit, paying him more than twice as much as Goodwin.'
Database, page 28.


'Royal Bank of Scotland paid $7.7m (4.4m) to Lawrence Fish, its head of US operations in 2005 under a special executive pay plan.
Mr Fish, who runs the RBSicon arm Ciitizens Bank collected a total of 7.53m, nearly three times as much as RBS chief executive
Sir Fred Goodwin'

60 Second Briefing, p29

Now you know why they need your money

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