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    Cool Estate Payments to Mint and RBS


    I hope somone can help.

    My father commited suicide in 2004 2 weeks after a divorceicon and left no will hence myself and my brother became executors to his estate.

    In a nutshell he had about 37000 of debt made up of credit cards and loans.

    We managed to get a deal whereby my mother gave my brother and I some money out of the house in exchange for her to get full ownership of the property.

    All the other loan companies and credit card companies have written off the debt apart from RBSicon and Mint who insisted on me filling out a form and after ringing them I get the impression that they are going to want full payment.

    Can you advise me on where I stand regarding whether they can force me to pay and the concequences if I refuse to pay them.

    As you can understand this has been an incredibly difficult time for my family and I would like to put a line under this and move on with our lives.

    Many Thanks.

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    Default Re: Estate Payments to Mint and RBS

    Sounds like a job for citizens advice bureau.

    As far as I know, an estate can be pursued for an outstanding debt, (after death) though, I believe if you do the necessary paperwork, interest isn't accrued, and these loans etc aren't secured against the primary principal residence so there's some comfort in that!

    If you mother owns the property without a mortgageicon, (you seem to suggest this is the case) seems to me like you don't have that big a problem, just need to jig the finances around a bit.

    Sounds like a large enough amount of money to warrant seeking some free, impartial legal counsel, I do strongly suggest using citizens advice bureau!!!

    Good luck

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