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    Default Tesco (RBS) Visa CCA Request

    Hi Guys. Made a CCA Requesticon to Tesco about a month ago and today received a lettericon and some docs. Part of the letter said:

    Your written request for information made under s78 (1) of the consumer crediticon Act must be accompanied by payment of a fee of 1, which we have received and has been applied to your account accordingly. We are obliged to provide you with a 'true' copy of the credit agreement and a statement of financial information relating to the account, namely, the state of the account, amount currently due, with amounts and due dates of future payments that still require to be made. In terms of CCA copy document regulations, the 'true1 copy requirement can be satisfied by providing a copy agreement at the date the card agreement was made and providing that plus a copy of the current terms of the card agreement.
    They have sent me:

    - My original application form (signed by me)
    - Copy of their terms on conditions (I am presuming these are from 2000 when I signed for the card)
    - a blank credit card agreement
    - Another copy of therms and conditions which I presume are therir current ones

    I am presuming it is safe for me to dispute what they have sent me?

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    Default Re: Tesco (RBS) Visa CCA Request

    I would post my agreement as it seems similar to some others that have been posted on here (that don't comply) - though it appears I cannot post attachments.

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    Default Re: Tesco (RBS) Visa CCA Request

    Don't know if there is anybody out there...but now received a default notice - which I am presuming they cannot do without valid CCA. I have found a links to similar letters (to the one I have recieved) and they seem to be a standard 'fob off' when they don't have a valid agreement. Any advice much appreciated - I am particulalry interested in a 'definitve' guide to what a CCA should look like.

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    Default Re: Tesco (RBS) Visa CCA Request

    Hi, Girlsaloud,

    Basically, Tesco will only provide the application form and claim it is enforceable. You will claim it is not enforceable and it is only a court which will decide either way!

    Are the prescribed terms on the 'application form' ? - if not, they have no chance of getting any money from you, whatever they bluster.

    Whether or not you dispute the CCA, they will default you, as you have found out. KEEP the default notice as it may be extremely important if this ends up in court.

    Next, they will set various DCAs on to you, to reclaim the balance, to which you will claim the account is in disputeicon and you do not acknowledge any debt, etc . . .

    Then they will send in their legal team, ie Incasso solicitors, who are fairly lively about starting a claim. They will expect you not to defend, of course, leading to them get a ccj against you by default. Then they will go for a charging order if you own your house.

    Now for the good newsicon . . .

    Incasso are notorious for issuing county courticon claims at speed, but then have no guts to see it through, usually discontinuing their action when anyone has the temerity to defend!

    Can help you if it gets to that stage as I've been there before . . .


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    Default Re: Tesco (RBS) Visa CCA Request

    Thanks for this - very helpful - no prescribed terms on application. They sent:

    - My signed application form from 2000
    - 2 x terms and conditions
    - An unsigned/undated credit card agreement
    - my last statement

    I found another thread on here and it seemed fairly clear that WAS not acceptable under CCA. I guess when tesco don't have a CCA they take a chance and send you all the crap above. I have already put the account into dispute. To be honest my finances are wrecked since my marriageicon ended and they are way down the pecking order!!

    I have experience of Incasso. Sent my ex husband one letter to my address requesting full payment on a loan (there was no account number on or any detail). I wrote back saying he did not live here anymore and no idea when he was. Few days later county courticon papers arrived from Northampton. Sent them back 'no known at this address'.

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    Default Re: Tesco (RBS) Visa CCA Request

    Hi Folks

    Its time everyone got together to support other in beating these Bandits
    have a look at this and show your support for him. this is just a start

    pick up a penquin two systems for the price of one

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